MMT Observing Programs
January - April 2010

2010A-PA-09B-0904 Long The Luminous Supernova Remnant in NGC4449: Charting the Future for SN 1987A Blue Channel
2010A-PA-09B-0270 Van Zee, Marble, Englebracht, Skillman Dust Properties, Star Formation, and Chemical Enrichment of Low Luminosity Galaxies Blue Channel
2010A-PA-10A-0235 Maderak, Deliyannis, Szentgyorgyi Oxygen Abundances at the Extremes of the Open Cluster Metallicity Range: NGC 2506 Hectochelle
2010A-PA-10A-0361 Twarog, Anthony-Twarog, Deliyannis, Szentgyorgyi Probing Stellar Structure and Evolution via Li Abundances Hectochelle
2010A-PA-10A-0445 Peng, Ferrarese, Blakeslee, Cote, Durrell, Huchra, Mihos NGVS-S: A Comprehensive Spectroscopic Survey of Virgo Hectospec
2010A-SAO-1 Brown, Kenyon, Geller Hectospec Parallel Program: Halo F Stars Hectospec
2010A-SAO-2 Brown, Geller, Kenyon Hypervelocity Stars Blue Channel
2010A-SAO-3 Vikhlinin, Rines Virial Mass Estimates for High-z X-ray Selected Clusters Hectospec
2010A-SAO-4 Geller, Fabricant, Kurtz, Diaferio, Rines HectoMAP: Clusters and Large-Scale Structure at 0.25 < z < 0.5 Hectospec
2010A-SAO-5 Kilic, Brown Extremely Low Mass White Dwarfs Blue Channel
2010A-SAO-6 Frebel, Juric The Origin of the Monoceros Stream and Past Milky Way Mergers Hectospec
2010A-SAO-7 Koenig, Allen, Strom, Wolff, Najita Accretion Rates in Young AB Stars: Evidence for Massive Planets? Hectochelle
2010A-SAO-8 Hickox, Jones, Forman, Murray, Brodwin AGN Spectroscopy in the XBootes Deep Survey Hectospec
2010A-SAO-9 Stubbs, Kirshner, Garnavich, Schmidt, Tucker, Challis, ESSENCE Team Extending the ESSENCE Survey: Host Galaxies of High-Redshift Supernovae Hectospec
2010A-SAO-10 Strader, Romanowsky, Spitler M87 and the Virgo Cluster: The Transition Region Hectospec
2010A-SAO-11 Seth, Caldwell, Cappellari Masses of Nearby Nuclear Star Clusters Blue Channel
2010A-SAO-12 Elvis, Civano, Tang, Trump AGN Black Hole Masses from Reverberation Mapping in the COSMOS Field Hectospec
2010A-SAO-13 Berger, Stubbs, Soderberg, Elvis, Foley, Rest, Sand, Narayan, Chornock, Gezari Exotic Explosions and Eruptions: New Transient Phase-Space with Pan-STARRS Hectospec
2010A-SAO-14 Sand, Newman Combining and Comparing Lensing and Galaxy Dynamics in Abell 611 Hectospec
2010A-SAO-15 Dupree, Cramer STellAr Characteristics in Clusters (STACC) Hectochelle
2010A-SAO-16 Berger, Stubbs, Soderberg, Elvis, Foley, Rest, Sand, Narayan, Chornock, Gezari Exotic Explosions and Eruptions: New Transient Phase-Space with Pan-STARRS Blue Channel
2010A-SAO-17 Furesz, Hartmann, Tobin Constraining the Pre-Main Sequence Binary Fraction in Young Clusters Hectochelle
2010A-SAO-18 Kirshner, Challis, Foley, Rest, Narayan, Stubbs Supernova Spectroscopy Blue Channel
2010A-SAO-19 Nulsen, Jensen, Owers, Couch Dynamics, Galaxy Evolution and a Benchmark for a Cold Front Sample Hectospec
2010A-SAO-20 Green, Cox, Myers, Bennert, Aldcroft, Barkhouse Two to Tangle: Merger Signatures in Binary Quasars SWIRC
2010A-SAO-21 Espaillat, Briceno, Hernandez, Calvet, Allen The Orion OB1 Hecto Survey: the Off-Cloud PMS Populations Hectospec
2010A-SAO-22 Espaillat, Briceno, Hernandez, Calvet, Allen The Orion OB1 Hecto Survey: Kinematics and Mass Accretion Rates Hectochelle
2010A-SAO-23 Kirshner, Challis, Foley, Rest, Narayan, Stubbs Supernova Spectroscopy Hectospec
2010A-SAO-24 Meibom, Barnes, Mathieu, Hartman, Holman The Connection Between Binarity, Circumstellar Disks, and Stellar Rotation Hectochelle
2010A-SAO-25 Meibom, Barnes, Furesz, Latham, Szentgyorgyi Calibrating Stellar Rotation as an Astronomical Clock Hectochelle
2010A-SAO-26 Caldwell Globular Clusters in M33 Hectochelle
2010A-UAO-E27 Hart, Powell, Bendek, McCarthy, Ammons Commissioning of Laser Tomography Adaptive Optics at the MMT NGS/ARIES
2010A-UAO-E28 Powell, Hart Next Generation Wavefront Controller for the MMT NGS and LGS Adaptive Optics System NGS/ARIES
2010A-UAO-E29 Codona, Hart, Hinz Tests to Improve MMTAO Performance and High-Contrast Imaging NGS/CLIO
2010A-UAO-G24 Woodward, Harker, Kelley, Hinz, Skemer, Hoffmann 10/20m Observations of Comet 81P/Wild 2 Near Perihelion BLINC/MIRAC/NGS
2010A-UAO-G25 Thuan, Izotov Extremely Low-Metallicity Dwarf Emission-Line Galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Blue Channel
2010A-UAO-G26 Wong, Evans, Kim, Privon Resolved Mid-Infrared Imaging of Dust-Enshrouded Star Formation of LIRGs in the GOALS Sample BLINC/MIRAC/NGS
2010A-UAO-L23 Trump, Impey, Elvis, Civano, Kelly, Tang, Bongiorno, Salvato, Brusa, Koekemoer Supermassive Black Hole Masses with Reverberation Mapping Hectospec
2010A-UAO-S1 Fan, Bian, Jiang, McGreer, Green, Walter, Maiolino, Pentericci, Jannuzi, Dey A Survey of Quasars at the Reionization Epoch: Spectroscopic Identifications Red Channel
2010A-UAO-S2 Stock, Hinz, Rieke, Su, Liu Characterizing Debris Disks with BLINC, Spitzer and KIN BLINC/MIRAC/NGS
2010A-UAO-S3 Davé, Campusano, Haberzettl, Haines, Harris, Lauroesch, Sochting, Valls-Gabaud, Williger The Galaxy Population and the Galaxy-Quasar Relation in a Dense Environment at z~1: Wide-Field Spectroscopy Hectospec
2010A-UAO-S4 Jiang, Egami Identifying z ~ 7 Galaxies in the Subaru Deep Field Red Channel
2010A-UAO-S5 Rieke, Bai X-ray Underluminous Clusters: A New Perspective Hectospec
2010A-UAO-S6 Olszewski, Mateo, Walker Detailed Kinematics of the Remarkable Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies UMi and Draco Hectochelle
2010A-UAO-S7 Kenworthy, Hinz Looking for Extrasolar Planets at the Ice Line NGS/CLIO
2010A-UAO-S8 Rodigas, Hinz The Blue Needle in Red: 3-4 m Direct Imaging Constraints on Water in HD 15115s Debris Disk NGS/CLIO
2010A-UAO-S9 Rodigas, Hinz Painting the Compete Picture: Direct Imaging of Sun-like Stars with Radial Velocity-Detected Planets NGS/CLIO
2010A-UAO-S10 McGreer, Fan Radio-Loud Quasars at z > 5 Red Channel
2010A-UAO-S11 Skemer, Close, Hinz, Hoffmann, Greene, Males, Beck Resolved Silicate Emission in T Tauri Binaries: Determining the Parameters that lead to Grain-Growth and Planet Formation BLINC/MIRAC/NGS
2010A-UAO-S12 Males, Close, Marengo, Skemer, Hinz, Hoffmann, Tolls, Melnick, Neufeld, Fazio Four Decades of IRC+10216: the Emergence of a New 9 m Emission Feature Discovered with the MMT and Spitzer BLINC/MIRAC/NGS
2010A-UAO-S14 Ammons, Zubludoff, Zaritsky, Hart, McCarthy, Angel Investigating the High-Redshift Universe with Gravitational Lenses and GLAO LGS/PISCES
2010A-UAO-S15 Eisner, Arnold, Hinz, Codona, Kenworthy Searching for Planets Around Young Stars Using Non-Redundant Masking at the MMT NGS/CLIO
2010A-UAO-S16 Cooper, Comerford, Weiner, Gerke Dual SMBHs in the SDSS and DEEP2: Probing the Growth of Black Holes at z < 1 Blue and Red Channel
2010A-UAO-S17 Eisner, Monnier, Arnold, McCarthy, Kulesa Preludes to Astrometric Observations of Exoplanets NGS/ARIES
2010A-UAO-S18 Bian, Fan Spectroscopic Identification of the Most Luminous Lyman Break Galaxies (LBGs) at z ~ 3 in Bootes Field Blue Channel
2010A-UAO-S19 Xu, Dey, Reddy The UV-Bright Galaxy Population at z 5 Red Channel
2010A-UAO-S20 Kim, Fang, Sicilia-Aguilar, van Boekel, Henning Accretion, Disk-locking and Kinematics of Young Stars in L1641 Hectochelle
2010A-UAO-S21 Liebert, Kilic, Munn, von Hippel, Harris Nearby Halo White Dwarfs Blue Channel
2010A-UAO-S22 Olszewski, Pryor, Piatek Search for QSOs Behind Newly Discovered Dwarf Galaxies; the Zero-Proper-Motion Reference Frame of Choice Blue Channel
2010A-UAO-S23 Green, Fontaine, Charpinet, Chayer Metal Abundances and Radial Velocities for Hot Subdwarf Stars Blue Channel