delhead Command Line Arguments

Name of IRAF image header file or FITS file. This must be present. If a wild card expands into more than the allowed maximum number of files, 1000 as distributed, a message is printed and excessive files are ignored. This limit can be changed using the -f command.
Name of a file listing image file names (IRAF image header files and/or FITS files) or keyword names. The program tests the first line to see whether it is a FITS or IRAf image file. If it is, any other file names on the command line will be ignored. If it is not an image file, this list file is assumed to contain keywords, one per line. Two arguments, one of each type, files or keywords, are allowed on a single delhead command line.
Names of keyword fields to be deleted from the image header(s). Names may be entered in either upper or lower case; they will be automatically translated to upper case by the program. All command line arguments which do not start with - and are not image files are assumed to be keywords.
Reset the maximum number of files which can be read from the command line. This is useful if a wildcard is being used to change a directory or directories full of FITS or IRAF files and there are more than the default limit of 1000. If there are more than the limit, the program processes all of the files up to the limiting number, then skips the rest and prints an error message telling how many files it skipped. (Added in version 2.6, dropped in 2.6.4)
Write the output to a new file which is named by inserting an e before the file extension. The new file is always written to the current working directory.
Reset the maximum number of keyword names which can be read from the command line. This is useful if the MAXKWD parameter in sethead.c is set to a small number and the values of more keyword need to be listed. (Added in version 2.6, dropped in 2.6.4)
Print more information about the process

Last updated 30 May 2002 by Doug Mink

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