SAOimage display of M-51

SAOimage Installation

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To build SAOimage, type make, followed by the name of the architecture/OS which you are using, as chosen from the following table:
make aix IBM RS/6000 running AIX
make alliant Alliant FX series
make alpha # DEC Alpha AXP Digital Unix
make apollo Any Apollo, software floating point
make apollo_68882 Apollo for MC68882 fp
make apollo_fpa Apollo for FPA1
make apollo_prism Apollo for PRISM architecture (a88k)
make hp HP-UX
make linux Intel PC running Linux
make mips MIPStation running RISCOS
make sgi SGI Personal Iris running Irix
* make solaris Sun Sparcstation, Solaris + X11
* make solow Sun Sparcstation, Solaris + X11 + OpenWindows
make sun Sun Sparcstation, SunOS + X11
make sun Sun Sparcstation, SunOS + X11 + OpenWindows
make ultrix DECstation and VAXstation

The full "make install" both installs SAOimage in Unix and sets up for communications with IRAF:

     % make install
     % make install SAOBINDIR = "/ourown/local/bindir"
Partial installs may also be used:
make install_saobin just install binary (can add SAOBINDIR)
make install_saoman just install manual page (can add SAOMANDIR)
make install_fifo just install iraf fifo's
make install_imtoolrc just install iraf imtoolrc file
NOTICE: You can't run the installation targets from the umbrella makefile. You must run the correct makefile. for the workstation you are installing on. For instance,
    % make -f makefile.dec install
Other options:
make manual make manual.dvi file in doc subdirectory
make clean clean up object & miscellaneous other files
make tar make saoimage.tar in CWD
make -s pipe create tarfile on stdout for piping
make tape create tarfile on /dev/nrxt8

The following make parameters can be specified on the command line:
SAOBINDIR Destination directory for SAOimage program
SAOMANDIR Destination directory for on-line manpage