MMT Observing Programs
May - August

2016B-SAO-1 Birkby, Charbonneau, Johnson, J., Lopez-Morales, McCarthy, Kulesa, de Kok A Diversity of Exoplanet Atmospheres at High Resolution NGS/ARIES
2016B-SAO-2 Eisenstein, Lee, Burtin, Palanque-Delabrouille, Yeche, Myers, Ross Training Faint Quasar Target Selection for DESI Hectospec
2016B-SAO-3 Geller, Hwang, Sohn, Fabricant, Diaferio, Rines, Kurtz HectoMAP: Clusters and Large-Scale Structure at 0.25 < z < 0.7 Hectospec
2016B-SAO-4 Zhou, Lopez-Morales A Comparative Study of an Irradiated Brown Dwarf and a Hot-Jupiter MMIRS
2016B-SAO-6 Jones, Andrade-Santos, Lorisari, Dawson, Coe, Frye, Stark, Umetsu, Czakon, Rodney A Hectospec Survey of the HST-RELICS Clusters Hectospec
2016B-SAO-7 Chilingarian, Bauer, McLeod, Moran, Zolotukhin, Laporte, Katkov Deep MMIRS Observations of 6 Extragalactic Fields MMIRS
2016B-SAO-8 Johnson, Caldwell Exploring Copper in Galactic Bulge Globular Clusters Hectochelle
2016B-SAO-9 Kamble, Milisavljevic, Margutti, Parrent, Soderberg, Drout, Kirshner, Challis Unveiling the Energy Sources within Peculiar Core-Collapse Supernovae MMTCam
2016B-SAO-10 Brown, Kilic Merging White Dwarfs BlueChannel
2016B-SAO-11 Milisavljevic, Patnaude, Margutti, Kamble, Parrent, Soderberg, Kirshner, Challis Multi-wavelength Observations of Supernovae (MMIRS) MMIRS
2016B-SAO-12 Williams, P.K.G., Berger, Kado-Fong Characterizing PS1 Ultracool Dwarfs with Measured Rotation Periods Red Channel
2016B-SAO-13 Smith, H., Strelnitski, Drew The Age of the Peculiar Maser Star MWC349A: RV Measurements BlueChannel
2016B-SAO-14 Milisavljevic, Patnaude, Margutti, Kamble, Parrent, Soderberg, Kirshner, Challis Multi-wavelength Observations of Supernovae (Blue Channel) BlueChannel
2016B-SAO-15 Rubin, Fumagalli, Hennawi, Prochaska Probing the Circumgalactic Medium with Close Quasar Pairs BlueChannel
2016B-SAO-16 Sohn, Geller, Dell'Antonio, McCleary, Barnacka, Rines Abell 2029 Redshift Survey of Weakly Lensed Sources Hectospec
2016B-SAO-17 Berger, Blanchard, Nicholl Spectroscopic and Photometric Follow-up of SLSNe and TDEs from PSST BlueChannel
2016B-SAO-18 Milisavljevic, Patnaude, Law, Crabtree Hectochelle Survey of Cygnus OB2 Hectochelle
2016B-SAO-19 Shan, Johnson, J. M-Dwarf RV Survey for Short-Period Binarity Statistics Hectochelle
2016B-SAO-20 Benbow, Williams, Johnson Determining Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBL BlueChannel
2016B-SAO-21 Benbow, Williams, Johnson Parallel Observations to Determine Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBL Hectospec
2016B-SAO-22 Meibom, Barnes The Kepler Cluster Study: Planets and Gyrochronology Hectochelle
2016B-SAO-25 2016B-SAO Hectospec Queue 2016B-SAO Hectospec Queue Observations Hectospec
2016B-UAO-G43 Jones, Gordon, Humphreys Spectroscopy with MMTPol MMTPol
2016B-UAO-G44 Woodward, Wagner, Starrfield MMT Optical Spectroscopy of Faint CNe RedChannel
2016B-UAO-G110 Kim, E., Yang, Y., Zabludoff, Smith, P., Jannuzi, Lee, M.G. Using Polarization to Reveal the Nature of Ly# Nebulae SPOL
2016B-UAO-S103 Andrews, Calzetti, Cook, Dale, Krumholz Probing the Upper Initial Mass Function in Nearby Dwarf Galaxies BlueChannel
2016B-UAO-S121 Rajan, Patience, Ward-Duong, Hanson, McLeod Brown Dwarf Atmosphere Monitoring III: A Photometric Survey of the Coolest Brown Dwarfs MMIRS
2016B-UAO-S122 Zabludoff, Yang, Y., Kim, E., Smith, P., Jannuzi Using Polarization to Reveal the Nature of Ly# Nebulae SPOL
2016B-UAO-S134 Impey, Keeney, Stocke, Oppenheimer, Jannuzi Probing Hot Gas found by HST in Spiral-Rich Galaxy Groups Hectospec
2016B-UAO-S155 Olszewski, Walker, Mateo The Sextans Dwarf Spheroidal and the Cold Dark Matter Paradigm Hectochelle
2016B-UAO-S159 Fan, McGreer, Walter, Banados, Venemans Bright z~6-7 Quasars from Pan-STARRS RedChannel
2016B-UAO-S166 McGreer, Fan, Impey, Green, P., Shen, Trump, SDSS-RM Collaboration A Transformative Multi-Object AGN Reverberation Mapping Campaign: Continued Spectroscopic Monitoring in 2016A Hectospec
2016B-UAO-S183 Ward-Duong, Patience, McCarthy, Kulesa, De Rosa, Buger, Rajan, Goodwin, Parker, Hanson Completing a Large-Scale Survey of Multiplicity Across the Stellar/Substellar Boundary NGS/ARIES
2016B-UAO-S200 Smith, N., Williams, G., Milne, Matheson, Zaritsky, Smith, P., Andrews, Fong, W.-F., Kilpatrick, Bilinski AZTEC: Arizona Transient Exploration and Characterization Hectospec/BlueChannel
2016B-UAO-S206 Bezanson, Stark, Weiner, Muzzin, Franx The CHOMP (Color-blind Hectospec Observations of Massive Progenitors) Survey: Probing Galaxy Quenching at z ~ 0.5 Hectospec
2016B-UAO-S210 Alberts, Pope, Brodwin, Gonzalez, Eisenhardt, Stanford, Stern, Zeimann Exploring the Era of Star Formation in Massive Galaxy Clusters at High Redshift MMIRS