Use imact to list the 10 Brightest ACT Stars in an Image

Find the 10 brightest USNO-SA2.0 Stars in image test.fts and sort them by right ascension.
$ imact -h -sn 10 test.fts

imact 2.9.4, 2 July 2001, Doug Mink (
test.fts: RA:  09:54:09.518 - 09:56:24.378 J2000
          Dec: +68:55:30.78 - +69:07:34.87 J2000
0 ACT Catalog Stars at 1995.80 in FITS image test.fts
No ACT Catalog Stars Found
where the columns are region.number, J2000 RA, J2000 Dec, B and R magnitudes image X and Y pixel coordinates computed using the image world coordinate system, the plate, unless from a catalog, and the distance in arcseconds from the center of the image. To write a file test.fts.usa2, use
imusa2 -w -n 10 test.fts

Last updated 2 July 2001 by Doug Mink

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