MMT Observing Programs
May - August 2011

2011B-PA-11A-0269 Brown, Walkowicz, Hawley, Kowalski, Ramsey, Saar, Furesz MMT Hectochelle Spectral Variability Study of Active Late-type Stars in the Kepler FieldHectochelle
2011B-SAO-1 Geller, Fabricant, Kurtz, Diaferio, Rines HectoMAP: Clusters and Large-Scale Structure at 0.25 < z < 0.5Hectospec
2011B-SAO-2 Kilic, Brown Short Period Binary White DwarfsBlue Channel
2011B-SAO-3 Brown, Kilic Merging White DwarfsBlue Channel
2011B-SAO-4 Kilic Nearby Halo White Dwarfs
2011B-SAO-5 Bakos, Beky, Hartman, Hinz An MMT/AO Search for Outer Companions of HATNet Transiting Planet CandidatesNGS/CLIO
2011B-SAO-6 Sand, Graham Type Ia Supernova Host Properties from the Multi-Epoch Nearby Cluster SurveyHectospec / Blue Channel
2011B-SAO-7 Berger, Challis, Chomiuk, Chornock, Czekala, Elvis, Foley, Friedman, Gezari, Kirshner, Mandel, Narayan, Sanders, Soderberg, Stubbs, Zauderer The MMT Spectroscopic Survey of Pan-STARRS TransientsBlue Channel / Hectospec
2011B-SAO-8 Walker, Mateo, Olszewski, Penarrubia Dwarf Spheroidals as Tests of the Cold Dark Matter ParadigmHectochelle
2011B-SAO-9 Wright, Drake, Guarcello, Hora, van der Veen, Steeghs, Drew, Prinja The Stellar Content and Dynamics of Cygnus OB2Hectospec
2011B-SAO-10 Shen, Liu Unveiling Binary Supermassive Black Holes in Double-Peaked Narrow-line AGNs: Slit SpectroscopyBlue Channel
2011B-SAO-11 Caldwell, Strader, Seth M81 and M51 Cluster Velocity DispersionsHectochelle
2011B-SAO-12 Seth, Weisz, Walker, Bastain, Walter Searching for Dark Matter in a Tidal Dwarf GalaxyHectochelle
2011B-SAO-13 Dupree, Adams, McCarthy, Kulesa ARIES Imaging of Kepler/Spitzer TargetsNGS/ARIES
2011B-SAO-14 Liu, Di Stefano Verifying Low-Mass X-ray Binary Candidates in the Kepler FieldBlue Channel
2011B-SAO-15 Saar, Curtis, Wright The Nearest Old Open Cluster Ruprecht 147: Low Mass Members and BinariesHectospec
2011B-SAO-16 Servillat, Torres, Jonker, Watson Search for Bright NIR ULX Counterparts: Phase I. Towards Dynamical MassesSWIRC
2011B-SAO-18 Trichas, Virdee, Rigopoulou, Rawlings, Jarvis Young Dusty Radio-loud AGN at High-RedshiftSWIRC
2011B-SAO-19 Meibom, Barnes, Furesz, Latham, Szentgyorgyi The Kepler Open Cluster StudyHectochelle
2011B-UAO-E26 Hart, Bendek, Powell, McCarthy, Kulesa Commissioning ARIES with Laser-Guided Adaptive OpticsARIES
2011B-UAO-S1 Smith, McCarthy, Milne, Williams Pinpointing Supernova Progenitors with MMT-AOLGS/ARIES
2011B-UAO-S2 Green, Kawaler, Fontaine, Brassard, Charpinet, Van Grootel, Johnson Atmospheric Parameters for Asteroseismology of Hot Subdwarf Pulsators in the Kepler Satellite FieldBlue Channel
2011B-UAO-S3 Weiner, Rieke, Alonso-Herrero, Rujopakarn, Egami Star Formation in Disky U/LIRGs Low-Redshift Analogs for High-Redshift Starforming GalaxiesBlue Channel
2012B-UAO-S5 Pereira, Egami, Finoguenov, Lerchster A Spectroscopic Survey of Assembling Clusters and their Evolving Galaxy Populations from z ~ 0.15 0.6Hectospec
2011B-UAO-S6 Ammons, Wong, Zabludoff, Keeton Finding the Most Powerful Gravitational Lens Telescopes with MMT Hectospec and Magellan IMACS-GISMOHectospec
2011B-UAO-S7 Xu, Egami, Pereira, Wang Optical Spectroscopy of Herschel-Detected Infrared Luminous Quasars: Weighing Quasar Black Hole MassesRed Channel
2011B-UAO-S8 Zaritsky, Graham, Sand, Just Type Ia Supernova Host Properties from the Multi-Epoch Nearby Cluster SurveyBlue Channel
2011B-UAO-S10 Smith Spectroscopic Followup of Explosive Massive-Star TransientsBlue Channel
2011B-UAO-S12 Olszewski, Walker, Mateo, Penarrubia Dwarf Spheroidals as Tests of the Cold Dark Matter ParadigmHectochelle
2011B-UAO-S13 Rodigas, Hinz, Schneider Spatially Resolving the Ice Line in Debris DisksNGS/CLIO
2011B-UAO-S15 Ford, Davé, Tripp, Howk, Meiring, Prochaska, Tumlinson, Werk A Survey of the Galaxy-IGM Connection at z 0 1Hectochelle
2011B-UAO-S16 Davé, Moran, Catinella, Heckman, Kauffmann, Schiminovich, Saintonge, Tacconi, Brinchmann, Rich The Atomic and Molecular Gas Content, Star Formation and Chemical Enrichment Histories of a Complete Sample of Nearby GalaxiesBlue Channel
2011B-UAO-S17 McGreer, Fan, Jiang Radio-Loud Quasars at z > 5Red Channel
2011B-UAO-S18 Kim, Erickson, Wilking, Meyer, Sherry MMT/Hectospec Observations of Young Low Mass Stars in the Serpens Star-Forming RegionHectospec
2011B-UAO-S19 Hinz, Kenworthy, Mamajek Confirming a Benchmark Substellar Companion to a Nearby Intermediate-Mass StarNGS/CLIO
2011B-UAO-S20 Bailey, Su, Hinz, Rieke A Search for Perturbing Planets Around Truncated Debris DisksNGS/CLIO
2011B-UAO-S21 Smith, Eisner, Miller, Butler, Richards, Bloom Complete Spectroscopic Census of Variable Sources in Stripe 82Hectospec
2011B-UAO-S22 Teske, McCarthy, Kulesa, Swain, Deroo, Griffith, Tinetti Investigating What Causes Hot Jupiter Temperature Inversions with NIR SpectroscopyLGS/ARIES
2011B-UAO-S25 Griffith, Teske, Deroo, Swain, McCarthy, Kulesa, Tinetti Characterizing Earth-sized and Neptune-sized ExoplanetsNGS/ARIES
2011B-UAO-S58 McGreer, Fan, Mesinger Probing Reionization with the Combined Lyman-/ Forests of z ~ 6 QuasarsRed Channel