SAOimage WCS Example 1

Append the current WCS position to a file

Create a one-line script, savepos:
echo $1: $2 $3 $4 >>coord.list
Execute SAOimage, including the script on the command line:
saoimage -wcscom savepos_%f_%s
Whenever you click w, the WCS position for the current cursor location will be added to the file coord.list: 09:54:18.739 +69:02:37.05 J2000 09:54:31.783 +69:01:25.20 J2000 09:54:46.063 +68:57:00.43 J2000 09:55:01.628 +68:56:22.56 J2000 09:55:03.732 +68:56:24.03 J2000

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