SKYMAP Versions

4.5 August 20, 1998 Fix bugs in Aitoff projection. Add AXAF Guide and Acquisition Star Catalog.
4.4 April 8, 1998
Fix command line center entry.
4.3 July 23, 1997
Rewrite Aitoff projection to plot less than the whole sky. Add code to plot Tycho catalog
4.2 April 16, 1997
Add plotting of NVSS catalog and other FITS tables catalogs. The line plotting option can be used to plot individualized error circles in arcseconds around catalog objects.
4.1 February 7, 1997
Add file names to display prompts. Add USNO A-1.0 (UAC) to catalog possibilities
4.0 October 30. 1996
Add new source markers. Clean up image WCS code. Increase header buffer from 10K to 15K. Increase image buffer size to 10 Mbytes.
3.9 June 4, 1996
Display Real*4, Integer*4, or Integer*2 images
3.8 May 3, 1996
Add additional catalog types (UJ, for now)
3.7 April 24, 1996
Fix bug in Guide Star labelling
3.6 February 2, 1996
Improved image display, larger FITS header buffer
3.5 January 5, 1996
Set map region from FITS or IRAF .imh header
3.4 September 14, 1995
Fix squaring of gnomonic plots
3.3 June 21, 1995
Fix bugs caused by incomplete switch to B1950/J2000 from EQUATORIAL coordinates.
3.2 June 6, 1995
Implement 2/3-token center coordinate argument, respace magnitude table, and accept B1950 and J2000 directly as coordinate systems. Previously the system was EQUATORIAL and the equinox was in a separate parameter--this still works.
3.1 May 10, 1995
Fix source logging and center labelling bugs
3.0 November 8, 1994
Add command line image entry and clean up catalog parameters
2.9 October 31, 1994
adds 2-token center coordinate setting
2.8 September 29, 1993
adds line drawings in sky coordinates to delineate regions.
2.7 August 11, 1993
added many new format options for ASCII catalogs.
2.6 July 14, 1994
allowed the user to set the default parameter directory using the environment variable SKYMAPHOME and fixes a bug allowing the binary executable default parameter directory to be set using NEWDEF.
2.5 June 23, 1993
allowed the parameter-editing command to be set as a parameter, and fixes bugs which prevented repeated menu-driven Guide Star searches and entry of character strings longer than 20 characters in som menu selections.
2.4 May 17, 1993
fixed some inconsistencies in menus and some bugs in the star catalog sections, improved GSC implementation, and fixed planets.
2.3 April 14, 1993
extended image contour and halftone plotting capabilitie to any FITS image file with less than 1500000 bytes.
2.2 April 2, 1993
added bandpass selection for the Guide Star Catalog
2.1 January 27, 1993
fixed a variety of bugs associated with plotting in J2000 coordinates.
2.0 January 12, 1993
allowed use of version 1.1 of the HST Guide Star Catalog