MMT Observing Programs
May-August 2003

PA-03A-0001Dobrzycki,Bechtold,EbelingChandra Observation of HS 1603+3820  A Bright,High Redshift Quasar with Very Rich Associated Absorption
PA-03A-0066Veilleux,RupkeSuperwinds in Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies: The Spring Sample
PA-03A-0346Turnshek,Rao,NestorA Survey for Low-Redshift High Column Density QSO Absorption Line Systems
SAO-4Steeghs,Miller,Charles,Casares,HomanThe Persistent Black-Hole Candidate 4U1957+115: Establishing its Mass via Bowen Fluorescence
SAO-11Fabricant,McLeod,Szentgyorgyi,Caldwellf/5 Commissioning
SAO-12W.Brown,Geller,Kenyon,KleynaExploring the Galactic Halo
SAO-19Kirshner,Matheson,Challis,Cho,HickenSupernova Spectroscopy
UAO-L3Impey,Petry,Bai,Eriksen,MarbleCosmology with Quasar Pairs
UAO-L6Fan,StraussA Survey of Luminous Quasars at z ~ 6 in the Northern Galactic Cap
UAO-A04Wagner,Starrfield,SchwarzA Key Test of the Nova Phenomenon
UAO-A05Liu,P.Hinz,HoffmannSearching Main-Sequence Stars for Exosolar Zodiacal Dust with Nulling Interferometry
UAO-A12Davi,Williger,Clowes,Haines,GrahamVery Large Scale Structure at z ~ 1.3 from C IV and Mg II Absorbers in a Large Quasar Group
UAO-A28Gillespie,vanZee,Schade Spectroscopic Observations of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies from the SMUDGES Survey
UAO-A38Hathi,WindhorstConstraining Omega-Lambda and Omega-Matter from the Redshift Distribution of Elliptical Galaxies
UAO-A41Egami,G.Rieke,Papovich,Dole,RigbyDeep Near-IR Imaging of the SIRTF Lensing Cluster Survey Sample
UAO-A45Wildi,Lloyd-Hart,Brusa,P.Hinz,Hoffman,CloseDevelopment and Characterization of the MMT AO System
UAO-A46Close,Bieging,P.Hinz,Hoffmann,Marengo,Lloyd-HartA New Era of Ultra-High Precision Imaging from Large Telescopes: Thermal Imaging of Dusty Disks and Shells Around AGB Stars with an Adaptive Secondary