SAOimage display of M-51

Web Browsing with SAOimage

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SAOimage can be used as a "helper" application to a World Wide Web browser such as Netscape or Mosaic.

Client settings

To make sure SAOimage is used whenever a FITS image is encountered, this line should be added to your .mime.types file:
image/x-fits                   fit fits fts FIT FITS
and this line to your .mailcap file
image/x-fits;                saoimage -fits %s
If you want to avoid the Netscape messages which come up during your use of the browser, try this instead:
image/x-fits;                saoimage -q -fits %s

Test Image

If you have correctly set up SAOimage as a helper application, you should be able to retrieve and display a FITS image of the spiral galaxy M51 from

Server Settings

To serve FITS files from a http server so that SAOimage will be invoked to browse them, add this line to the httpd srm.conf file:
AddType image/x-fits    .fit    .fits   .fts    .FIT .FITS
and make sure that any FITS files on your server have one of those extensions.

Last updated 20 November 1996 by Doug Mink