MMT Observing Programs
January - April 2011

2011A-PA-10B-0017 Farihi, Redfield, Koester, Barstow, Hambly, Napiwotzski The Origin of Metals in Cool White Dwarfs: Disrupted Minor Planets or Interstellar Gas?Blue Echellette
2011A-PA-10B-0486 Maderak, Deliyannis, Szentgyorgyi Probing Chemical Evolution and Cool Dwarf Atmospheres with Oxygen in M67Hectochelle
2011A-PA-10B-0607 Abell, Fernandez, Larson Mineralogical Characterization and Source Region Determination of Near-Earth Objects and Extinct Comet CandidatesRed Channel
2011A-PA-11A-0276 Maderak, Deliyannis, Szentgyorgyi Testing the Oxygen vs. Age Relationship in Old Open Clusters: M67 and NGC 188Hectochelle
2011A-PA-11A-0366 Cummings, Szentgyorgyi, Deliyannis Initial Lithium of Metal-Poor Young Open Clusters and its Connection toHectochelle
2011A-SAO-1 Geller, Fabricant, Kurtz, Diaferio, Rines HectoMAP: Clusters and Large-Scale Structure at 0.25 < z < 0.5Hectospec
2011A-SAO-2 Murray-Clay, Currie, Hinz A MMT/CLIO Direct Imaging Search for Planets Around Massive StarsNGS/CLIO
2011A-SAO-3 Brown, Kilic Merging White DwarfsBlue Channel
2011A-SAO-4 Kilic, Brown Short Period Binary White DwarfsHectospec / Blue Channel
2011A-SAO-5 Strader, Romanowsky, Spitler M87 and the Virgo ClusterHectospec
2011A-SAO-6 Lunnan, Frebel Carbon Abundances in the Least Evolved GalaxiesHectochelle
2011A-SAO-7 Nulsen, Jones, Forman, Markevitch, David, Jensen, Owers, Couch Dynamics and Galaxy Evolution in A2034 and A2069Hectospec
2011A-SAO-8 Risaliti, Elvis, Civano, Gilli, Mignoli, Comastri, Vignali X-ray Emitting I-Band Dropouts: A Shortcut to Select QSOs at z 6?Red Channel
2011A-SAO-9 Walker, Mateo, Olszewski, Penarrubia Dwarf Spheroidals as Tests of the Cold Dark Matter ParadigmHectochelle
2011A-SAO-10 Green, Kelly, Shanks, Fine, Myers, Richards QSO Variability in the Pan-STARRS Medium Deep SurveyHectospec
2011A-SAO-11 Strader, Rhode, Romanowsky, Windschitl, Zepf Globular Cluster Kinematics in the Benchmark Elliptical NGC 3379Hectospec
2011A-SAO-12 Sand, Graham Type Ia Supernova Host Properties from the Multi-Epoch Nearby Cluster SurveyBlue Channel
2011A-SAO-13 Willner, Ashby, Chengalur, Lah Gas in Galaxies at z=0.32Hectospec
2011A-SAO-14 Berger, Kirshner, Soderberg, Stubbs, Elvis, Chornock, Foley, Rest, Sand, Challis, Czekala, Narayan, Gezari, Mandel, Friedman The MMT Spectroscopic Survey of Pan-STARRS TransientsBlue Channel
2011A-SAO-15 Hickox, Jones, Forman, Murray, Brodwin, Goulding AGN Spectroscopy in the XBootes DEEP SurveyHectospec
2011A-SAO-16 Saar, Brown, Walkowicz, Hawley, Ramsey, Furesz MMT Hectochelle Spectral Variability Study of Active Late-Type Stars in the Kepler FieldHectochelle
2011A-SAO-17 Meibom, Barnes, Furesz, Latham, Szentgyorgyi The Kepler Open Cluster StudyHectochelle
2011A-SAO-18 Meibom, Barnes, Mathieu, Hartman, Holman The Connection Between Binarity, Circumstellar Disks, and Stellar RotationHectochelle
2011A-SAO-19 Bean, Desert, Berta, Charbonneau, Kempton, Seager, Madhusudhan Completing the Transmission Spectrum of the Super-Earth GJ1214bSWIRC
2011A-SAO-21 Caldwell, Strader, Seth M/L Ratios of Globular Clusters in M81 and M51Hectochelle
2011A-SAO-22 Sand, Graham Type Ia Supernova Host Properties from the Multi-Epoch Nearby Cluster SurveySWIRC
2011A-SAO-23 Kilic, Brown Nearby Halo White DwarfsSWIRC
2011A-UAO-G24 Thuan, Izotov Spectroscopy of Green Pea and Other Luminous Compact Galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky SurveyBlue Channel
2011A-UAO-G27 Jones, Packham, Krejny, DeWahl, Rodriguez, Warner Commissioning of MMTPolNGS/MMTPol
2011A-UAO-XB1 Bian, Fan Spectroscopic Identification of the Most Luminous Lyman Break Galaxies (LBGs) at z~3 in SDSS Deep StripeRed Channel
2011A-UAO-XB2 Fan, McGreer, Walter, Morganson, Decarli A Survey of the Most Luminous Quasars at z ~ 7Red Channel / SWIRC
2011A-UAO-XB4 Milne, McCarthy, Kulesa, Axelrod, Garnavich, Bryngelson Late MMT NIR Imaging of Type Ia SupernovaePISCES
2011A-UAO-S1 Stock, Hinz, Rieke, Su, Liu Characterizing Debris Disks with BLINC, Spitzer and KINNGS/BLINC/MIRAC
2011A-UAO-S3 Smith Spectroscopic Followup of Explosive Massive-Star TransientsBlue Channel
2011A-UAO-S4 Ammons, Wong, Zabludoff Finding the Most Powerful Gravitational Lens Telescopes with MMT Hectospec and Magellan LDSS3Hectospec
2011A-UAO-S5 Bailey, Su, Hinz, Rieke, Close Holey Debris Disks, Batman! Where are the Planets?NGS/CLIO
2011A-UAO-S6 Xu, Dey, Reddy The UV-Bright Galaxy Population at z 5Red Channel
2011A-UAO-S7 Pereira, Egami, Haines, Smith, Finoguenov, Lerchster, Moran A Spectroscopic Survey of Assembling Clusters and their Evolving Galaxy Populations from z ~ 0.15 0.55Hectospec
2011A-UAO-S10 Rodigas, Hinz, Schneider Spatially Resolving the Ice Line in Debris DisksNGS/CLIO
2011A-UAO-S12 Jiang, Egami Identifying z >= 7 Galaxies in the Subaru Deep FieldRed Channel
2011A-UAO-S13 Olszewski, Walker, Mateo, Penarrubia Dwarf Spheroidals as Tests of the Cold Dark Matter ParadigmHectochelle
2011A-UAO-S14 Kim, Fang, Sicilia-Aguilar, van Boekel, Henning Accretion and Disk-Locking of Young Stars in L1641: A Follow-up Spectroscopic SurveyHectospec
2011A-UAO-S15 Bian, Fan, Jiang Probing the Most Luminous Lyman Break Galaxies at z ~ 3Blue Channel
2011A-UAO-S16 Ford, Davé, Tripp, Howk, Prochaska, Tumlinson A Survey of the Galaxy-IGM Connection at z 0 1Hectospec
2011A-UAO-S18 McLinden, Malhotra, Rhoads, Finkelstein, Hibon Spectroscopic Confirmation of Lyman-alpha Galaxies at z=3.1 in COSMOSHectospec
2011A-UAO-S19 Fan, McGreer, Walter, Morganson, Decarli A Survey of the Most Luminous Quasars at z ~ 7SWIRC
2011A-UAO-S20 Green, Charpinet, Van Grootel, Fontaine, Brassard Atmospheric and Orbital Parameters for Asteroseismology of Three Pulsating Hot SubdwarfsBlue Channel
2011A-UAO-S21 Davé, Moran, Catinella, Heckman, Kauffmann, Schiminovich, Saintonge, Tacconi, Brinchmann, Rich The Atomic and Molecular Gas Content, Star Formation and Chemical Enrichment Histories of a Complete Sample of Nearby GalaxiesBlue Channel
2011A-UAO-S22 Tegler, Grundy, Cornelison, Romanishin Methane and Nitrogen Abundances on MakemakeRed Channel
2011A-UAO-S65 McGreer, Fan, Mesinger Probing Reionization with the Combined Lyman-/ Forests of z ~ 6 QuasarsRed Channel