MMT Observing Programs
May - August 2009

2009B-PA-09A-0441Kulkarni, Som, Lopez, Ellison, TorresStructure of Interstellar Matter in Distant GalaxiesBlue Channel
2009B-PA-09A-0452Doppmann, Najita, Eisner, McCarthy, KulesaOrigin of the Hot Compact Excess in Circumstellar DisksAIRES
2009B-SAO-1McLeod, MMIRS TeamMMIRS EngineeringMMIRS
2009B-SAO-2McLeod, MartiniMulti-Object Spectroscopy of Galaxies Lensed by Abell 2218MMIRS
2009B-SAO-3BrownHypervelocity StarsBlue Channel
2009B-SAO-4Cramer, Dupree, Furesz, Korzennik, SzentgyorgyiTest and Characterization of Tunable Lasers for the Calibration of Multi-object SpectrographsHectochelle
2009B-SAO-5Caldwell, Seth, Strader, BastianThe Mass-to-Light Ratios of Intermediate Age Star Clusters (Hectochelle)Hectochelle
2009B-SAO-6Caldwell, Seth, Strader, BastianThe Mass-to-Light Ratios of Intermediate Age Star Clusters (Hectospec)Hectospec
2009B-SAO-7Geller, Kurtz, Fabricant, Dell'Antonio, WestraSHELS II: Cluster Catalogs from Weak Lensing SurveysHectospec
2009B-SAO-8Hickox, Jones, Forman, MurrayAGN Spectroscopy in the XBootes Deep SurveyHectospec
2009B-SAO-9Brown, GellerExtreme Metal Poor GalaxiesMMIRS
2009B-SAO-10Ashby, McLeod, Willner, Haas, Smith, WilkesConfirming the Highest-Redshift Galaxy Cluster at z=1.53MMIRS
2009B-SAO-12Currie, Hinz, RodigasA MMT/CLIO Direct Imaging Search for Planets Around A Stars with Massive Debris DisksCLIO
2009B-SAO-13Kilic, Liebert, von Hippel, Munn, HarrisAges of the Disk, Thick Disk, and Halo from Newly-Discovered Cool WDsBlue Channel
2009B-SAO-14Drake, WrightMMIRS Imaging of the Cygnus OB2 AssociationMMIRS
2009B-SAO-15Dupree, CramerSTellAr Characteristics in Clusters (STACC)Hectochelle
2009B-SAO-16Sand, Bechtold, McLeodUnder the Microscope: Studying z~2 Lensed Galaxies with MMIRSMMIRS
2009B-SAO-18Wright, Drake, Steeghs, DrewThe Velocity Structure of Cygnus OB2Hectospec
2009B-SAO-19Kirshner, Challis, Foley, Rest, NarayanSupernova Spectroscopy - MMT Blue ChannelBlue Channel
2009B-SAO-20Ashby, McLeod, Hora, Smith, Fazio, Surace, KrickDeep K-Band Imaging of the Deepest IR Galaxy Survey FieldMMIRS
2009B-SAO-21Liu, McClintockAn Exploratory MMT/Hectospec Study for Holmberg II-ULXHectospec
2009B-SAO-22Ashby, McLeod, Hora, Smith, Fazio, Surace, KrickSpectroscopic Redshifts for IR-Variable Galaxies in the IRAC-CFMMIRS
2009B-SAO-23Sand, Zaritsky, Graham, Pritchet, HoekstraA Systematic Search for Supernovae in Galaxy ClustersHectospec
2009B-SAO-25Meibom, Barnes, Furesz, Latham, SzentgyorgyiCalibrating Stellar Rotation as an Astronomical ClockHectochelle
2009B-UAO-E19Hart, Milton, Powell, Baranec, McCarthy, Ammons, LuAstrometric Characterization of GLAO at the MMT and Commissioning of TomographyPISCES
2009B-UAO-G20Skillman, Engelbracht, Marble, van ZeeLow-Luminosity Galaxies in the Local VolumeBlue Channel
2009B-UAO-G59CarlinKinematics of Newly-Discovered Milky Way Tidal Streams and Dwarf GalaxiesHectospec
2009B-UAO-L51Fontaine, Green, Van Grootel, Charpinet, RandallAsteroseismology of the Rotating Subdwarf B Star Pulsator, Feige 48Blue Channel
2009B-UAO-S2Zaritsky, Sand, Sivanandam, Herbert-Fort, Just,
Graham, Bildfell, Pritchet, Hoekstra
A Systematic Search for Supernovae in Galaxy ClustersBlue Channel
2009B-UAO-S3Marble, Engelbracht, Skillman, van ZeeLow-Luminosity Galaxies in the Local VolumeBlue Channel
2009B-UAO-S4Liebert, Kilic, Munn, von Hippel, HarrisAges of the Disk, Thick Disk, and Halo from Newly-Discovered Cool White DwarfsBlue Channel
2009B-UAO-S5Green, KaliraiOn the Nature of Extreme Horizontal Branch Stars in Open ClustersBlue Channel
2009B-UAO-S7Kenworthy, HinzDetecting Giant Planets in to the Ice Line Using AO CoronagraphyCLIO
2009B-UAO-S8Willmer, Lagache, Dole, Papovich, Marcillac, Weiner,
Le Floc'h, Bertincourt
Exploring the Optical/Infrared Properties of Luminous Infrared GalaxiesRed Channel
2009B-UAO-S9Eisner, Hinz, Codona, KenworthySearching for Planets Around Young Stars Using Non-Redundant Masking at the MMTCLIO
2009B-UAO-S11Bechtold, Sand, McLeodUnder the Microscope: Observations of z~2 Lensed Galaxies with MMIRSMMIRS
2009B-UAO-S13Weiner, Coil, Cooper, Willmer, PapovichThe Clustering and Environment of IRLuminous GalaxiesHectospec
2009B-UAO-S15Rodigas, HinzPainting the Complete Picture: Direct Imaging of Six Stars with Radial Velocity-Detected PlanetsCLIO
2009B-UAO-S16Tyler, Bai, RiekeMapping the Full Range of Star Formation in the Local Rich Cluster A2029Hectospec
2009B-UAO-S17Eisner, Doppmann, Meyer, Teske, Najita, Kulesa, McCarthy"Imaging" Gas in Sub-AU-Sized Regions of Protoplanetary Disks with Spectro-Astrometric Observations from ARIESAIRES
2009B-UAO-S18Prescott, DeyA Massive Galaxy Overdensity Surrounding a Large Lyman-Alpha BlobHectospec
2009B-UAO-S23Kim, Jansen, Windhorst, EskridgeProperties of Satellites of Galaxies in Nearby VoidsBlue Channel
2009B-UAO-S24Egami, Hardegree-Ullman, Haines, Smith, Moran, Takada, Okabe, Finoguenov, ZhangLoCuSS: Joint Hectospec/GALEX/HST/ Subaru/Spitzer/Herschel Study of Star-Formation and Assembly Histories of ClustersHectospec
2009B-UAO-S25Kim, Sicilia-Aguilar, HenningThe Very Low-Mass Population of the Young Cluster Tr 37Hectospec
2009B-UAO-S26Fan, JiangMMIRS Near-IR Spectroscopy of Luminous z > 6 Quasars: Probing the Reionization EpochMMIRS
2009B-UAO-S27Fan, Bian, Cool, Eisenstein, Liebert, Jiang, Yang,
Weiner, Zabludoff, Green, Kuhn, Thompson, Kurk,
Jester, Rix, Walter, Fiore, Fontana, Maiolino,
Pentericci, Jannuzi, Dey
A Survey of Quasars at the Reionization Epoch: Spectroscopic Identifications Red Channel
2009B-UAO-S44Jiang, Fan, BianIdentifying z ~ 6 Quasars in the SDSS Overlap RegionsRed Channel