MMT Observing Programs
September - December 2015

2015C-SAO-1 McLeod MMIRS Engineering MMIRS
2015C-SAO-2 Birkby, Charbonneau, Johnson, J., Lopez-Morales, Rodler, de Kok, Brogi, McCarthy, Kulesa Exoplanet Atmospheres at High Resolution NGS/ARIES
2015C-SAO-3 Lopez-Morales, Apai, Jordan Exoplanets Transmission Spectra in the Near-Infrared MMIRS
2015C-SAO-4 Caldwell, Shara, Mikolajewska Finding Thousands of Symbiotic Stars - Type Ia Supernova Progenitors? Hectospec
2015C-SAO-5 Caldwell, Johnson, Walker, Olszewski, Mateo Hectochelle Observations of New Ultrafaint Dwarfs Hectochelle
2015C-SAO-6 Eisenstein, Lee, Fan, Peters, Richards, Timlin, Ross, Dey, Newman, Burtin, Palanque-Delabrouille, Yeche, Myers Optimizing DESI Quasar and Emission - Line Galaxy Target Selection Hectospec
2015C-SAO-7 Randall, Dawson, van Weeren, Clarke, Intema Measuring the Dynamics of the Merging Cluster CIZA J0107.7+5408 Hectospec
2015C-SAO-8 Geller, Fabricant, Hwang, Rines Separating Galaxies from the Dark Matter Halo in Strong-Lensing Clusters Hectospec
2015C-SAO-9 Berger, Alexander, Laskar, Fong, Chornock Identifying and Monitoring GRB Optical Afterglows with the MMT f/5 Imager MMTCam
2015C-SAO-10 Chilingarian, Bauer, McLeod, Moran, Zolotukhin, Laporte, Katkov Deep MMIRS Observations of 6 Extragalactic Fields MMIRS
2015C-SAO-11 Johnson, B., Boyer, Conroy, Choi AGB Stars in a Local Group Galaxy MMIRS
2015C-SAO-12 Meibom, Curtis, Saar A Membership and Binarity Survey of Ruprecht 147 Hectochelle
2015C-SAO-13 Drout, Berger PS1 - MDS Type IIn SN: Do Explosion Properties Correlate with Host Galaxy Environment? BlueChannel
2015C-SAO-14 Brown, Kilic Merging White Dwarfs BlueChannel
2015C-SAO-15 Lopez-Morales, Nunez, Covey, Agueros, Szentgyorgyi Probing the Stellar Activity - Rotation Relation in Open Cluster M37 Hectospec
2015C-SAO-16 Kirshner, Berger, Challis, Chornock, Drout, Foley, Lunnan, Mandel, Margutti, Milisavljevic, Sanders, Soderberg, Stubbs, Jones, Scolnic, Riess, Rodney, Gezari Obtaining Redshifts and Host Galaxy Spectra for Supernovae in Pan-STARRS Hectospec
2015C-SAO-17 Benbow, Cerruti, Furniss, Williams, Johnson Determining Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBL Hectospec
2015C-SAO-18 Rubin, Fumagalli, Hennawi, Prochaska Probing the Circumgalactic Medium with Close Quasar Pairs BlueChannel
2015C-SAO-19 Dupree, Paz Miralles, Saar, McCarthy, Kulesa Search for Winds from Dwarf Stars NGS/ARIES
2015C-SAO-20 Saar, Curtis, Meibom, Wright, Barnes, Agueros, Giampapa Chromospheric Activity at Intermediate Age with NGC 752 Hectochelle
2015C-SAO-21 Kirshner, Challis, Mandel, Avelino, Foley Spectroscopic Follow Up of Supernovae from Dark Energy Survey BlueChannel
2015C-SAO-22 Meibom, Barnes, Latham, Szentgyorgyi The Kepler Cluster Study: Exoplanets and Gyrochrronology Hectochelle
2015C-SAO-23 Benbow, Cerruti, Furniss, Williams, Johnson Parallel Observations to Determine Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBL Hectospec
2015C-SAO-24 Shan, Johnson, J. M-Dwarf RV Survey for Short-Period Binarity Statistics Hectochelle
2015C-SAO-25 Lopez-Morales, Douglas, Agueros, Covey Probing the Stellar Activity-Rotation Relation in Praesepe Hectospec
2015C-SAO-26 Zahid, Lee, Casey Gas, Dust and Metallicity in Star-Forming Galaxies at z<0.4 Hectospec
2015C-SAO-27 Saral, Hora, Willis, Saygac, Audard, Galarza A Spectroscopic Study of Young Stellar Objects in the W43 and W49 Star-Forming Regions MMIRS
2015C-SAO-28 Parrent, Milisavljevic, Margutti, Soderberg, Drout, Kamble, Challis, Kirshner Type I Supernovae: Signatures of Unburned Progenitor Material BlueChannel
2015C-UAO-G2 Lee, M.-G., Lee, J.H., Koo, Sohn, Ko Spectroscopy of the Supernova Remnant Candidates in M31 Hectospec
2015C-UAO-G3 Woo, Jo Investigating the MBH-sigma Relation of the Misclassified Type 1 AGNs RedChannel
2015C-UAO-G5 Lim, Sung, Kim A Spectroscopic Study of the Young Open Cluster NGC 2264: A Constraint on the Timescale of Cluster Formation Hectochelle
2015C-UAO-G8 Humphreys Unstable Luminous Stars in M31 Hectospec
2015C-UAO-G9 Skillman Chemical Abundances in SHIELD Galaxies BlueChannel
2015C-UAO-G12 Troup, Majewski, Nidever, Stassun, Wisniewski, Prieto, Carlberg, Nguyen, Chojnowski Verification and Characterization of Hot Jupiter Candidates Discovered by SDSS-III APOGEE-1 Hectochelle
2015C-UAO-G20 Zhang, Liu Looking for the Smoking Gun of the Diffuse Circumstellar Bands in Star Clusters with MMT/Hectospec Hectospec
2015C-UAO-G22 Yang, J., Wu, Fan, Wang, Yang, Q., Dong A Survey for Quasars in the Post-Reionization Epoch RedChannel
2015C-UAO-G26 Gong, Liu On the Nature of Eight Hyper Luminous X-ray Source Candidates RedChannel
2015C-UAO-S287 Massey, Neugent The Masses of Wolf-Rayet Stars in M31 and M33 Hectospec
2015C-UAO-S293 Schindler, Fan, Yang, Wang, McGreer A Search for Bright Quasars at 3 < z < 6 RedChannel
2015C-UAO-S296 Mommert, Lejoly, Pinilla-Alonso, Trilling, Emery, McCarthy Near-Infrared Photometry of TNOs and Centaurs in Support of Existing Spitzer Space Telescope Data MMIRS
2015C-UAO-S301 Bezanson, Robertson, Stark, Weiner, Muzzin, Franx The CHOMP (Color-blind Hectospec Observations of Massive Progenitors) Survey: Probing Galaxy Quenching at z ~ 0.5 Hectospec
2015C-UAO-S303 Smith, N., Williams, G., Milne, Matheson, Zaritsky, Smith, P., Andrews, Fong, Kilpatrick, Bilinski AZTEC: Arizona Transient Exploration and Characterization BlueChannel/MMTCam
2015C-UAO-S305 Holberg, Olszewski, Axelrod, Narayan, Saha, Matheson, Camarota A Network of Photometric Standard Stars for LSST BlueChannel
2015C-UAO-S310 Weiner, Geha, Tollerud, Wechsler Dwarf Satellite Populations Around Milky Way-like Galaxies: Luminosity Functions and Star Formation Hectospec
2015C-UAO-S315 Su, Farihi Elemental Abundances of Planetary Debris in the Atmospheres of Four White Dwarfs with Newly Discovered Dusty Disks BlueEchellette
2015C-UAO-S316 Fan, McGreer, Walter, Banados, Venemans Bright z ~ 6 - 7 Quasars from Pan-STARRS RedChannel
2015C-UAO-S330 Prato, Allen, Szentgyorgyi, Torres Mass Ratios of Young Spectroscopic Binaries in Orion Hctochelle
2015C-UAO-S339 Bezanson, Whitaker, Sharon A Chance Alignment: Confirmation of a Massive Compact Lensed Elliptical Progenitor at z ~ 1.8 MMIRS
2015C-UAO-S340 Ward-Duong, Patience, McCarthy, Kulesa, De Rosa, Bulger, Rajan, Goodwin, Parker Companions to Nearby M-Dwarfs: A Large-Scale Survey of Multiplicity Across the Stellar/Substellar Boundary NGS/ARIES
2015C-UAO-S341 Patience, Duchêne, Ward-Duong, De Rosa Assessing the Fundamental Limits of (Multiple) Star Formation and the Origin of the Brown Dwarf Desert NGS/ARIES
2015C-UAO-S343 Patience, Cotten, Song, Bulger Evolutionary Analysis of Nearby Debris Disks Hectochelle
2015C-UAO-S358 Rajan, Patience, Wilson, Ward-Duong, Bulger, McLeod Brown Dwarf Atmosphere Monitoring III: A Photometric Survey of the Coolest Brown Dwarfs MMIRS
2015C-UAO-S362 Stark, Tang, Mainali Spectroscopy of Dwarf Star Forming Galaxies at Redshift z ~ 2 MMIRS
2015C-UAO-S363 Zabludoff, You, Yang, Jannuzi, Smith, P., Prescott Using Polarization to Reveal the Nature of Ly a Nebulae SPOL
2015C-UAO-S367 Fong, Milne, Smith, N., Fan, Littlejohns, Butler, Williams, G., Özel, Chornock, Berger Target-of-Opportunity Programs at Steward: Rapid-Response Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts MMTCam
2015C-UAO-S373 Williams, C., Lee, Dey, Giavalisco, Xue, Shi The First Systematic Search for Protoclusters at z>3 to Study Galaxy Evolution in Dense Environments Hectospec
2015C-UAO-S383 Walth, Egami, Clément, Rujopakarn, Rawle Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Exceptionally Bright Herschel Lensing Survey Galaxies at Redshifts z=1.2 - 5.2 MMIRS
2015C-UAO-S385 Kim, Pascucci, Fang, Eisner, Apai, Allen Characterizing YSOs in the Heart of the Orion Nebula Cluster using MMT/MMIRS Multi-Object Spectroscopy MMIRS