MMT Observing Programs
September - December 2016

SAO-1 Birkby, Charbonneau, Johnson, J., Lopez-Morales, McCarthy, Kulesa A Diversity of Exoplanet Atmospheres at High Resolution
SAO-2 Eisenstein, Lee, Richards, Ross, Burtin, Palanque-Delabrouille, Yeche, Myers Training Faint Quasar Target Selection for DESIHectospec
SAO-3 Brown, Kilic Merging White DwarfsBlueChannel
SAO-4 Geller, Fabricant, Sohn, Zitrin Separating Galaxies from the Dark Matter Halo in Strong-Lensing ClustersHectospec
SAO-5 Caldwell, Shara, Mikolajewska Finding Thousands of Symbiotic Stars - Type Ia Supernova Progenitors?Hectospec
SAO-6 Kirshner, Challis, Mandel, Avelino Spectroscopic Identification of z=0.5 SN from DES for HST Program Raisin2BlueChannel
SAO-7 Caldwell, Johnson, C., Martin, Walker, Koposov, Olszewski, Mateo New Ultrafaint DwarfsHectochelle
SAO-8 Raymond, Milisavljevic, Fesen, Koo, Lee, Y.-H. Unshocked Ejecta in Cas AMMIRS
SAO-9 Kenyon, Najita, Doppmann IR Spectra of Taurus-Auriga ProtostarsMMIRS
SAO-10 Milisavljevic, Raymond, Fesen, Koo, Lee, Y.-H. MMIRS Survey of Mysterious High-Velocity Ejecta Jets in Cassiopeia AMMIRS
SAO-11 Kamble, Milisavljevic, Margutti, Parrent, Soderberg, Drout, Kirshner, Challis, Villar Unveiling the Energy Sources within Peculiar Core-Collapse SupernovaeMMTCam
SAO-12 Shan, Johnson, J. M-Dwarf RV Survey for Short-Period Binarity StatisticsHectochelle
SAO-13 Kirshner, Avelino, Challis, Chornock, Foley, Mandel, Margutti, Soderberg, Stubbs, Jones, Scolnic, Riess Obtaining Redshifts and Host Galaxy Spectra for Supernovae in Pan-STARRSHectospec
SAO-14 Wolk, Pillitteri, Winston Characterizing the Kappa Ori AssociationHectochelle
SAO-15 Chilingarian, Bauer, McLeod, Moran, Zolotukhin, Laporte, Katkov Deep MMIRS Observations of 6 Extragalactic FieldsMMIRS
SAO-16 Milisavljevic, Patnaude, Chilingarian, Kamble, Parrent, Guillochon, Soderberg, Kirshner, Challis, Margutti, Multi-wavelength Observations of SupernovaeMMIRS
SAO-17 Milisavljevic, Patnaude, Chilingarian, Kamble, Parrent, Guillochon, Soderberg, Kirshner, Challis, Margutti, Multi-wavelength Observations of SupernovaeBlueChannel
SAO-18 Berger, Blanchard, Nicholl Spectroscopic and Photometric Follow-up of SLSNe and TDEs from PSSTBlueChannel
SAO-19 MacLeod, C., Green, P. Spectroscopic Follow-up of Changing-Look Quasar CandidatesBlueChannel SAO-20 Milisavljevic, Patnaude, Plucinsky, Raymond, Long, Winkler, Blair A Complete Spectroscopic Survey of the SNR Population of M33Hectospec
SAO-22 Benbow, Williams, Johnson Determining Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBLBlueChannel
SAO-23 Grindlay, Gomez Search for Quiescent Black Hole X-ray Binaries from DASCH TransientsBlueChannel
SAO-24 Benbow, Williams, Johnson Parallel Observations to Determine Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBLHectospec
SAO-25 SAO Hectochelle Queue SAO Hectochelle Queue ObservationsHectochelle
SAO-26 SAO Hectospec Queue SAO Hectospec Queue ObservationsHectospec
UAO-G1 Lee, M.G., Ryu, Koo, Ko, Sohn Spectroscopy of the Supernova Remnant Candidates in M31Hectospec
UAO-G2 Woo, Im, Lee, S.-K., Hyun Hectospec Observation for a New Supercluster at z ~ 0.9: A Testbed of Structure Formation and Galaxy EvolutionHectospec
UAO-G3 Kim, E., Yang, Y., Zabludoff, Smith, P., Jannuzi, Lee, M.G. Using Polarization to Reveal the Nature of Ly# NebulaeSPOL
UAO-G21 Cheng, C., Huang, J., Li, C., Jing, Y. Extend SDSS: to the Faint EndHectospec
UAO-G28 Vickers, J., Smith, M.C. Uncovering the Nature of the LAMOST-1 Over-densityHectochelle UAO-G35 Jiang, Guo, Sun Deep Spectroscopy of 200 z=3.1 LAEs in the UDSHectospec
UAO-G40 Troup, Majewski, DeLee, Carlberg, Nidever, Stassun, Wisniewski, Allende Prieto, Covey, Nguyen Continued Monitoring of Stellar and Substellar Candidates Discovered by SDSS-III APOGEE-1Hectochelle
UAO-G101 Lee, Y.-W., Kim, Y.-L., Kang, Y., Chung, C. Investigation of the Luminosity Evolution of Type Ia Supernovae from the Ages of Nearby Early-Type Host GalaxiesBlueChannel
UAO-G102 Jeong, H., Kim, Suk, Lee, Y., Lee, J., Joo, S.-J. Merger Induced Kinematic and Metallicity Anomalies in Nearby Massive Early-Type GalaxiesBlueChannel
UAO-S107 Zabludoff, Yang, Y., Kim, E., Smith, P., Jannuzi Using Polarization to Reveal the Nature of Ly# NebulaeSPOL
UAO-S108 Frye, Walth, Malhotra, Nesvadba, Canameras Planck's Dusty Gems: The Galaxy Groups that Lens the Brightest Submillimeter Sources at z=2-4Hectospec
UAO-S111 Weiner, Geha, Tollerud, Wechsler, Hoyle Dwarf Satellite Populations around Milky Way-like Galaxies: Luminosity Functions and Star FormationHectospec
UAO-S115 Williams, C.C., Lee, K.-S., Giavalisco Extreme Feedback: The Drivers of Galactic-scale Outflows at High-redshiftMMIRS
UAO-S118 Stark, Tang MMIRS Spectroscopy of Dwarf Star Forming Galaxies at z ~ 2MMIRS
UAO-S124 Schlawin, Rieke, M., Rieke, G., Gáspár, Misselt Identifying Flux Calibrators for JWSTHectospec
UAO-S131 Crossfield, Birkby, Barman, Lothringer, Charbonneau, Lopez-Morales, McCarthy, Strassmeier Exoplanet Atmospheres at High Resolution
UAO-S137 Kim, S., Fang, M., Pascucci, Eisner, Apai, Allen Characterizing YSOs in the Heart of the Orion Nebula Cluster using MMT/MMIRS Multi-object SpectroscopyMMIRS
UAO-S138 Kim, S., Suárez, Román-Zúńiga, Fang, M., Downes, Walter The Spectroscopic Initial Mass Function of a Young Star Cluster the Just Evolved from its Parental Cloud UAO-S141 Hainline, Hickox Exploring the Narrow Line Region Sizes of IR-luminous Type II QuasarsRedChannel
UAO-S145 Neugent, Massey The Masses of Wolf-Rayet Stars in M31 and M33Hectospec
UAO-S148 Ward-Duong,Patience,McCarthy,Kulesa,De Rosa,Bulger,Rajan,Goodwin,Parker Completing a Large-Scale Survey of Multiplicity Across the Stellar/Substellar Boundary
UAO-S161 Smith,N.,Williams,G.,Milne,Matheson,Zaritsky,Smith,P.,Andrews,Fong,W.-F.,Moe,Kilpatrick,Bilinski AZTEC: Arizona Transient Exploration and CharacterizationMMIRS
UAO-S167 Senchyna,Stark,Wofford,Lake,Charlot Detailed Optical Spectroscopy of Star Forming Galaxies with Strong He II EmissionBlueChannel
UAO-S181 Fong,W.-F.,Smith,Milne Uncovering and Characterizing the Host Galaxies of Gamma-ray BurstsHectospec
UAO-S182 Fong,W.-F.,Milne,Smith,Fan,Butler,Williams,G.,Özel,Chornock,Berger Target-of-Opportunity Programs at Steward: Rapid-response Observations of Gamma-ray BurstsMMTCam
UAO-S187 Fan,Yang,Q.,McGreer A Pilot Survey of Faint z~6 Quasars Using DECaLS-UHS-WISERedChannel