MMT Observing Programs
May - August

2015B-SAO-1 McLeod Commissioning and Shared Risk Observing with MMIRS at the MMTMMIRS
2015B-SAO-2 Birkby, Charbonneau, Johnson, J., Lopez-Morales, Rodler, McCarthy, Kulesa, de Kok, Brogi Exoplanet Atmospheres at High ResolutionNGS+ARIES
2015B-SAO-3 Geller, Hwang, Fabricant, Kurtz, Diaferio, Rines, Miyazaki HectoMAP: Clusters and Large-Scale Structure at 0.25 < z < 0.7Hectospec
2015B-SAO-4 Margutti, Drout, Soderberg, Milisavljevic, Parrent, Kamble Unveiling the Energy Sources of Peculiar Core-Collapse SupernovaeMMTCam
2015B-SAO-5 Rubin, Fumagalli, Hennawi, Prochaska Probing the Circumgalactic Medium with Close Quasar PairsBlueChannel
2015B-SAO-6 Brown, Kilic Merging White DwarfsBlueChannel
2015B-SAO-7 Benbow, Cerruti, Furniss, Williams, Johnson Parallel Observations to Determine Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBLHectospec
2015B-SAO-8 Kirshner, Berger, Challis, Chornock, Drout, Foley, Lunnan, Mandel, Margutti, Milisavljevic, Sanders, Soderberg, Stubbs, Jones, Scolnic, Riess, Rodney, Gezari Obtaining Redshifts and Host Galaxy Spectra for Supernovae in Pan-STARRSHectospec
2015B-SAO-9 Johnson, C.I., Caldwell Exploring Copper in Galactic Bulge Globular Clusters Hectochelle
2015B-SAO-10 Johnson, C.I., Dupree, Caldwell Chemical Tagging of Three Globular Clusters Stripped from the Sagittarius dSphHectochelle
2015B-SAO-11 Benbow, Cerruti, Furniss, Williams, Johnson Determining Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBLHectospec
2015B-SAO-12 Meibom, Barnes, Furesz, Latham, Szentgyorgyi The Kepler Cluster Study: Exoplanets and GyrochronologyHectochelle
2015B-SAO-MM1 Saral A Spectroscopic Study of Young Stellar Objects in the W43 Star Forming RegionMMIRS
2015B-SAO-MM2 Chilingarian Deep MMIRS Observations of the Abell 1689 FieldMMIRS
2015B-SAO-MM3 Lopez-Morales Exoplanets Transmission Spectra in the Near-InfraredMMIRS
2015B-SAO-MM4 Brown Extreme Metal Poor GalaxiesMMIRS
2015B-SAO-MM5 Shan M-Dwarf Spectroscopic Characterization with MMIRSMMIRS
2015B-UAO-E292 Guyon, Hart, Codona, Mateen, McCarthy, Close, Males On-sky Validation of the Highly Sensitive Non-Linear Curvature Wavefront Sensor (nlCWFS)NGS+ARIES
2015B-UAO-G6 Im, Yoon, Jun, Hyun, Shim, Kim, M., Kim, J.W., Lee Search for Galaxy Clusters Around Extremely Massive Black HolesHectochelle
2015B-UAO-G101 Park, C., Hwang, H.S., Kim, J., Hwang, J.-S. Dynamics and Physics of Galaxy Satellite SystemsHectospec
2015B-UAO-Minn2 Woodward, Wagner, Starrfield, Wilber MMT Optical Spectroscopy of Faint CNeBlueChannel
2015B-UAO-S201 Smith, N., Williams, Milne, Matheson, Zaritsky, Smith, P., Andrews, Fong, Kilpatrick, Bilinski AZTEC: Arizona Transient Exploration and CharacterizationBlueChannel
2015B-UAO-S204 Stark, James, Olszewski, Koposov, Belokurov, Pettini Uncovering a New Population of Chemically-Pristine GalaxiesBlueChannel
2015B-UAO-S205 Fan, McGreer, Walter, Venemans Bright z ~ 6 - 7 Quasars from Pan-STARRSRedChannel
2015B-UAO-S227 Wong, Zabludoff, Ammons, Keeton, McCully Mapping the Most Powerful Gravitational Lens Telescopes with MMT HectospecHectospec
2015B-UAO-S240 Rajan, Patience, Young, De Rosa, Ward-Duong, McCarthy, Kulesa Testing the Origins of Brown Dwarf Companions with Measurement s of C/O RatiosNGS+ARIES
2015B-UAO-S265 Fong, Milne, Smith, N., Fan, Littlejohns, Butler, Williams, Özel, Chornock, Berger Development of Target-of-Opportunity Programs at Steward: Rapid-response Observations of Gamma-ray BurstsMMTCam
2015B-UAO-S300 Kim, Fang, Sicilia-Aguilar, Getman Spectroscopic Studies of Triggered Star Forming Region IC 1396: Membership and Kinematics Hectochelle
2015B-UAO-S301CrossfieldNew K2 Targets for JWST SpectroscopySWIRC
2015B-UAO-S302FanDeep z-band Imaging of z ≥ 7 Quasar CandidatesMTCam
2015B-UAO-S303Kulesa, McCarthyComprehensive Spectroscopic Study of Interstellar Clouds Through their Infrared Absorption Line SpectraNGS+ARIES
2015B-UAO-S304Mommert, Lejoly, Pinilla-Alonso, Trilling, Emery, McCarthyNear-Infrared Photometry of TNOs and Centaurs in Support of Existing Spitzer Space Telescope DataMMIRS