MMT Observing Programs
May - August 2013

PA-13A-0423 Allen, Megeath, Pipher, Gutermuth, Prichlik, Naylor, Furesz Hectochelle and Hectospec Spectroscopy of the Cep OB3b Cluster Hectochelle/Hectospec
PA-13A-0503 Vilas, Hendrix, Moskovitz MMT UV/Blue Reflectance Spectra of PHA Impact Fly-By Blue Channel
SAO-1 Brown MMT Cam (Engineering) MMTCam
SAO-2 Geller, Fabricant, Kurtz, Hwang, Diaferio, Rines, Miyazaki HectoMAP: Clusters and Large-Scale Structure at 0.25 < z < 0.5 Hectospec
SAO-3 Brown, Geller, Kenyon, Kilic Hypervelocity Stars and Merging White Dwarfs Blue Channel
SAO-4 Berger, Fong, Laskar, Chornock Identifying and Monitoring GRB Optical Afterglows with the MMT f/5 Imager MMTCam
SAO-5 Benbow, Furniss, Williams, Fumagalli, Hogan Determining Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBL Hectospec
SAO-6 Walker, Caldwell A Hectochelle Survey of Stellar Substructure in the Galactic Halo Hectochelle
SAO-7 Benbow, Furniss, Williams, Fumagalli, Hogan Parallel Observations to Determine Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBL Hectospec
SAO-8 Hwang, Geller Optical Morphology of Unusual Dust-Obscured Galaxies at Intermediate z MMTCam
SAO-9 Soderberg, Drout, Sanders, Milisavjlevic, Margutti, Kamble Unveiling the Energy Sources within Peculiar Core-Collapse Supernovae MMTCam
SAO-10 Caldwell, Johnson, Strader, Seth, Ivans, Szentgyorgyi The Hectochelle Northern Galactic Globular Cluster Survey Hectochelle
SAO-11 Chornock, Lunnan, Berger MMT Photometry of Superluminous Supernovae and Their Host Galaxies MMTCam
SAO-12 Berger, Chomiuk, Chornock, Dittmann, Drout, Foley, Kirshner, Lunnan, Margutti, Marion, Milisavljevic, Narayan, Sanders, Soderberg, Stubbs, Zauderer The MMT Spectroscopy Survey of Pan-STARRS Transients Blue Channel
SAO-13 Willner, Bussmann, Kuraszkiewicz, Wilkes Redshift for a Lensing Radio Galaxy Blue Channel
SAO-14 Wright, Drake, Guarcello, Hora, van der Veen, Steeghs, Drew The Stellar Content and Dynamics of Cygnus OB2 Hectospec
SAO-15 Kraus, Mann, Howard, Muirhead The Kepler Input Catalog Atlas of Stellar Spectra Hectochelle
UAO-E29 Teske, Bechtold, Williams, Lesser MAESTRO Engineering MAESTRO
UAO-G3 Woodward, Wagner, Ryan, Pittochová, Chesley, Hicks, Vilas Coordinated Time Resolved Spectrophotometry of Asteroid 2002 GT Red Channel
UAO-G10 Zhang H., Bai, Wang, Wu Exploring the Milky Way Dark Matter Halo and Sub Halo by Pal 5 Tidal Stream Hectospec
UAO-G11 Zhang, L., Liu, Read, van de Venn, Rix MMT/Hectospec Spectra for K-Dwarfs at the North Galactic Pole: Measuring the Local Dark Matter Density Hectospec
UAO-S2 De Rosa, Patience, McCarthy, Rajan, Ward-Duong The First Comprehensive Statistics on Low-Mass Companions to A-Type Stars ARIES
UAO-S5 You, Zabludoff, Jannuzi, Smith, Yang, Prescott Using Polarization to Discover the Nature of SPOL
UAO-S7 Stone, Eisner, Salyk, McCarthy, Kulesa Probing the Terrestrial Planet Forming Zone with ARIES Spectro-Astrometry ARIES
UAO-S8 Weiner, Geha, Tollerud, Wechsler Luminosity Functions of Satellite Populations Around Milky Way-like Galaxies Hectospec
UAO-S11 Dey, Hong, Prescott Mapping the Cosmic Web at z ~ 2.7 Hectospec
UAO-S13 Smith, Mauerhan Spectroscopic Followup of Explosive Massive-Star Transients Blue Channel
UAO-S14 Buenzli, Apai Confirmation of Probable High-Amplitude Variable Brown Dwarfs from an HST Survey SWIRC
UAO-S15 Apai, Rackham, López-Morales CATSS The CfA-Arizona Transiting Planets Spectroscopy Survey: Pathfinder Observations Hectospec
UAO-S19 Clément, Egami, Jiang Spectroscopic Identification of z ~ 6 7 Candidates in Massive Lensing Cluster Fields and the Subaru Deep Field Red Channel
UAO-S28 Jiang, Fan, Walter, Bian, Cai, McGreer, Wang Identifying z 6 Quasars in the UKIDSS Deep Extragalactic Survey Fields Red Channel
UAO-S33 Smith, Mauerhan Constraining Pre-Supernova Mass Loss: Spectroscopy of Circumstellar Gas Overtaken by the Blast Wave Blue Channel