SAOimage display of M-51

Release History

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1.29.3 (Doug Mink, SAO, March 20, 2000)
Fix minor bugs in WCS subroutines found by gcc
1.29.2 (Doug Mink, SAO, March 9, 2000)
Change multiple WCS separator from : to %. Fix bug so all multiple extension FITS files can be read.

1.29.1 (Doug Mink, SAO, February 28, 2000)
Implement multiple WCS selection using :name or :character appended to filename.
1.28.5 (Doug Mink, SAO, September 29, 2000)
Fix bug which caused Segmentation Faults at some zoom levels with large images.
Set FITS WCS if any CD matrix terms are in header, not just CD1_1 and CD2_2; set rest to zero.

1.28.3 (Doug Mink, SAO, June 13, 2000)
Improve handling of 1-D WCS data. Fix numerous warning-generating bugs.

1.28.2 (Doug Mink, SAO, June 13, 2000)
If imh pixel file has no directory, *always* use the same as header file.

1.28.1 (Doug Mink, SAO, June 9, 2000)
Read keyword values in hget.c even if no equal sign is present.

1.28.0 (Doug Mink, SAO, June 2, 2000)
Clean up code using lint
1.27.4 (Doug Mink, SAO, May 10, 2000)
WCS type defaults to linear if no CTYPEi keyword is present for an axis.

1.27.3 (Doug Mink, SAO, May 1, 2000)
Fix .imh reading so pixel files in subdirectories of header files are read properly.
All dates in the old FITS format (dd/mm/yy) where the year ranges from 0 to 999 have 1900 added to them; for example, 01/05/100 becomes 2000-05-01.

1.27.2 (Doug Mink, SAO, March 27, 2000)
Fix bug reading IRAF .imh files with pathnames longer than 67 characters. Fix bug precessing coordinates which were at equinoxes other than J2000 or B1950.

1.27.0 (Doug Mink, SAO, January 21, 2000)
Upgrade WCS code to Mark Calabretta's WCSLIB 2.5
1.26.11 (Doug Mink, SAO, December 11, 1999)
Fix bugs in date conversion which could screw up epoch for coordinate system conversion.

1.26.10 (Doug Mink, SAO, December 10, 1999)
Fix bug with strings starting with d and e which were assumed to be numbers

1.26.9 (Doug Mink, SAO, November 17, 1999)
Fix bug which disabled NCP projection

1.26.8 (Doug Mink, SAO, November 5, 1999)
Bug fix release

1.26 (Doug Mink, SAO, August 19, 1999)
File types are now checked by reading the file, if no extension is present, so the -fits command line argument should be unnecessary. The -face command was added to display a specific quad cube face. 6 decimal places are displayed when WCS tracking is toggled to degree mode using the h key. Longitude and latitude are now displayed as when the h key is used, instead of
1.25 (Doug Mink, SAO, November 23, 1998)
Several features were added to support overplotting of catalogs in region files as produced by the imcat program in the WCSTools package:
  • -reg command added to read a region file and display it
  • SQUARE, DIAMOND, CROSS, and EX shapes added for input region file
  • Label regions with comments read from same line of input region file
  • [ and ] commands added to toggle region and region label display
  • z command added to cycle through zoom levels
    beter support for IRAF .imh version 2 files
    version and help command line options added
    f command added to print the FITS header of an FITS or .imh image
    Fix bug in inverse COE projection
    1.24 (Doug Mink, SAO, September 4, 1998)
    Add -ccursor command to start up with pointer in center of image
    Add -fn command to set commands for Fn function keys
    HOME command added to warp cursor to center of image
    Rename fitsio.* to fitsfile.* to avoid conflict with cfitsio
    Rename imhio.c to imhfile.c for consistency with fitsfile.c
    1.23.2 (Doug Mink, SAO, July 16, 1998)
    Fix CSC and other quad cube projections
    Add key 1-9 commands for direct third dimension selection

    1.23.1 (Doug Mink, SAO, July 13, 1998)
    Bug fixes in WCS subroutines
    Improve handling of 3-dimensional data

    1.23 (Doug Mink, SAO, July 7, 1998)
    Bug fixes in and restructuring of WCS subroutines
    wcsinit.c: New file made up of header-accessing parts of old wcs.c
    wcs.c and mainkey.c: Add support for multiple faces of quad cube images
    mainkey.c: Add h key command to switch between degrees and sexigesimal RA and Dec
    1.22 (Doug Mink, SAO, May 15, 1998)
    Implement ecliptic coordinate tracking using e key
    Implement equinox of image coordinates (header EPOCH = date, 2000, 1950); Add i command to track in equinox of image, as an alternative to j or b
    wcs.c: Implement Mark Calabretta's WCSLIB projections, IRAF TNX projection, and WCSTools polynomial projection (uses COi_nnn keywords)
    Lots of small changes to wcs.c subroutines
    1.21 (Doug Mink, SAO, January 14, 1998)
    iraf2fits.c: Add support for IRAF 2.11 .imh files
    readiraf.c: Change code so all .imh files can be read on any architecture
    wcs.c: Fix bug so DSS image coordinates can be converted to B1950
    1.20 (Doug Mink, SAO, October 25, 1996)
    cmddisp.c: Add cursor commands in new subroutine, parse_cursor()
    cmdpars.c: Add call to parse_cursor()
    wcs.c: Add plate scale to wcscent() (SAOimage WCS descriptive message)
    1.19 (Doug Mink, SAO, August 13, 1996)
    Fix many small bugs in WCS library; match to wcslib-1.1
    wcs.c: Add more possibilities to simple WCS, including systemless coordinates which cannot be translated by j, b, or g keys
    1.18 (Doug Mink, SAO, February 9, 1996)
    The Q key no longer exits from SAOimage when an image is being displayed in IMTOOL mode.
    Fix size problem with image pixel value in cursor tracking window
    Switch display mode instead of printing for B, G, and J keys
    Get rid of pipe error message if displaying an image from the command line.
    readiraf.c: Read arbitrary, rather than fixed-sized, IRAF image header
    wcs.c: Add simple WCS if RA, DEC, and SECPIX (arcsec/pixel) keywords are in the header. Assume north at top, east at left of image.
    1.17 (Doug Mink, SAO, December 14, 1995)
    Add WCS tracking for IRAF images
    readiraf.c: Add conversion to FITS header and WCS initialization
    iraf2fits.c: New subroutine to convert IRAF headers to FITS headers
    hput.c: New subroutine to add parameters to FITS headers
    1.16 (Doug Mink, SAO, November 7, 1995)
    platepos.c: Add 0.5 pixel offset between FITS image pixels and DSS plate pixels for more accurate astrometry from DSS plates.
    worldpos.c: Fix WCS bug when dealing with WFPC preview images which have horizontal declination and vertical right ascension.
    1.15 (Doug Mink, SAO, October 18, 1995)
    wcs.c: Add new subroutine, wcscent, to print image center and size so it is not automatically printed
    platepos.c: Fix RA,DEC ->image pixel subroutine so it works
    panwndw.c: Fix pan box to display images correctly
    prntcurs.c: Fix WCS check before printing WCS information
    readarr.c: Skip to correct image directly instead of fudging header length
    1. Improvements for VMS from Harry Payne at STScI
    2. Makefile for Linux from Peter Teuben at UMd
    3. Additional bug fixes from Jay Travisano at STScI
    1.14 (Doug Mink, SAO, August 18, 1995)
    wcs.c: Move wcs structure outside of file, but still allocate it with wcsinit()
    wcscon.c: New subroutine to convert between FK4, FK5, and galactic coordinates
    cmdparse.c: Add new commands to set coordinate system for cursor tracking
    mainkey.c: Add new commands to print cursor position in any coordinate system.
    mgfyctrl.c: Blank part of coordinate field if display length gets shorter
    1.13 (Doug Mink, SAO, May 5, 1995)
    platepos.c: Fix bug in DSS plate solution subroutine
    readint.c: Add Martin Bly's (Starlink) modification for 64-bit-long machines
    hget.c: Replace strstr() string search with faster homebrew version, strsrch()
    1. Numerous bug fixes suggested by Corby Jacobs of STScI and Grant Privett of Starlink
    2. Changes to make ANSI C compatible
    3. Changes for port to native Solaris C
    1.12 (Doug Mink, SAO, March 8, 1995)
    platepos.c: compute WCS from Digital Sky Survey plate solutions
    1. Major bug in DSS plate solution subroutine found May 3, 1995
    1.11 (Doug Mink, SAO, January 20, 1995)
    Add ability to handle narrow files which previously crashed SAOimage when the pan box could not display them, at the request of the SWAS team.
    1.10 (Doug Mink, SAO, December 22, 1994)
    Add use of CD matrix as an alternate to CDELT/CRROT WCS description, at the request of Dennis Crabtree of DAO
    1.09 (Doug Mink, SAO, October 19, 1994)
    Add World Coordinate System tracking
    hget.c: extract parameter values from FITS headers
    wcs.c: set of subroutines to initialize and format WCS information
    worldpos.c: version of NRAO worldpos to compute WCS from pixel coordinates
    prntcent.c: compute intensity-weighted center of 9x9 array around cursor
    prntcurs.c: display WCS of cursor position
    1.08 (Doug Mink, SAO, May 9, 1993)
    Add linear autoscale base on histogram using -lfrac, fraction
    Display floating point images on byte-reversed (i.e. DEC) machines correctly
    1.07 (NOAO, August 26, 1994)
    This was the last of several 1.07 releases
    NOAO modifications for use as IMTOOL with IRAF
    1.06 (Mike VanHilst, SAO, August 14, 1991)
    disppsct.c: Generate EPS (Adobe v2.0), CDB
    Known bugs:
    1. Sizes for images being displayed with less than full resolution can be mis-calculated in some circumstances, resulting in an extra, non-image line at the bottom.
    2. SAOimage is NOT X11 ICCCM compliant in the following areas:
    a. It does not use resources for defaults (i.e. background and border colors).
    b. No cut and paste mechanisms are supported
    3. Massively zoomed tiny images may have coloring anomolies at the edges.
    1.04 (Mike VanHilst, SAO, June 21, 1991)
    doc/manual.tex: Latex'd manual!
    all makefiles: Redone by NOAO for better porting
    ctrlcntn.c: Removed autoflush (bad for MIPS implementations)
    mainevnt.c: Fixed mask inconsistancy causing "bad file number" errors
    hfiles/imtool.h:Some new IRAF support (alternate paths to fbconfig)
    cmdimage.c cmdparse.c: Added + type switches where switch can toggle feature on/off.
    hfiles/coord.h crdtemp.c dispbtmp.c dispdfse.c dispdthr.c disppxmp.c imgnew.c mgfydraw.c sclctrl.c: Fixed numerous bugs for handling of very small images.
    histlist.c: Fix for infinite loop problem
    btnlib/draw.c cmdparse.c wndwadj.c: #ifdef'd kludge switches buttons to ZPixmap format for ALLIANT server which does not display XYBitmap correctly.
    1.03 (Mike VanHilst, SAO, Jan 1, 1991)
    csrcoord.c csrctrl.c csrdraw.c csrmove.c csrsave.c csrshape.c csrslct.c:
    csrtext.c (new):
    doc/cursor.txt doc/hardcopy.txt doc/region.txt:
    mainkey.c mainslct.c:
    panel/ panel/menucsr.h:
    rgnctrl.c rgnmake.c rgnread.c rgntoken.c rgnwpros.c: New features for labeling images - arrow and text cursors
    clralloc.c: Permits users with 4-5 plane machines to try color features
    cmdimage.c: Removed restrictions on file names starting with non-alpha
    doc/manual.tex The manual has been Latex'd! (see manual.dvi - 36 pages)
    imgflip.c: Fixed rotation of long or skinny images
    imgnew.c: Fixed load_mainbuf buffer zeroing
    mainevnt.c: Fixed non-portable #ifdefs
    mgfydraw.c: Fixed fatal magnifier bug (noticed by users of small images)
    mgfyval.c: Upgraded optimal output format algorithm
    wndwconf.c wndwinit.c: Match arg typing to new Xlib.h (ANSII C type warning)
    1.02 (Mike VanHilst, SAO, June 3, 1990)
    sclctrl.c: fixed bug which assigned wrong image type at init time
    clralloc.c: added colormap creation needed for OpenWindows and SiliconGraphics
    wndwcre.c, editctrl.c: added ICCCM compliant focus message for window manager
    cmdimage.c: upgraded experimental real-time code
    1.0 (Mike VanHilst, SAO, May 1, 1990)
    Changes from beta version:
    File names have all been shortened to an 8.3 (or smaller) format to enable movement through MSDOS file systems. A second button appearance is available. Many internal code changes (to aid in debugging and support socket IO, to name a couple).