MMT Observing Programs
September - December 2003

PA-03B-0041Nestor,Turnshek,RaoA Survey for Low-Redshift High Column Density QSO Absorption Line Systems
PA-03B-0273Humphreys,Wagner,Davidson,Weis,N.SmithSupernova Impostors and Their Kin
PA-03B-0349Bond,Alves,O'BrienSpectra of Post-AGB Stars in the M31 Halo
PA-03B-0370Kulkarni,York,Lauroesch,Khare,Crotts,NakamuraThe Evolution of Metals and Dust in Damped Lyman-Alpha Quasar Absorbers
PA-03B-0442Massey,Kudritzki,Bresolin,Bianchi,DeGioia-Eastwood,Puls,Pauldrach The Physical Parameters and Stellar Winds of Hot,Massive Stars at High Metallicity: O-Stars in the Andromeda Galaxy
SAO-1Fabricant,McLeod,Caldwell,SzentgyorgyiHectospec/Hectochelle and Megacam Commissioning
SAO-2McLeod,ElstonFlamingos Engineering
SAO-3McLeod,ConroyMinicam Engineering
SAO-4McLeod,Garnavich,Stanek,Bersier,Garcia,Jha,SzentgyorgyiGamma Ray Burst Polarization
SAO-5Winn,Stanek,Sasselov,GarnavichFine Structure of a Possible Protoplanetary Disk: Polarimetry
SAO-6Kirshner,Matheson,Challis,HickenESSENCE: Spectroscopy of High-Redshift Type Ia Supernovae
SAO-7Luhman,FazioSearching for the Bottom of the Initial Mass Function
SAO-8C.Lada,Muench,Teixeria,E.LadaDeep Extinction Mapping of IC 5146
SAO-9LuhmanA Search for Young Brown Dwarfs in Taurus
SAO-10Kirshner,Matheson,Challis,HickenESSENCE: Photometry of High-Redshift Type Ia Supernovae
SAO-11W.Brown,Geller,Kenyon,KleynaExploring the Galactic Halo
SAO-12Elvis,Marengo,Karovska,Korista,B.Peterson,Ward,N.MurrayAGN Solutions from Near-IR Paschen and Bracket Lines
SAO-14Greene,Ho,HuchraMass and Accretion Rate for Double Peaked Broad Line AGN
SAO-15Megeath,Allen,Myers,Gutermuth,D.Peterson,PipherStar And Planet Formation in Young Stellar Groups and Clusters
SAO-17Marengo,Karovska,P.Hinz,Hoffmann,Fazio,MillerThe Dusty Envelope of the Mira AB Interacting System UAO-S1 Bechtold,Januzzi IGM and the Distribution of Galaxies at z~1
UAO-S2Biller,Close,P.Hinz,Hoffmann,Miller,Brusa,BiegingHigh Strehl,Mid-IR AO Imaging of AGB and Post-AGB Stars with Molecular Reservoirs: Direct Imaging of the Disks around the Red Rectangle,BM Gem,and EP Aqr
UAO-S3Burstein,LiNitrogen and the Formation of Globular Clusters
UAO-S4Close,Biller,P.Hinz,Hoffmann,Brusa,MillerUltra-Stable PSF Mid-IR AO Imaging of Herbig Ae/Be Disks
UAO-S6Egami,G.Rieke,Papovich,Rigby,DoleDeep Near-IR Imaging of the SIRTF Lensing Cluster Survey Sample
UAO-S7Egami,NeugebauerMid-Infrared Imaging of NGC 1068 with 0.1 (7 pc) Spatial Resolution
UAO-S8Fan,Schmidt,Brandt,SchneiderThe Most Distant Blazar?  Spectropolarimetry of an X-Ray Loud Quasar at z = 4.94
UAO-S9Fan,Eisenstein,Hennawi,Pindor,StraussSpectroscopy of SDSS QSO Pairs: Distinguishing Lenses from Binaries
UAO-S10Fan,Jiang,Strauss,HennawiFaint z ~ 6 Quasars in the SDSS Deep Survey Area
UAO-S11Finn,Zaritsky,McCarthyH-Alpha Derived Star-Formation Rates of z H 0.8 Galaxy
UAO-S12Gillespie,vanZee,Schade Spectroscopic Observations of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies from the SMUDGES Survey
UAO-S13P.Hinz,Miller,Brusa,Lloyd-Hart,Close,KenworthyRefinement and Characterization of the MMT AO System
UAO-S14Humphreys,WagnerSupernovae Impostors and Their Kin
UAO-S15Kennicutt,Chen,RauchEvolutionary Diagnostics of Damped Lyman-Alpha Absorbing Galaxies
UAO-S16Knierman,McCarthyResolving a Tidal Dwarf Galaxy: Stellar Populations and Hidden Mass
UAO-S17Liebert,K.Williams,Munn,Harris,Dahn,vonHippel,Winget An Improved Luminosity Function of Cool White Dwarfs from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
UAO-S18Liu,P.Hinz,Hoffmann,SilverstoneDevelopment of Nulling Interferometry for an Exo-Zodiacal Dust Survey
UAO-S19Massey,DeGioia-Eastwood Evolution of Massive Stars: Closing the Loop Observationally in the Local Group
UAO-S20McCarthy,Knierman,Close,BillerCommissioning the ARIES Instrument with MMT Adaptive Optics
UAO-S21Olszewski,Saha,DolphinBreaking the Age-Metallicity Degeneracy in Deepest Ever HST M31 Halo Field
UAO-S22Oppenheimer,Bieging,Close,P.Hinz,Hoffmann,Lloyd-HartMid-IR AO Imaging of Proto-Planetary Nebulae
UAO-S24Szkody,SchmidtDetermining Magnetic Fields of New SDSS Polars
UAO-S26Wagner,Starrfield,SchwarzA Key Test of the Nova Phenomenon
UAO-S27Wagner,Starrfield,BondProbing the Circumstellar Environment of the Luminous Variable Star V838 Mon
UAO-S28Woodward,T.Jones,Brusa,Close,Fisher,P.Hinz,Hoffmann,Lloyd-Hart,Miller,WildiMid-IR AO Imagery of Comets 2P/Encke and C/2002 T7 (LINEAR)