Plotting the Guide Star Catalog on a Telescope Image
Using SAOimage and imgsc

IMAGE This SAOimage display shows the alignment of HST Guide Stars with a test image after a world coordinate system has been fit. The coordinates plotted are based on header keywords describing a plane-tangent system fit by matching HST Guide stars and sources found in the image. This image was produced by a one-line Unix shell script for this task, saogsc:
saoimage -reg `imgsc -r 15 $1` -wcscom sgsc_-ha_%s $1
where the argument to the task is the name of the file to be displayed.

The immatch program will provide a list of the stars in the image which match catalog stars.

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imgsc finds all of the HST Guide Stars in the image based on the world coordinate system parameters in its header and writes them to the region file testx90mw.fits.gsc, seen on the right.

The name of this file is sent to standard output which the backquotes give to SAOimage as a command line argument following the -reg command.

# HST Guide Stars (15" radius)
CIRCLE(662,661,23) # gsc 2580.1696
CIRCLE(738,763,23) # gsc 2580.1207
CIRCLE(961,978,23) # gsc 2580.1403
CIRCLE(285,620,23) # gsc 2580.2291
CIRCLE(530,33,23) # gsc 2580.1629
CIRCLE(210,866,23) # gsc 2580.1158
CIRCLE(527,446,23) # gsc 2580.1710
CIRCLE(949,475,23) # gsc 2580.1798
CIRCLE(33,920,23) # gsc 2580.2147
CIRCLE(901,395,23) # gsc 2580.1909
CIRCLE(818,653,23) # gsc 2580.1943
CIRCLE(590,526,23) # gsc 2580.1485
CIRCLE(231,195,23) # gsc 2580.1878
If the w key is struck when the SAOimage cursor is centered on the galaxy in the middle of this picture, the following appears on the user's terminal:

sgsc 2.9.4, 29 June 2001, Doug Mink SAO  Find closest star
HST GSC   16:15:56.457 +31:24:24.17 J2000 r= 900.00 at epoch 2000.00
GSC number  RA2000       Dec2000      Mag  Class Band N  Arcsec
2580.1710 16:15:56.083 +31:24:24.44  14.13    3   14  1    4.79

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