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1.5-m TRES Echelle Spectrograph Programs
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20Radial Velocity StandardsAll
21Spectrophotometric StandardsAll
22Spectral Type StandardsAll
145MEarth CandidatesBerta
12RV M dwarfsBlake
61Halo Transit PerLatham,Carney,Mazeh
213New Candidate Members of the Brown Dwarf DesertCharmichael
194Binarity of the Kepler Asteroseismic SampleCurtis
196Bright Binary Stars in Ruprecht 147Curtis
172PMS ModelsCzekala
184Accretion VariabilityCzekala
5Eclipsing BinariesDevor
177MEarth Overluminous StarsDittmann
209The Impact of Companions on Stellar Rotational EvolutionDouglas
183MEarth FollowupDittman
173Activity of Solar-type StarsDumusque
170AG DraDupree
176Accretion Driven PhysicsDupree
191Chromospheres of Dwarf StarsDupree
197Probing Disk Winds Around Young StarsDupree
207Seeking Common-Envelope BinariesDupree
215Two Cool Stars and HSTDupree
216Common Envelope BinariesDupree
219Focus on BetelgeuseDupree
163H-alpha Eclipsing binariesDupuy
16Binary Spin Orbit AlignmentFabrycky
201Map Novae MWFalco
217Classical NovaeFalco
3Cepheid variablesFuresz
4delta Scuti starsFuresz
147PMX Mass Fraction in ONCFuresz
83White Dwarf MassesGreenman,Stefanik,Latham
150The magnetic field switch of the planet-hosting star tau BootisGuenther
166Falling evaporating bodies in IQ Aur?Guenther
149Addressing the M-dwarf radius problem:
a stringent test of the activity hypothesis
174Globular Cluster M13 AbundancesC.Johnson
182Masses of Evolved Planet HostsJ.Johnson
13Transit follow-upsLatham
14Halo CandidatesLatham
61Halo Transit PerLatham,Carney,Mazeh
83White Dwarf MassesGreenman,Stefanik,Latham
84Lacy Eclipsing BinariesLatham,Lacy
123Kepler CandidatesLatham
124HAT, QatarLatham
133Sid ParsonsLatham,Parsons
158Substellar Companions Found Using Relativistic BeamingLatham
162Kepler MetallicityLatham
164Kepler Eclipsing BinariesLatham
168Kepler Circumbinary PlanetsLatham
179M67 Blue StragglersLatham
180Square Fiber EngineeringLatham
186K2 SpectraLatham
188Brown Dwarf DesertLatham
204Self-Lensing Binary CandidatesLatham
205Testing In Situ Formation of Hot JupitersLatham
218Spectroscopic follow-up of TESS planet candidatesLatham
34Low-mass CompanionsMazeh
61Halo Transit PerLatham,Carney,Mazeh
167Circumstellar ShellsMilisavljevic
181Nontransiting Companions to Kepler PlanetsMontet
185Young M DwarfsMontet
189Pre Main Sequence M DwarfsMontet
133Sid ParsonsLatham,Parsons
211Characterizing Ha Variability as a Funciton of Rotation Period and Mass for Mid-to-Late M DwarfsMedina
214Monitoring activity WASP-107 and GJ 436 during transit observationsOklopcic
159Planets in White Dwarf SystemsPeretz
169Planets Spin Up HostsPoppenhaeger
175CoRoT-2b transitsPoppenhaeger
178Magnetic activity of exoplanet host starsPoppenhaeger
187Optical spectra of Xray and UV ObjectsPoppenhaeger
160Hot Jupiters in Open ClustersQuinn
199Giant planetsQuinn
206Hot Jupiters, Formed In SituQuinn
222Measuring the mass of a young transiting Neptune
Samuel Quinn
165Distance to the Cygnus LoopRaymond
208Confirmation and Characterization of Tropical JupitersRodriguez
220Confirmation and Characterization of Dynamically Young JupitersRodriguez
148DASCH Long-Term VariablesTang
5Selected Accurate MassesG. Torres
6Pleiades Binary SurveyG. Torres
7ROSAT PMS CandidatesG. Torres
8Evolved Star MassesG. Torres
9Eclipsing Binary MassesG. Torres
11TransitsG. Torres
15Low-Mass Eclipsing BinariesG. Torres
73Rosat PMSTorres
97Torres MiscTorres
120M-Star SIMTorres
142Torres TRESTorres
146Double Line Eclipsing BinariesG.Torres
171Runaway StarsG.Torres
190Eccentric Binary Spin-Orbit AlignmentTorres
17TeV Binary HESS J0632+057M. Torres
203White Dwarf Planet/Metallicity CorrelationVandenburg
202Star-star interactionsWinston
198Nearby Northern Mid-to-Late M DwarfsWinters
223Determining the Occurrence Rate of Jupiters Orbiting the Nearby Mid-to-Late M DwarfsJennifer Winters
192Planets around Massive StarsZhou
193HATSouth Bright Star PlanetsZhou
195Spin-orbit alignment of a 110-day period systemZhou
200Confirm K2 warm JupitersZhou
210Mapping Accretion Disks Via Spectroscopic EclipsesZhou
212Neptunes and Jupiters around Early Type StarsZhou
224Anchoring planet evolution through timeGeorge Zhou
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