MMT Observing Programs
September - December 2012

PA-12B-0129 Neugent, Massey, Meynet Determining the Binary Frequency of Wolf-Rayet Stars as a Function of MetallicityHectochelle
PA-12B-0181 Zakamska, Alexandroff, Strauss, Smith, Greene Spectropolarimetry of High-Redshift Type 2 Quasar CandidatesBlue Channel
PA-12B-0197 Brown, Walkowicz, Hawley, Kowalski, Saar, Furesz MMT Hectochelle Spectral Variability of Active Late-type Stars in the Kepler Field (2012B)Hectochelle
PA-12B-0233 Gizis, Cruz, Burgasser, Berger, Metchev A Great Spot on a Kepler L DwarfRed Channel
PA-12B-0295 Hillenbrand, Findeisen, Rebull Connecting Stellar Properties and Aperiodic Photometric Variability Origins in Young StarsHectospec
SAO-1 Brown, Berger, Chornock, Czekala A Rapid Imaging Camera for the f/5 MMTHectospec
SAO-2 Caldwell, Strader, Seth Globular Clusters in M33: Continuing the SurveyHectochelle
SAO-3 Brown, Geller, Kenyon, Kilic Hypervelocity Stars and Merging White DwarfsBlue Channel
SAO-4 Raymond, Edgar, Fesen, Milisavljevic, Caldwell, Szentgyorgyi Hectochelle Observation of Balmer Line Filaments in the Cygnus LoopHectochelle
SAO-5 Foley, Kirshner, Simon, Soderberg Circumstellar Material in Type Ia Supernova Progenitor SystemsHectochelle
SAO-6 Caldwell, Strader, Seth, Ivans, Szentgyorgyi The Hectochelle Northern Galactic Globular Cluster SurveyHectochelle
SAO-7 Wright, Drake, Guarcello, Hora, van der Veen, Steeghs, Drew The Stellar Content and Dynamics of Cygnus OB2Hectospec
SAO-8 Benbow, Furniss, Williams, Fumagalli, Hogan Determining Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBLHectospec
SAO-9 Benbow, Furniss, Williams, Fumagalli, Hogan Parallel Observations to Determine Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBLHectospec
SAO-10 Hwang, Geller, Kurtz, DellAntonio, Fabricant, Lee The Environments of Dusty Star-forming Galaxies at z<0.8Hectospec
SAO-11 Berger, Chomiuk, Chornock, Czekala, Dittmann, Drout, Foley, Kirshner, Lunnan, Margutti, Marion, Milisavljevic, Narayan, Sanders, Soderberg, Stubbs, ZaudererThe MMT Spectroscopic Survey of Pan-STARRS TransientsBlue Channel/Hectospec
SAO-12 Shen, Liu Slit Spectroscopy of kpc-scale Binary AGNsBlue Channel
SAO-13 Dittmann, Newton, Irwin, Berta, Charbonneau, McCarthy, Kulesa Multiplicity Among MEarth Target StarsARIES
SAO-14 Milisavljevic, Soderberg, Margutti, Drout, Sanders, Dittmann Resolving SN Ejecta Asymmetries with Moderate-Dispersion SpectraBlue Channel
SAO-15 Dupree, McCarthy, Kulesa AO Imaging of Kepler Planetary HostsARIES
SAO-16 Meibom, Barnes, Furesz, Latham, Szentgyorgyi Better Stellar Ages and Planets in ClustersHectochelle
DIR Kim, Bagley, Kiminki, Sherry, Meyer, Jose, Sung A Survey of Young Stellar Objects in the W3 and W4 Star-forming RegionsBlue Channel/Hectospec
UAO-G86 Liu, Fang, Xue, Van de Ven, Carrell, Wu MMT Hectospec Radial Velocities of Red Clump Stars II: Dynamics of the Galactic DiskHectospec
UAO-G87 Li, Cooper, Peng, Smith A Deep Spectroscopic Survey of an Enigmatic Overdensity of Distant BHB Stars in the Milky Way Stellar HaloHectospec
UAO-G88 H. Wu, H.-J. Yan, L. Yan, Zhu, X.-B.Wu, Kong, Zhou, Lam MMT Hectospec Redshift Survey of FIR/Sub-mm and MIR Sources in the H-ATLAS SDP FieldHectospec
UAO-G89 Z. Jiang, Tamura, H. Wang, Hoare, Yang, Whellwright, Y. Wang, Chen, Ishii Dynamics and Kinematics Around High-Mass ProtostarsARIES
UAO-G90 Evans, Borish, Privon, D.-C. Kim, McCarthy, Kulesa, Armus, Petric, Surace Nuclear Star Formation and AGN Activity in Luminous Infrared Galaxy MergersARIES
UAO-G91 Humphreys, Grammer Luminous and Unstable Stars in N2403Hectospec
UAO-G92 Jones, Packham, Shenoy Imaging Polarimetry with MMTPolMTPol
UAO-S1 Bian, Fan, Jiang A Survey of Ultra-luminous Lyman Break Galaxies at z ~ 3 in SDSS Deep StripeBlue Channel
UAO-S2 Cai, Fan, Frye, McGreer MApping the Most Massive Overdensity Through Hydrogen (MAMMOTH)Blue Channel
UAO-S3 Patience, De Rosa, Rajan, Vigan, King, Ward-Duong, McCarthy, Kulesa, Pueyo Confirmation and Characterization of Substellar and Degenerate CompanionsARIES
UAO-S6 Olszewski, Walker, Belokurov, Deason, Mateo Distant Blue Horizontal Branch Stars and the Mass of the Milky WayBlue Channel
UAO-S7 Zaritsky, Zabludoff, Gonzalez Searching for Systematic Effects in SNe Ia DistancesRed Channel
UAO-S8 M. Kiminki, D. Kiminki, Kim A Pair of Massive Double-Lined Spectroscopic Binaries in W3Blue Channel
UAO-S9 Flaherty, Covey, Muzerolle, Espaillat, Muench Tracing the Kinematic Evolution of Young Stars with HectochelleHectochelle
UAO-S10 Jiang, Fan, Walter, Bian, Cai, McGreer, Wang Identifying z 6 Quasars in the UKIDSS Deep Extragalactic Survey FieldsRed Channel
UAO-S11 Stone, Eisner, Salyk, McCarthy, Kulesa Towards Spectro-Astrometric Calibration of ARIES in Pursuit of a World-Class Spectro-Astrometric Program at the MMTARIES
UAO-S13 Clément, Egami, Jiang Spectroscopic Identification of z ~ 6-7 Candidates in Massive Lensing Cluster Fields and the SXDSRed Channel
UAO-S14 McGreer, Fan Quasar Evolution at High RedshiftRed Channel
UAO-S15 You, Zabludoff, Jannuzi, Smith, Yang Using Polarimetry to Discover the Nature of Ly NebulaeBlue Channel
UAO-S16 Wong, Ammons, Zabludoff, Keeton, Decker French, McCully Mapping the Most Powerful Gravitational Lens Telescopes with MMT HectospecHectospec
UAO-S18 Green, Fontaine, Sharpinet, Kawaler, van Grootel, Arnett First Independent Test of G-Mode Asteroseismology in an Evolved Star: The Pulsating sdB Star in the Old Open Cluster NGC 6791Blue Channel
UAO-S19 Hart, McCarthy, Kulesa, Newman Detailed Performance Characterization of Imaging and Spectroscopy with the MMT GLAO SystemLGS
UAO-S42 Smith, Mauerhan Constraining Pre-Supernova Mass Loss: Spectroscopy of Circumstellar Gas Overtaken by the Blast WaveBlue Channel
UAO-S43 Morzinski, Close, Hinz, McCarthy, Kulesa Second-Epoch Imaging and Characterization of Candidate Brown Dwarf Companions to Hyades Solar-Type StarsARIES
UAO-S44 Smith, Mauerhan Spectroscopic Followup of Explosive Massive-Star TransientsBlue Channel
UAO-S58 Stark, Robertson, Belokurov, Auger, Richard, Siana The Nature of Low Luminosity Galaxies at High RedshiftBlue Channel