MMT Observing Programs
January - April 2019

2019A-SAO-1 Hosseinzadeh , Chornock, Margutti, Nicholl, Fong, Eftekhari, Villar, Blanchard, Gomez, Berger MMT Follow-up of Gravitational Wave Events
2019A-SAO-2 Hosseinzadeh , Chornock, Margutti, Fong, Nicholl, Eftekhari, Villar, Blanchard, Gomez, Berger MMT Follow-up of Gravitational Wave Events
2019A-SAO-3 Hosseinzadeh , Chornock, Margutti, Fong, Nicholl, Eftekhari, Villar, Blanchard, Gomez, Berger MMT Follow-up of Gravitational Wave Events
2019A-SAO-4 Geller , Utsumi, Diaferio, Rines, Zahid, Fabricant, Sohn HectoMAP:The Clusters
2019A-SAO-5 Sohn , Dell'Antonio, Rines, Fabricant, Diaferio, Utsumi, Geller A Complete Redshift Survey for Nearby Massive Weak Lensing Clusters
2019A-SAO-6 Bonaca , Cargile, Johnson, Caldwell, Conroy Search for dark halo substructure: Three-dimensional kinematics of the GD-1
2019A-SAO-7 Graur , Mandel, French, Guillochon, Zahid The host galaxies of tidal disruption events
2019A-SAO-8 Brown , Kilic Gravitational Wave Binaries
2019A-SAO-9 Mason , Nelson, Henry, Tacchella, Johnson, Eisenstein, Naidu Unraveling Reionization with Resolved Lyman Alpha
2019A-SAO-10 Willner , Windhorst, Yan Redshifts in the James Webb/IRAC Dark Field (JWIDF)
2019A-SAO-11 Caldwell , Mateo, Olszewski, Walker, Johnson Hectochelle Observations of New Ultrafaint Dwarfs
2019A-SAO-12 Conroy , Johnson, Cargile, Bonaca The H3 Survey: The Milky Way's Stellar Halo at High Resolution with Hectochelle
2019A-SAO-13 Blanchard , Hosseinzadeh, Gomez, Berger Spectroscopic and Photometric Follow-up of SLSNe and TDEs
2019A-SAO-14 Weaver , McGruder, Osip, Jordon, Apai, Lopez Morales ACCESS-North: Probing Exoplanet Atmospheres with MMT/Binospec
2019A-SAO-15 Ravi , Dong, Hallinan Radio-selected tidal disruption events
2019A-SAO-16 Douglas , Mann, Gosnell, Cargile, Meibom The impact of companions on stellar rotational evolution (MMT)
2019A-SAO-17 McDowell , Burke , Siemiginowska A newly discovered distant X-ray cluster
2019A-SAO-18 MacLeod , Green Spectroscopic Follow-up of X-ray--Selected Strongly Variable Quasars
2019A-SAO-19 Tacchella , Mason , Nelson, Naidu, Mason, Leja, Johnson, Eisenstein, Chilingarian Consensus on low-mass galaxies: how do low-mass galaxies grow?
2019A-SAO-20 Cabrera-Ziri , Usher Extragalactic Archaeology Using Globular Clusters
2019A-SAO-21 Roulston , Green Radial Velocity Variability in Dwarf Carbon Stars
2019A-SAO-22 Benbow , Johnson, Williams Determining Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBL
2019A-UAO-G2 Park , Hwang, Hwang, Kim, Park, Hwang Environmental Effects on Galaxy Properties in Galaxy Satellite Systems
2019A-UAO-G3 Song , Hwang Search for a Steep Upturn in Cluster Galaxy Luminosity Function at Faint Magnitudes: Abell 2199
2019A-UAO-G4 Kallivayalil , Weiner, Tollerud, Mao, Behroozi, Wechsler, Geha The SAGA Project: How Unique is the Milky Way and its Satellite Population?
2019A-UAO-G5 Finner , Cho, Kim, Lee, Lee, Lee , Shin, Jee, Ko, Kim, Smith Probing the Galaxy Populations of Merging Galaxy Clusters from Filaments to the Core
2019A-UAO-G6 Jiang Spectroscopic Identi#cation of a Large Sample of Lyman-# Emitting Galaxies at z = 3.1
2019A-UAO-G7 Fong , Schroeder, Nugent, Alexander, Paterson Rapid Observations of Gamma-ray Bursts and Gravitational Wave Signals
2019A-UAO-G8 Miller , Chornock, Milisavljevic, Brethauer, Demarchi, Bastas, Stauffer, Hajela, Alexander, Coppejans, Terreran, Margutti MMT-NU Transient Alliance
2019A-UAO-G9 Scarlata , Berg , Henry Mg II Emission from Galaxies: A new Tracer for Lyman Alpha and Lyman Continuum
2019A-UAO-S112 Howell , Scheirich , Pravec, Rivkin, Thomas Photometric observations of the binary system (65803) Didymos: target of the DART spacecraft mission
2019A-UAO-S123 Smith , Amaro, Wyatt, Bilinski, Moe, Lundquist, Andrews, Smith, Matheson, Milne, Williams, Sand AZTEC: Arizona Transient Exploration and Characterization
2019A-UAO-S134 Sand , Hughes, Bennet, Olszewski, Zaritsky Kinematics of Ultra-Diffuse Galaxy Globular Clusters in the Virgo Cluster
2019A-UAO-S136 Olszewski , Walker, Caldwell, Mateo Ef#cient Spectroscopy at the Outskirts of Dwarf Galaxies
2019A-UAO-S144 Yue , Fan Changing-Look Quasars from BASS/DECaLS-SDSS: A Decade Long Baseline for Quasar State Changes
2019A-UAO-S172 Sand , Wagner, Christensen, Paterson, Zabludoff, Fan, Matheson, Moe, Bilinski, Milne, Williams, Amaro, Wyatt, Smith, Andrews, Lundquist, Fong Follow-up of Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Wave Events
2019A-UAO-S173 Fan , Walter, Venemans, Banados, Wu, Ly, Wang, Yue, Yang Exploring Reionization History and Super-Massive Black Hole Growth: A Survey of Luminous Quasars at z# >7
2019A-UAO-S194 Weiner , Kallivayalil, Behroozi, Mao, Wechsler, Tollerud, Geha The SAGA Survey: An Ef#cient Search for Dwarf Satellites Around Milky Way-like Galaxies
2019A-UAO-S196 Senchyna , Stark Calibrating stellar population synthesis models for the JWST era with the most extreme metal-poor dwarfs
2019A-UAO-S198 Bender , Johnson, Frinchaboy, Ray Calibrating the Asteroseismic-Age Relation in Giant Stars using Open Clusters in K2 Campaign Fields