MMT Observing Programs
September - December 2006

PA-06B-0070 Massey, Clayton, Levesque, Olsen, Plez, Silva The Physical Properties and Excess Reddening of Red Supergiants in M31: When Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
PA-06B-0154 Kafka, Honeycutt Hyperactivity on the Secondary Stars of Cataclysmic Variables
PA-06B-0539 Hennawi, Strauss, Schneider, Fan MMT Spectroscopy of High Redshift Quasar Pairs: Measuring Small Scale Quasar Clustering at z ~ 4
SAO-1 McLeod, Conroy Megacam Engineering
SAO-2 Brown, Geller, Kenyon, Kurtz Hyper-Velocity Stars I
SAO-3 Geller, Fabricant, Kurtz, Dell?Antonio, Ramella SHELS: Mapping the Mass Distribution in the Universe
SAO-4 Mamajek, Hinz, Kenworthy, Heinze, Sivanandam, Meyer MMTAO/CLIO Survey for Super-Jupiters Around Nearby A-Type Stars
SAO-5 Brown, Geller, Kewley Extreme Low Metallicity Galaxies
SAO-6 Allen, Furesz, Szentgyorgyi, Briceņo, Megeath, Thomas, Muzerolle, Calvet, Hartmann, Hernandez The All Orion Spectroscopic Survey: Masses, Ages and Disk Frequencies
SAO-7 Modjaz, Kirshner, Challis, Blondin Target of Opportunity: MMT Spectroscopy of SNe Connected with GRBs
SAO-9 Ashby, Huang, Barmby, Willner, Fazio, McLeod A Search for High-Redshift Galaxies in the SSA22 Survey Field
SAO-10 Furesz, Hartmann, Miller, Szentgyorgyi Kinematics and Binary Properties of Young Unrelaxed Clusters
SAO-11 Caldwell, Morrison, Harding, Rose, Schiavon Evolution of Star Clusters and Streams in M31
SAO-12 Raymond, Winkler, Long, Blair, Szentgyorgyi Optical Spectra of Tycho's Supernova Remnant
SAO-13 Allen, Furesz, Szentgyorgyi, Briceņo, Megeath, Thomas, Muzerolle, Calvet, Hartmann, Hernandez The All Orion Spectroscopic Survey: Kinematics and Accretion Rates
SAO-14 Steeghs, Sokoloski, Drake, Drew, IPHAS Team Hectospec Follow-Up of Halpha Sources from the IPHAS Survey
SAO-15 Teixeira, Young, Lada, Hinz, Sozzetti Resolving Fragmenting Cores in the Spokes Cluster in NGC2264
SAO-16 Currie, Kenyon, Evans Accretion Signatures and Cluster Membership in h and chi Persei
SAO-17 Currie, Kenyon, Evans Deep SWIRC Photometry of h and chi Persei
SAO-18 Kirshner, Sasaki, Chandra ACIS Survey of M33 Team Optical Identification of X-Ray Sources in M33
SAO-19 Winston, Megeath, Gutermuth, Wolk, Allen Spectral Typing of Clustered Young Stellar Objects in the Nearest 1kpc
SAO-20 Caldwell, Olszewski, Mateo, Walker Megacam Images of an M31 Field
SAO-21 Schuster, Marengo, Gehrz, Humphreys, Fazio, Hora, Hinz MMT Adaptive Optics Imaging of Cool Hypergiants with CLIO
SAO-22 Evans, Kraft, Lee, Hardcastle The Sites of Particle Acceleration in the Hotspots of the Radio Galaxy 3C 33
SAO-23 Caldwell, Olszewski, Mateo, Walker Kinematics of the Andromeda I Dwarf Spheroidal and the M31 Halo
SAO-25 Latham, Szentgyorgyi, Torres, Furesz, Meibom, Sozzetti, Carney, Laird, Morse Spectroscopic Classification of Kepler Targets
SAO-26 Chavarria, Allen, Hora Ages, Masses, and Disk Frequencies in Massive Star Forming Regions
SAO-27 Schuster, Marengo, Gehrz, Humphreys, Fazio, Hora, Hinz, Hoffmann Mid-IR MMT Adaptive Optics Imaging of Cool Hypergiants with MIRAC/BLINC
SAO-28 Meszaros, Dupree Dusty Red Giants in M15
SAO-29 Muench, Covey, Lada, Luhman Hectospec Observations of Young Stars in IC 348: Wide Field Membership
SAO-30 Koenig, Allen, Chavarria The Star Formation History of the W5 Star Forming Region
SAO-31 Nantais, Huchra, Barmby Spectroscopy of Globular Clusters in M81
SAO-32 Cerrigone, Hora, Umana, Trigilio, Marengo Inspecting Infrared Properties of Proto- and Young Planetary Nebulae
UAO-E20 McCarthy, Kulesa ARIES Engineering
UAO-E21 Hinz, Kenworthy, Miller, Vaitheeswaran New AO Reconstructor Testing and MIRAC4 Verification
UAO-E22 Brusa, Green, Hinz, Kenworthy, Miller Characterization of the AO Calibration Technique called ?Reconstructor on the Sky?
UAO-E23 Lloyd-Hart, Angel, McCarthy, Baranec, Snyder, Milton, Stalcup Demonstration of Closed-Loop Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics
UAO-G18 Woodward, Kelley, Polomski, Harker, Wooden, Hinz, Hoffmann, Miller, Kenworthy A Mid-IR Study of Comet 4P/Faye and Spitzer Follow-Up Targets
UAO- G19 Humphreys, Gehrz, Woodward, Polomski, McQuinn Spectroscopy of Spitzer Sources in M33
UAO- G48 Majewski, Patterson, Guhathakurta, Rich, Kalirai, Reitzel, Gilbert Hectospec Observations of the Newly Discovered M31 Halo
UAO- G49 Thuan, Izotov A Search for Extremely Low-Metallicity Dwarf Emission-Line Galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
UAO-S1 Egami, Neugebauer, AO & CLIO Teams MMTAO+CLIO Imaging of the Nearby Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 1068
UAO-S2 Willmer, Papovich, Coil, Ashby, Huang, Weiner, Brown The Space Density of Red Galaxies at z ~ 1
UAO-S4 Close, Marengo, Biller, Fazio, Hinz, Hoffmann, Miller, Kenworthy MMTAO Super-Resolution Imaging of AGB Circumstellar Envelopes
UAO-S5 Olszewski, Caldwell, Mateo, Walker Kinematics of the Andromeda I Dwarf Spheroidal and of the Surrounding M31 Halo Field
UAO-S6 Jiang, Fan Faint z ~ 6 Quasars in the SDSS Deep Stripe: J-Band Photometry of i-Dropout Objects
UAO-S7 Fan, Cool, Jiang, Richards, Schneider, Strauss Spectroscopic Survey of Faint Quasars at z > 2.2 in the SDSS Deep Stripe: A Pilot Study
UAO-S8 G. Rieke, Krause, Birkmann, Kim The Optical Spectrum of the Cas A Supernova Explosion Revealed from Scattered Light Echoes (II)
UAO-S9 Cushing, Liebert, Hinz Probing Enhanced Collision-Induced H2 Absorption in the Atmospheres of Ultracool Subdwarfs
UAO-S10 Zaritsky, Clowe Tracking Early-Type Galaxies Throughout the Cosmic Web
UAO-S11 Harris, Peng, Johnson High Resolution Spectroscopy of Globular Clusters in M31
UAO-S12 Rhoads, Finkelstein, Malhotra, Pirzkal The Nature of High Equivalent Width Lyman Alpha Galaxies
UAO-S14 Heinze, Hinz, Meyer, Sivanandam An L? and M Band AO Imaging Survey for Planets Orbiting the Nearest Young FGK Stars: Installment 3
UAO-S15 Apai, Meyer, Hinz, Kenworthy, Miller, Heinze, Sivanandam Imaging Planets around the Closest Stars: Revealing the Different Origins of Planetary-Mass Companions
UAO-S16 Massey Modeling an Analog of P Cygni in M31: Testing Massive Star Evolutionary Models at High Metallicity
UAO-S17 Herbert-Fort, Prochaska, Ellison Measuring Chemical Abundances in the Most Metal-Strong Damped Lyman Alpha Galaxies
UAO-S32 Sand, Zaritsky, Herbert-Fort, Sivanandam, Clowe A Systematic Search for Supernovae in Galaxy Clusters