Command Line Arguments

Name of IRAF image header file or FITS file. At least one of these must be present for any values to be printed. If it is stdin or STDIN, a FITS file is expected as standard input, such as in example 5. Individual parts of multiextension FITS images may be accessed by appending a comma and the extension number (0=primary) or name. Brackets may be used instead of a comma, but they must be escaped with a backslash on the Unix command line.
Name of a file listing image file names (IRAF image header files and/or FITS files) or keyword names. The program tests the first line to see whether it is a FITS or IRAf image file. If it is, any other file names on the command line will be ignored. If it is not an image file, this list file is assumed to contain keywords, one per line. Two arguments, one of each type, files or keywords, are allowed on a single gethead command line. See example 4.
Name of keywords in FITS or IRAF header for which values are to be printed. At least one of these must be present for any values to be printed. All command line arguments which do not start with - and are not image files are assumed to be keywords.
List file name even if keywords are not found. (Added in WCSTools 2.6)
-d directory pathname
Root directory for input files. Default is the current working directory, but a full pathname or a path relative to the current working directory may be specified. (Added in WCSTools 2.6)
Output keyword values as keyword=value on one line per file. Output from a single file can used as input to sethead, for example. (Added in WCSTools 2.7.2)
Never print filenames. The default is to print if more than one file is being read. (Added in WCSTools 2.6.9)
Print column headings, in order, but not necessarily aligned. See example 3.
Reset the maximum number of keyword names which can be read from the command line. This is useful if the MAXKWD parameter in sethead.c is set to a small number and the values of more keyword need to be listed. (Added in version 2.6, dropped in version 2.6.4)
-n number
Set number of decimal places to be used in all numeric output (Added in WCSTools 2.4)
Print the full pathnames of the input files at the start of each output line. (Added in WCSTools 2.3)
Print output in tab-separated table format, with column headers. See example 4.
Always print ___ if a keyword is not found or if the keyword's value is a null string.
(Added in WCSTools 2.6.9, null string in WCSTOols 3.3.1)
Print more information about process. See example 2 or example 5

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