MMT Observing Programs
September - December 2011

2011C-PA-11B-0083 Massey, Neugent, Meynet The Wolf-Rayet Content of M31Hectospec
2011C-PA-11B-0206 Farihi, Redfield, Holberg, Koester, Barstow The Bulk Composition of Rocky Planetary Debris and a Search for WaterBlue Echellette
2011C-PA-11B-0417 Cummings, Szentgyorgyi, Deliyannis Initial Lithium of Metal-Poor Young Open Clusters and Its Connection to Primordial LithiumHectochelle
2011C-PA-11B-0472 Allen, Megeath, Pipher, Gutermuth, Winston, Naylor, Furesz Hectochelle Spectroscopy of the Cep OB3b ClusterHectochelle
2011C-PA-11B-0585 Monier, Turnshek, Rao The Upper Envelope of Cosmic Metallicity Near z=1.2 from ZnII-Selected Quasar Absorption Line SystemsBlue Channel
2011C-SAO-1 Hora, Stencel, Hoffmann, Skemer Search for Silicates in the Cold Disk of the Extreme Binary Epsilon AurigaeNGS/MIRAC/BLINC
2011C-SAO-2 Geller, Kurtz, Diaferio, Fabricant, Rines, Postman Galaxy Cluster Mass ProfilesHectospec
2011C-SAO-3 Caldwell, Strader, Seth Globular Clusters in M33: Continuing the SurveyHectochelle
2011C-SAO-4 Furesz, Stauffer, Morales-Calderon, Hartmann, Szentgyorgyi, Espaillat, Hora, Alencar, Micela, Teixeira The December 2011 NGC 2264 Campaign: Using Time Series Photometry and Spectroscopy to Constrain the Star and Planet Formation ProcessRed Channel / Hectochelle
2011C-SAO-5 Brown, Geller, Kenyon, Kilic Hypervelocity Stars and Merging White DwarfsHectospec
2011C-SAO-6 Sanders, Soderberg, Chomiuk, Drout, Wellons, Dittmann, Levesque Host Galaxy Metallicities for Pan-STARRS Type Ibc SupernovaeBlue Channel
2011C-SAO-7 Brown, Ibata, Rich M31 Hypervelocity Star CandidatesHectospec
2011C-SAO-8 Meibom, Barnes, Furesz, Latham, Szentgyorgyi Toward Better Ages for Stars and Their PlanetsHectochelle
2011C-SAO-9 Berger, Challis, Chomiuk, Chornock, Czekala, Elvis, Foley, Friedman, Gezari, Kirshner, Mandel, Narayan, Sanders, Soderberg, Stubbs, Zauderer The MMT Spectroscopic Survey of Pan-STARRS TransientsBlue Channel / Hectospec
2011C-SAO-10 Strader, Caldwell, Seth, Szentgyorgyi, Ivans The Hectochelle Northern Galactic Globular Cluster SurveyHectochelle
2011C-SAO-11 Adams, Dupree, McCarthy, Kulesa ARIES Imaging of Kepler/Spitzer TargetsNGS/ARIES
2011C-SAO-12 Dupree, Adams, Gilliland Double Dipping and More in the Kepler FieldHectochelle
2011C-SAO-13 Espaillat, Hsu, Hartmann, Allen Testing the Stellar Initial Mass Function in OrionHectospec
2011C-SAO-14 Drake, Wright, DOnghia, Drew, Farnhill, Ruhland A Powerful New Test of the Galactic Rotation Law: Hectospec Exploitation of IPHASHectospec
2011C-SAO-15 Soderberg, Milisavljevic Resolving SN Ejecta Asymmetries with Moderate-Dispersion SpectraBlue Channel
2011C-SAO-16 Kriek, Conroy, Jones, Labbé, van Dokkum, Whitaker Physical Properties of 0.5<z<1.1 Galaxies as Function of Spectral TypeHectospec
2011C-SAO-17 Caldwell, Seth, Johnson, Leroy Open Clusters in M31Hectospec
2011C-SAO-18 Brodwin, Vikhlinin, Gonzalez, Gettings, Stanford, Eisenhardt, Papovich A WISE Search for the Most Massive, High-Redshift Galaxy ClustersSWIRC
2011C-SAO-19 Liu, Shen Spectroscopic Monitoring of Candidate Binary Massive Black HolesHectospec
2011C-UAO-E29 Bechtold, Kiminki, Williams, Lesser MAESTRO EngineeringMAESTRO
2011C-UAO-E30 Hart, Bendek, Powell, McCarthy, Kulesa Commissioning ARIES with Laser-Guided Adaptive OpticsLGS/ARIES
2011C-UAO-G25 Jones, Packham, Rodriguez, Warner, Shenoy Commissioning of MMTPolNGS/MMTPol
2011C-UAO-G26 Humphreys, Woodward, Marengo, Hinz, Hoffmann MMT/AO MIRAC Mid-IR Imaging of Evolved Stars and CometsNGS/MIRAC/BLINC
2011C-UAO-G27 Skillman, Berg HII Region Abundances in the Andromeda GalaxyBlue Channel
2011C-UAO-G76 Beaton, Majewski, Patterson, Guhathakurta, van der Marel The Tangential Motion of M31Hectospec
2011C-UAO-G79 Jiang, Tamura, Wang, Hoare, Yang, Whellwright, Wang, Chen, Ishii Dynamics and Kinematics Around High-Mass ProtostarsNGS/ARIES
2011C-UAO-G80 Xue, Liu, Van de Ven, Fang MMT Hectospec Radial Velocities of Red Clump Stars: Measuring the Galactic Rotation Curve Beyond the Solar RadiusHectospec
2011C-UAO-G81 Wang, Zhou, Yang Spectroscopic Follow-up of Stellar Tidal Disruption CandidatesBlue Channel
2011C-UAO-G82 Smith, Zhu, Xue, Wu, Carrell, Peng, Zucker Finding Fossils on Our Doorstep: Using the Milky Way to Probe Galaxy EvolutionHectospec
2011C-UAO-S3 Ammons, Wong, Zabludoff, Keeton Finding the Most Powerful Gravitational Lens Telescopes with MMT HectospecHectospec
2011C-UAO-S4 McGreer, Fan, Jiang The QSO Luminosity Function at z > 4 from a Complete Survey of SDSS Stripe 82Red Channel
2011C-UAO-S5 Pereira, Egami, Finoguenov, Lerchster A Spectroscopic Survey of Assembling Clusters and Their Evolving Galaxy Populations from z ~ 0.15 0.6Hectospec
2011C-UAO-S6 Xu, Egami, Pereira, Wang Optical Spectroscopy of Herschel-Detected Infrared Luminous QuasarsRed Channel
2011C-UAO-S7 Walth, Egami, Fiedler, Rex, Rawle, Pereira SWIRC Near-Infrared Imaging of SPIRE Snapshot ClustersSWIRC
2011C-UAO-S8 Fan, Dey, Myers, Magneville, Palanque-Delabrouille, Schlegel, Yeche Enabling Next-Generation Cosmological Surveys: A Comprehensive Census of Faint Quasars to Redshift z < 4Hectospec
2011C-UAO-S9 Jiang, Egami Spectroscopic Identification of Three Ly Emitter Candidates at z ~ 7Red Channel
2011C-UAO-S10 Bechtold, Kiminki, Jannuzi, Crighton, Morris High Resolution Spectroscopy of a Triple Quasar SystemBLue Channel
2011C-UAO-S11 Follette, Schneider, Grady, Hinz, Close A Search for Water Ice in the Outer Disks of Transitional Disks with MMT AO+CLIONGS/CLIO
2011C-UAO-S12 Olszewski, Walker, Belokurov, Deason, Mateo Distant Blue Horizontal Branch Stars and the Mass of the Milky WayBlue Channel
2011C-UAO-S14 Pascucci, Alexander, Bechtold, Edwards, Sterzik Testing X-ray Photoevaporation Models with Spectro-AstrometryBlue Echellette
2011C-UAO-S15 Stark, Belokurov, Fan, Sand MMT Spectroscopy of New z > 2 Lensed Galaxies in SDSSBlue Channel
2011C-UAO-S18 Kim, Fang, Sicilia-Aguilar, van Boekel, Henning Accretion Variation of Young Stars in L1641Hectochelle
2011C-UAO-S19 Teske, McCarthy, Kulesa, Swain, Deroo, Griffith, Apai Spectroscopy of the Most Highly Irradiated Exoplanet: How Close is Too Close?NGS/ARIES
2011C-UAO-S20 Bian, Fan, Jiang Probing Ultra-Luminous Lyman Break Galaxies at z ~ 3 in SDSS Deep StripeBlue Channel
2011C-UAO-S21 Bailey, Su, Hinz, Rieke, Close Holey Debris Disks, Batman! Where are the Planets?NGS/CLIO
2011C-UAO-S22 Fan, McGreer, Jiang Searching for z > 6 Quasars in Pan-STARRSSWIRC / Red Channel
2011C-UAO-S23 Bagley, Bagley, Kim, Sherry, Meyer, Jose, Sung A Survey of Young Stellar Objects in the W3 and W4 Star-Forming RegionsHectospec
2011C-UAO-S31 Rodigas, Hinz, Schneider, Skrutskie, Leisenring, Bailey, Skemer Spatially Resolving the Ice Line in Debris Disks with the LBT and MMT