MMT Observing Programs
January - April 2015

2015A-SAO-1Lunnan, Berger, ChornockMMT Photometry of the Extraordinary Superluminous Supernova PS1-14bjMMTCam
2015A-SAO-2Birkby, Charbonneau, Johnson, J., Lopez-Morales, Rodler, Kulesa, McCarthy, Brogi, de Kok, SnellenExoplanet Atmospheres at High ResolutionNGS/ARIES
2015A-SAO-3Brown, KilicMerging White DwarfsBlueChannel
2015A-SAO-4Geller, Hwang, Fabricant, Kurtz, Diaferio, Rines, MiyazakiHectoMAP: Clusters and Large-Scale Structure at 0.25 < z < 0.7Hectospec
2015A-SAO-5Berger, Laskar, Fong, Chornock, ZaudererIdentifying and Monitoring GRB Optical Afterglows with the MMT f/5 ImagerMMTCam
2015A-SAO-6Rubin, Fumagalli, Hennawi, ProchaskaProbing the Circumgalactic Medium with Close Quasar PairsBlueChannel
2015A-SAO-7Johnson, C.I., RichExploring the Double Horizontal Branch Globular Cluster NGC 6440Hectochelle
2015A-SAO-8Kirshner, Berger, Challis, Chornock, Drout, Foley, Lunnan, Mandel, Margutti, Milisavljevic, Sanders, Soderberg, Stubbs, Jones, Scolnic, Riess, Rodney, GezariObtaining Redshifts and Host Galaxy Spectra for Supernovae in Pan-STARRSHectospec
2015A-SAO-9Drout, Berger, Chornock, LunnanPS1-MDS Type IIn SN: Do Explosion Properties Correlate with Host Galaxy Environment?BlueChannel
2015A-SAO-10Damjanov, Zahid, HwangThe Origin of Intermediate-Redshift Compact Quiescent GalaxiesHectospec
2015A-SAO-11Margutti, Drout, Soderberg, Milisavljevic, Parrent, KambleUnveiling the Energy Sources within Peculiar Core-Collapse SupernovaeMMTCam
2015A-SAO-12Kirshner, Challis, Mandel, Avelino, FoleySpectroscopic Follow Up of Supernovae from Dark Energy SurveyBlueChannel
2015A-SAO-13Poppenhaeger, Wolk, von EssenThe MMTCam as an Exoplanet Machine: A Feasibility StudyMMTCam
2015A-SAO-14Grindlay, MillerStudying the Very Long Period Outbursting System SDSS J1522+3913BlueChannel
2015A-SAO-15Lopez-Morales, Nunez, Covey, Agueros, SzentgyorgyiProbing the Stellar Activity-Rotation Relation in Open Cluster M37Hectospec
2015A-SAO-16Parrent, Milisavljevic, Margutti, Soderberg, Drout, Kamble, Challis, KirshnerType I Supernovae: Signatures of Unburned Progenitor MaterialBlue Channel
2015A-SAO-17Lin, Loeb, BrownRocky Objects Around White DwarfsSWIRC
2015A-SAO-18Rose, Elvis, TadhunterCLiF AGN: The Key to Understanding AGN Obscuration and UnificationNGS/ARIES
2015A-SAO-19Benbow, Cerruti, Furniss, Williams, JohnsonDetermining Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBLHectospec
2015A-SAO-20Benbow, Cerruti, Furniss, Williams, JohnsonParallel Observations to Determine Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBLHectospec
2015A-SAO-21Elvis, Gezari, Lawrence, MacLeod, BruceLarge Amplitude Microlensing in Pan-STARRS Quasar Transients: Pinning Down the Lens RedshiftBlue Channel
2015A-SAO-22Caldwell, Hargis, Willman, Kimmig, Strader, WalkerThe Substructure of a Milky Way Stream: The Eastern Banded StructureHectochelle
2015A-SAO-23Johnson, C.I., Dupree, CaldwellChemical Tagging of Three Globular Clusters Stripped from the Sagittarius dSphHectochelle
2015A-SAO-24Milisavljevic, Margutti, Parrent, Kamble, Drout, Challis, Soderberg, KirshnerMulti-Wavelength Supernova ForensicsBlueChannel
2015A-SAO-25Caldwell, Bochanski, Brown, WillmanDistant M Giants in the Galactic HaloRed Channel
2015A-SAO-26Bogdan, Goulding, FormanExploring an Over Massive Black Hole in UGC03816Red Channel
2015A-UAO-E292Guyon, Hart, Codona, Mateen, McCarthy, Close, MalesOn-sky Validation of the Highly Sensitive Non-Linear Curvature Wavefront Sensor (nlCWFS)nlCWFS+NGS/ARIES
2015A-UAO-E294Rast, HartDemonstrating the Value of UA Telescopes to DoDNGS/ARIES
2015A-UAO-G1Lim, Sung, KimA Spectroscopic Study of the Young Open Cluster NGC 2264: A Constraint on the Timescale of Cluster FormationHectochelle
2015A-UAO-G5Karouzos, Bae, Jo, Chung, Tremou, Jung, WooRadio-AGN as Star Formation Regulators: Ionized Gas Kinematics Along the Radio JetRedChannel
2015A-UAO-G10Woo, JoInvestigating the MBH-#e Relation of the Misclassified Type 1 AGNsRedChannel
2015A-UAO-G25Lian, Kong, Fang, Hu, YeSpectroscopy of Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift in the COSMOS Deep FieldHectospec
2015A-UAO-G27Yang, J., Wu, Fan, Wang, Yang, Q., DongFinding Quasars in the Post-Reionization EpochRedChannel
2015A-UAO-G28Gong, LiuOn the Nature of Eight Hyper Luminous X-Ray Source CandidatesRedChannel
2015A-UAO-G102Lee, Kim, Y.-L., Kang, Chung, ReeInvestigation of the Luminosity Evolution of Type Ia Supernovae from the Ages of Nearby Early-Type Host GalaxiesBlueChannel
2015A-UAO-Minn1Jones, Packham, ShenoyImaging Polarimetry with MMTPolMMTPol
2015A-UAO-S165Frye, Walth, Egami, Coe, PirzkalArclet Redshift Census in the Field of MACS0647Hectospec
2015A-UAO-S176Holberg, Olszewski, Axelrod, Narayan, Saha, Matheson, CamarotaA Network of Photometric Standard Stars for LSSTBlueChannel
2015A-UAO-S186Weiner, Geha, Tollerud, WechslerDwarf Satellite Populations Around Milky Way-like Galaxies: Luminosity Functions and Star FormationHectospec
2015A-UAO-S201Smith, N., Williams, Milne, Matheson, Zaritsky, Smith, P., Andrews, Fong, Kilpatrick, BilinskiAZTEC: Arizona Transient Exploration and CharacterizationBlue Channel
2015A-UAO-S204Stark, James, Olszewski, Koposov, Belokurov, PettiniUncovering a New Population of Chemically-Pristine GalaxiesBlueChannel
2015A-UAO-S205Fan, McGreer, Walter, VenemansBright z ~ 6-7 Quasars from Pan-STARRSRedChannel
2015A-UAO-S218Wilson, Chen, Zabludoff, ZahedyA New Approach to Spatially Resolving the Circumgalactic Medium at z=0.2 - 0.9Hectospec
2015A-UAO-S219Olszewski, Walker, MateoThe Origin of Substructure within Galactic SatellitesHectochelle
2015A-UAO-S236Patience, Duchęne, De Rosa, Bulger, Ward-Duong, RajanInvestigating the Limits of Multiple Star Formation and the Origin of the Brown Dwarf DesertNGS/ARIES
2015A-UAO-S239Ward-Duong, Patience, McCarthy, Kulesa, De Rosa, Bulger, RajanCompanions to Nearby M-dwarfs: A Large-Scale Survey of Multiplicity Across the Stellar/Substellar BoundaryNGS/ARIES
2015A-UAO-S240Rajan, Patience, Young, De Rosa, Ward-Duong, McCarthy, KulesaTesting the Origins of Brown Dwarf Companions with Measurements of C/O RatiosNGS/ARIES
2015A-UAO-S241Jiang, Cai, Fan, McGreerIdentifying z ~ 6 Quasars in SDSS Overlap RegionsRedChannel
2015A-UAO-S243Andrews, Calzetti, Adamo, Gallagher, Kim, H., Smith, L., WalterbosProbing the Upper Initial Mass Function in Nearby Dwarf GalaxiesBlueChannel
2015A-UAO-S265Fong, Milne, Smith, N., Fan, Littlejohns, Butler, Williams, Özel, Chornock, BergerDevelopment of Target-of-Opportunity Programs at Steward: Rapid-response Observations of Gamma-ray BurstsMMTCam
2015A-UAO-S276Green, Fan, Bian, Bechtold, Jannuzi, Stark, McGreer, Davé, Finlator, Charlot, FordIonizing Radiation from Galaxies at z # 3MAESTRO
2015A-UAO-S280Yang, H., Johns-Krull, McCarthy, KulesaMagnetic Fields of Low-Mass Young Stars in the # Pictoris Moving GroupNGS/ARIES
2015A-UAO-S291Patience, Cotten, Song, Bulger, Ward-Duong, Rajan, RojoEvolutionary Analysis of Nearby Debris DisksHectochelle
2015A-UAO-S300Mommert, Pinilla-Alonso, Trilling, Emery, McCarthy, Kulesa, HeidtNear-Infrared Photometry of TNOs and Centaurs in Support of Existing Spitzer Space Telescope DataNGS/ARIES