RGSC History

3.2 April 29, 1997
Fix a bug with zero-error magnitudes
3.1 January 4, 1996
allows an image with world coordinate system information to define the search region.
3.0 December 8, 1995
fixes up the display of the search region in the printed header
2.9 September 18, 1995
fixes a distance reporting bug through RA = 0h and adds an exclusion zone
2.8 March 3, 1995
fixes a few minor bugs and re-formats the distance column
2.7 January 20, 1995
puts magnitude in header in batch jobs and fixes a batch search numbering bug.
2.6 October 27, 1994
adds 2-argument RA Dec entry on command line to work with new saoimage.
2.5 November 5, 1993
fixes the batch search from an input catalog feature and adds an optional ouput field for distance of the star from the search center.
2.4 August 19, 1993
always read the region table off the CDROM and automatically decides what case the file names are in. It also implemented an expanded format for input search catalogs.
2.3 April 5, 1993
added searching by bandpass and fixes some minor I/O bugs.
2.2 March 10, 1993
fixed a problem handling regions when using B1950 input coordinates and increases buffer sizes to handle the largest GSC regions. Parameters for coordinate systems and output format are now handled in a consistent manner.
2.1 March 2, 1993
added selection by bandpass code via the -band command and the GSCBAND parameter.
2.0 January 12, 1993
added batch search capabilities and can read version 1.1 of the GSC which flags probable plate defects (object type=5) and includes stars with V<7.5 from the Hipparchos input catalog. The new stars sometimes have magnitude errors of 0.0 which will cause earlier versions of RGSC to crash. -dra and -ddec now overide DBOX.