MMT Observing Programs
September - December 2010

2010C-PA-10B-0260 Massey, Levesque, Maeder, Meynet, Neugent, Olsen, Silva Massive Star Evolution as a Function of Metallicity: Closing the Loop in the Local Group Hectospec/Hectochelle
2010C-PA-10B-0340 Brown, Walkowicz, Hawley Kowalski, Ramsey, Saar, Furesz MMT Hectochelle Spectral Variability Study of Active Late-Type Stars in the Kepler Field Hectochelle
2010C-PA-10B-0436 Allen, Megeath, Pipher, Gutermuth, Winston, Naylor, Furesz Hectospec and Hectochelle Spectroscopy of the Cep OB3b Cluster Hectospec/Hectochelle
2010C-PA-10B-0607 Abell, Fernandez, Larson Mineralogical Characterization and Source Region Determination of Near-Earth Objects and Extinct Comet Candidates Red Channel
2010C-PA-10B-0624 Cummings, Szentgyorgyi, Deliyannis Initial Li of Metal-Poor Young Open Clusters and its Connection to Primordial Lithium Hectochelle
2010C-SAO-1 Berger, Kirshner, Soderberg, Stubbs, Elvis, Chornock, Foley, Rest, Sand, Challis, Narayan, Gezari, Mandel, Friedman The MMT Spectroscopic Survey of Pan-STARRS Transients Blue Channel/Hectospec
2010C-SAO-2 Hora, Stencel, Hoffmann, Skemer MIRAC4 Monitoring of the Cold Disk in the Extreme Binary Epsilon Aurigae NGS/MIRAC
2010C-SAO-3 Kilic, Brown Short Period Binary White Dwarfs Blue Channel
2010C-SAO-4 Frebel, Juric The Origin of the Monoceros Stream and Past Milky Way Mergers Hectochelle
2010C-SAO-5 Latham, Meibom, Quinn, Torres, Neuhauser, Errman, Maciejewski The Young Cluster Trumpler 37 Hectochelle
2010C-SAO-6 Strader, Caldwell, Seth Globular Clusters in M33: Continuing the Survey Hectochelle
2010C-SAO-7 Meibom, Barnes, Furesz, Latham, Szentgyorgyi The Kepler Open Cluster Study Hectochelle
2010C-SAO-8 Dupree, McCarthy, Kulesa ARIES Imaging of Kepler Targets NGS/Aries
2010C-SAO-9 Brown, Kilic Extremely Low Mass White Dwarfs Blue Channel
2010C-SAO-10 Shen, Liu Unveiling Binary Supermassive Black Holes in Double-Peaked Narrow-Line AGNs Blue Channel
2010C-SAO-11 Green, Kelly, Shanks, Fine, Myers, Richards QSO Variability in the Pan-STARRS Medium Deep Survey Hectospec
2010C-SAO-12 Tang, Grindlay, Kurucz Stellar Parameters of Unusual K2III Variables Using Hectochelle Hectochelle
2010C-SAO-13 Dai, Huang, Willmer, Fazio, Omont, Perez-Fournon, Rigopoulou Studying the FIR Properties of Quasar SEDs with Hectospec Hectospec
2010C-UAO-E23 Hart, Bendek, Powell, McCarthy, Kulesa Commissioning ARIES with the MMTs Laser-Guided AO System LGS/ARIES
2010C-UAO-E24 Codona, Hinz Tests to Improve MMTAO Performance and High-Contrast Imaging LGS/ARIES
2010C-UAO-G21 Woodward, Harker, Kelley, Hinz, Skemer, Hoffmann 103P/Hartley at EXPOI Rendezvous NGS/MIRAC
2010C-UAO-G22 Humphreys Unstable Luminous Stars in M31 and M33 Hectospec
2010C-UAO-S1 Davé, Moran, Catinella, Heckman, Kauffmann, Schiminovich, Saintonge, Tacconi, Brinchmann, Rich The Atomic and Molecular Gas Content, Star Formation and Chemical Enrichment Histories of a Complete Sample of Nearby Galaxies Blue Channel
2010C-UAO-S2 Wang, Wu, Hou, Fan, Jiang, Xia, Hao Stellar Velocity Dispersion and the Black Hole-Bulge Evolution of Type I ULIRGs Blue Channel
2010C-UAO-S3 Cooper, Weiner, Gerke Dual SMBHs in the SDSS and DEEP2: Probing the Growth of Black Holes at z < 1 Blue/Red Channel
2010C-UAO-S4 Jiang, Fan Identifying z ~ 6 Quasars in the SDSS Deep Stripe Red Channel
2010C-UAO-S5 Kim, Fang, Sicilia-Aguilar, van Boekel, Henning Accretion, Disk-Locking and Kinematics of Young Stars in L1641 Hectochelle
2010C-UAO-S6 Kim, Meyer, Sherry, Jose MMT/Hectospec Observations of Young Stars in the W3 and W4 Star Forming Region Hectospec
2010C-UAO-S7 Bian, Fan, Jiang Spectroscopic Identification of the Most Luminous Lyman Break Galaxies (LBGs) at z ~ 3 in SDSS Deep Stripe Red Channel
2010C-UAO-S9 Rodigas, Hinz, Schneider Spatially Resolving the Ice Line in Debris Disks NGS/CLIO
2010C-UAO-S11 Pereira, Egami, Haines, Smith, Moran LoCuSS: Joint Hectospec/GALEX/HST/Subaru/Spitzer/Herschel Study of Star-Formation & Assembly Histories of Clusters Hectospec
2010C-UAO-S13 Bailey, Hinz Characterizing the Atmosphere of Brown Dwarf Candidate GJ578b NGS/CLIO
2010C-UAO-S14 Teske, McCarthy, Kulesa, Swain, Deroo, Griffith Spectroscopy of the Most Highly Irradiated Exoplanet: How Close is Too Close? NGS/ARIES
2010C-UAO-S15 Teske, Hinz, Skemer, Griffith, Deroo, Swain Observing Non-LTE Signatures in an Exoplanet Atmosphere from the Ground NGS/CLIO, NGS/MIRAC
2010C-UAO-S16 Arnold, Eisner, Hinz, Kenworthy Searching for Planets Around Young Stars Using Non-Redundant Masking at the MMT NGS/CLIO
2010C-UAO-S17 Green, Kawaler, Fontaine, Brassard, Charpinet, van Grootel Atmospheric Parameters for Asteroseismology of Hot Subdwarf Pulsators in the Kepler Satellite Field Blue Channel
2010C-UAO-S18 Hastie, Hussain, Casali, Mackay Unruh Spectroscopic Studies of Kepler Cluster NGC6866 Hectochelle/Hectochelle
2010C-UAO-S19 Brutlag, Schneider, Grady, Hinz, Close A Search for Water Ice in Outer Transitional Disks with MMT AO+CLIO NGS/CLIO
2010C-UAO-S20 Knox, Hinz Searching for Sub-Stellar Companions to Spin-Misaligned Planetary Systems NGS/CLIO