MMT Observing Programs
January - April 2012

PA-11B-0538 Ammons, Wong, Zabludoff, Keeton Finding the Most Powerful Gravitational Lens Telescopes with MMT HectospecHectospec
PA-12A-0332 Brown, Walkowicz, Hawley, Kowalski, Saar, Furesz MMT Hectochelle Spectral Variability of Active Late-type Stars in the Kepler Field (2012A) Hectochelle
SAO-1 Wang Optical Identification of a Close Pair of Candidate High-z QuasarsBlue Channel
SAO-2 Brown, Kilic Merging White DwarfsBlue Channel
SAO-3 Geller, Fabricant, Kurtz, Hwang, Diaferio, Rines HectoMAP: Clusters and Large-Scale Structure at 0.25 < z < 0.5Hectospec
SAO-4 Strader, Caldwell, Seth, Szentgyorgyi, Ivans The Hectochelle Northern Galactic Globular Cluster SurveyHectochelle
SAO-5 Strader, Romanowsky, Brodie M87 and the Virgo ClusterHectospec
SAO-6 Benbow, Furniss, Williams, Fumagalli, Hogan Determining Blazar Redshifts for Studies of the EBLHectospec
SAO-7 Sanders, Soderberg, Chomiuk, Drout, Dittmann, Levesque Host Galaxy Metallicities for Type Ibc Supernovae Blue Channel
SAO-8 Bussmann, Wilner, Gurwell, Negrello, Verma, Smith, H-ATLAS Collaboration Longslit Spectroscopy of Lensing Galaxies Discovered in the Herschel-ATLASRed Channel
SAO-9 Meibom, Barnes, Furesz, Latham, Szentgyorgyi Toward Better Ages for Stars and Their PlanetsHectochelle
SAO-10 Liu, Shen Spectroscopic Monitoring of Candidate Binary Massive Black Holes Hectospec
SAO-11 Bayliss, Oguri, Gladders, Dahle, Sharon, Gralla A Dynamical Study of 27 Strong Lensing Selected Galaxy ClustersHectospec
SAO-12 Berger, Chomiuk, Chornock, Czekala, Foley, Friedman, Kirshner, Mandel, Margutti, Marion, Milisavljevic, Narayan, Sanders, Soderberg, Stubbs, Zauderer The MMT Spectroscopic Survey of Pan-STARRS TransientsHectospec
SAO-13 Ma, Nulsen, Owers, McNamara, Russell, Canning, Couch Dynamics and Evolution in Merging ClustersHectospec
SAO-14 Milisavljevic, Soderberg, Margutti, Drout, Sanders, Chomiuk, Dittmann Resolving SN Ejecta Asymmetries with Moderate-Dispersion SpectraBlue Channel
SAO-15 Kolenberg, Furesz, Szentgyorgyi An In-Depth Study of the RR Lyraes in M3 (Hectochelle)Hectochelle
SAO-16 Kolenberg, Furesz, Szentgyorgyi An In-Depth Study of the RR Lyraes in M3 (SWIRC)SWIRC
SAO-17 Espaillat, Hernandez, Calvet, Briceo A Spectroscopic Study of Young Stellar Populations in the Orionis Star Forming RegionHectospec
UAO-E22 Bendek, Hart, Ammons, Lu, McCarthy, Kulesa, Newman Exploratory Science with ARIES and the MMT Laser AO SystemLGS/ARIES
UAO-EPO63 Green, Johnson, Wallace, OMalley, Kim, Laird, Guvenen, Villareal, For Undergraduate Project: Modeling a New Eclipsing sdB Binary with an Alleged Brown Dwarf Secondary Blue Channel
UAO-G19 Humphreys Luminous and Unstable Stars in N2403 and M81Hectospec
UAO-G80 Li, Cooper, Peng, Smith A Deep Spectroscopic Survey of the Milky Way Stellar Halo and the Enigmatic Cluster NGC 2419Hectospec
UAO-G81 Wang, Zhou, Yuan, Yang Confirmation of Small Black Hole Mass in Stellar Disruption CandidatesRed Channel
UAO-G82 Zheng, Yan, Shi, Mao, Huang, Gu, Chen, Xia, Hao WISE+UKIDSS: Unveiling Rapid Black Hole Growth in ObscurationRed Channel
UAO-G83 Kong, Lin, Fang, Wang Spectroscopy of HII Regions in Nearby Galaxies: IRX Relation, XUV-discs and GradientsHectospec
UAO-S1 Teske, McCarthy, Kulesa, Swain, Deroo, Griffith, Apai Spectroscopy of the Most Highly Irradiated Exoplanet: How Close is Too Close?
UAO-S2 Holberg, Oswalt, Zhao Observational Constraints on the Degenerate Mass-Radius RelationRed Channel
UAO-S3 Patience, King, De Rosa, Bell, Scowen Investigating the Variability of the Coolest T and Y Brown DwarfsSWIRC
UAO-S4 Jiang, Fan, Walter, Bian, Cai, McGreer, Wang Identifying z ≥ 6.5 Quasars in the UKIDSS Deep Extragalactic Survey FieldsRed Channel
UAO-S5 Davé, Moran, Catinella, Heckman, Kauffmann, Schiminovich, Saintonge, Tacconi, Brinchmann, Borthakur, Tumlinson Linking the Star Formation and Chemical Enrichment Histories of Galaxies to Their Atomic, Molecular and Halo Gas ContentBlue Channel
UAO-S6 Egami, Tsumura, Arai, Arimatsu, Kotani, Matsuura, Shirahata, Usui, Wada Measuring the Cosmic Near-Infrared Background Through the Shadowing Effect of the Eclipsed Ganymede
UAO-S7 Bian, Fan, Jiang Probing the Most Luminous Lyman Break Galaxies at z ~ 3Blue Channel
UAO-S8 Weiner, Rieke, Alonso-Herrero, Rujopakarn, Egami Star Formation in Disky U/LIRGs Low-Redshift Analogs for High-Redshift Star-forming GalaxiesBlue Channel
UAO-S9 Xu, Egami, Pereira, Wang Optical Spectroscopy of Herschel-Detected Infrared Luminous Quasars at z ~ 2 Red Channel
UAO-S10 Egami, Walth, Rex, Rawle, Pereira, Clément SWIRC Near-Infrared Imaging of SPIRE Snapshot Clusters SWIRC
UAO-S11 Morzinski, Close, Hinz, McCarthy, Kulesa Characterizing Brown Dwarfs in Low-Mass Systems in the Hyades NGS/ARIES
UAO-S12 Ford, Davé, Tripp, Howk, Meiring, Prochaska, Tumlinson, Werk A Survey of the Galaxy-IGM Connection at z = 0 - 1Hectospec/Blue Channel
UAO-S13 Fan, McGreer, Jiang, Walter Searching for z > 6 Quasars in Pan-STARRS1Red Channel
UAO-S14 Stark, Belokurov, Sand MMT Spectroscopy of New z > 2 Lensed Galaxies in SDSSBlue Channel
UAO-S15 Willmer, Tripp, Prochaska, Meiring, Howk, Werk, Jenkins, Bowen, Lehner, Sembach, Thom, Tumlinson, McCarthy, Kulesa, Hart Characterizing the Physical Properties of a QSO Absorber at z=0.93
UAO-S16 Teske, Schuler, Cunha, Griffith C/O Ratios of Stars with Transiting Hot Jupiters: Connecting Stars to PlanetsMAESTRO
UAO-S17 Fan, Cai, Frye, McGreer MApping the Most Massive Overdensity Through Hydrogen (MAMMOTH): A Pilot StudyBlue Channel
UAO-S18 Kim, Bagley, Bagley, Sherry, Meyer, Jose, Sung A Survey of Young Stellar Objects in the W3 and W4 Star-Forming RegionsHectospec
UAO-S20 Pascucci, Rigliaco, Edwards, Gorti, Bechtold Measuring the Relative Contributions of Viscous Accretion and Photoevaporation to the Dispersal of Protoplanetary Disks
UAO-S21 Zaritsky, Scarlata Skewers Through Nearby Galaxy HalosHectospec
UAO-S42 Smith, Zaritsky, Mauerhan Spectroscopic Followup of Explosive Massive-Star TransientsBlue Channel
UAO-S43 Smith, Bilinski, Mauerhan Constraining Pre-Supernova Mass Loss: Spectroscopy of Circumstellar Gas Overtaken by the Blast WaveBlue Channel