MMT Observing Programs
May - August 2010

2010B-PA-10A-0378 Wright Determining Distance, Age, and Activity in a New Benchmark Cluster: Ruprecht 147Hectochelle
2010B-PA-10A-9999 Mathieu, Geller, Gosnell, Szentgyorgyi The Formation and Evolution of Blue Stragglers in Open Clusters - ExtensionHectochelle
2010B-SAO-1 Geller, Fabricant, Kurtz, Diaferio (Torino), Rines HectoMAP: Clusters and Large-Scale Structure at 0.25 < z < 0.5Hectospec & Hectochelle
2010B-SAO-2 Brown, Geller, Kenyon Hypervelocity StarsBlue Channel
2010B-SAO-3 Desert, Charbonneau, Knutson, Deming, Seager, Christiansen, Nikku H-band Thermal Emission from Two Very Hot Jupiters Newly Discovered with KeplerSWIRC
2010B-SAO-4 Fabrycky, Currie, Murray-Clay, Hinz MMT/CLIO Direct Imaging of Substellar Mass Companions to Nearby Stars: Planets or Brown Dwarfs?NGS/CLIO
2010B-SAO-5 Kilic, Brown Extremely Low Mass White DwarfsBlue Channel
2010B-SAO-6 Berger, Kirshner, Soderberg, Stubbs, Elvis, Chornock, Foley, Rest, Sand, Challis, Narayan, Gezari, Mandel, Friedman The MMT/Blue Channel Spectroscopic Survey of Pan-STARRS TransientsBlue Channel
2010B-SAO-7 Caldwell, Huchra, Peng, Ferrarese A Comprehensive Spectroscopic Survey of VirgoHectospec
2010B-SAO-8 McLean, Berger Investigating Periodic H Variability in Rapidly Rotating Ultracool DwarfsHectospec
2010B-SAO-9 Nulsen, Jensen, Owers, Couch Dynamics and Galaxy Evolution in MS1455.0+2232 and A2069Hectospec
2010B-SAO-10 Meibom, Barnes, Furesz, Latham, Szentgyorgyi Calibrating Stellar Rotation as an Astronomical ClockHectochelle
2010B-SAO-11 Koenig, Hora, Allen, Megeath Clustered and Distributed Young Stars in Cygnus XHectospec
2010B-SAO-12 Bourke, Myers, Peterson, Huard, Dunham, Young Accurate Distance Measurements to Dark CloudsHectospec
2010B-SAO-13 Dupree, McCarthy, Kulesa Imaging KEPLER Targets with ARIESNGS/ARIES
2010B-UAO-DIR Hastie, Hussain, Casali, Mackay, Unruh Spectroscopic Studies of Kepler Cluster NGC6866Hectospec & Hectochelle
2010B-UAO-E21 Powell, Hart Next Generation Wavefront Controller for the MMT NGS and LGS Adaptive Optics SystemNGS/ARIES
2010B-UAO-E22 Bailey, Hinz On-Sky Testing of a Pyramid Wavefront Sensor for Use on LBTNGS/CLIO
2010B-UAO-E23 Hart, Ammons, Powell, Bendek, McCarthy, Kulesa, Rissmann, Lu Commissioning of Laser Tomography Adaptive Optics at the MMTLGS/ARIES
2010B-UAO-L19 Trump, Impey, Elvis, Civano, Kelly, Tang, Bongiorno, Salvato, Brusa, Koekemoer Supermassive Black Hole Masses with Reverberation MappingHectospec
2010B-UAO-S1 Willmer, Lagache, Dole, Papovich, Marcillac, Weiner, Le Floch, Bertincourt Exploring the Optical/Infrared Properties of Luminous Infrared GalaxiesRed Channel
2010B-UAO-S3 Kim, Sicilia-Aguilar, Henning The Very Low-Mass Population of the Young Cluster Tr 37Hectospec
2010B-UAO-S4 Davé, Moran, Catinella, Heckman, Kauffmann, Schiminovich, Saintonge, Tacconi, Brinchmann, Rich The Atomic and Molecular Gas Content, Star Formation and Chemical Enrichment Histories of a Complete Sample of Nearby GalaxiesBlue Channel
2010B-UAO-S5 Cooper, Comerford, Weiner, Gerke Dual SMBHs in the SDSS and DEEP2: Probing the Growth of Black Holes at z < 1Blue & Red Channel
2010B-UAO-S6 Bechtold MAESTRO EngineeringMAESTRO
2010B-UAO-S7 Tegler, Grundy, Romanishin, Cornelison, Maleszewski Mapping Nitrogen Abundance on PlutoRed Channel
2010B-UAO-S9 Jiang, Fan Identifying z ~ 6 Quasars in the SDSS Overlap RegionsRed Channel
2010B-UAO-S10 Knox, Hinz Searching for Sub-Stellar Companions to Spin-Misaligned Planetary SystemsNGS/CLIO
2010B-UAO-S11 Rodigas, Hinz, Schneider Probing the Water Ice Content of Debris Disks Using Near-Infrared ColorsNGS/CLIO
2010B-UAO-S12 Green, Fontaine, Brassard, van Grootel, Charpinet, Chayer, Kawaler Followup Spectroscopy to Derive Atmospheric Parameters and Radial Velocities for Two Subdwarf B Stars in the Kepler FieldBlue Channel
2010B-UAO-S14 Olszewski, Mateo, Walker, Wilkinson Accurate Mass Profiles of Dwarf Spheroidal GalaxiesHectochelle
2010B-UAO-S15 McGreer, Fan Radio-Loud Quasars at z > 5Red Channel
2010B-UAO-S17 Bailey, Hinz Probing Atmospheres of Giant Planets and Candidates HR 8799 and GJ 758NGS/CLIO
2010B-UAO-S72 Griffith, Teske, Deroo, Swain, McCarthy, Kulesa, Tinetti The First Spectrum of a Super EarthNGS/ARIES
2010B-UAO-S75 Egami, Pereira, Haines, Smith, Moran LoCuSS: Joint Hectospec/GALEX/HST/Subaru/Spitzer/Herschel Study of Star-Formation & Assembly Histories of ClustersHectospec
2010B-UAO-S76 Ammons, Zabludoff, Zaritsky, Hart, McCarthy, Kulesa Discovering the Most Powerful Telescopes with MMT+GLAO