sumspec Cursor Commands

The following keystrokes are active for all graphical displays in the sumspec program, in addition to the normal IRAF cursor facilities (a list of those is available with the command ""):
Make a hard copy on the device designated by \fIplotter\fR.
Prints cursor position in x and y. This is the default. All other undefined keys perform this same function.
Replaces a region between the marked vertical cursors with interpolated values from the edges of the marked region. This is typically used to eliminate poorly subtracted night sky lines or emission lines.
Smooth spectrum n times before plotting. This only affects to current spectrum display and the final spectrum graph, not the spectrum data.
Quit and exit.
Forces a replot of the current spectrum at the original scale.
Redisplay the entire plot after zooming.
Zoom in on the region marked by two successive 's

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