MMT Observing Programs
January - April 2009

2009A-PA-09A-0292 Reynolds, Callanan, McCarthy, Kulesa K-band Photometry of XTE J1118+480 in Quiescence PISCES
2009A-PA-09A-0313 Peng, Blakeslee, Cote, Courteau, Duc, Durrell, Emsellem A Deep Spectroscopic Survey of the Virgo Cluster Core Hectospec
2009A-PA-09A-0432 Marzke, Hornschemeier, Smith, Miller, Hudson, Ferguson, Bridges The Faint End of the Red Sequence in the Coma Cluster: A Comprehensive Spectroscopic Survey from the Core to the Virial Radius Hectospec
2009A-PA-09A-0958 Long, Winkler, Blair The Luminous Supernova Remnant in NGC4449: Charting the Future for SN 1987A Blue Channel
2009A-SAO-1 Cramer, Dupree, Furesz, Korzennik, Szentgyorgyi, Lykke A Tunable Laser Calibrator for Hectochelle Hectochelle
2009A-SAO-2 Brown, Geller, Kenyon Hypervelocity Stars Blue Channel
2009A-SAO-3 Geller, Kurtz, Fabricant, Westra, Dell'Antonio SHELS II: Cluster Catalogs from Weak Lensing Hectospec
2009A-SAO-4 Berger, Thone Gamma-Ray Bursts: From Progenitors to Probes Hectospec
2009A-SAO-5 Wang, Cox, Neff, Szentgyorgyi Mapping the Detailed Kinematics of a Giant Shell Near NGC 3077 Hectochelle
2009A-SAO-6 Huang, Wilmar, Noeske, Willner, Dickinson, Symeonidis Measuring the Rest-Frame 35micron Luminosity Function with Hectospec Hectospec
2009A-SAO-7 Berger, Foly, Soderberg, Grindlay The Diversity of GRB Supernovae Hectospec
2009A-SAO-8 McLeod, Nakajima, Mandelbaum, Bernstein Lensing Survey of Dark Matter in Supermassive Galaxy Clusters Megacam
2009A-SAO-9 Johnson, Jones, Forman, Wegner A Dynamical Analysis of Two Strongly Merging Clusters Hectospec
2009A-SAO-10 Dupree, Meszaros, Strassmeier STellAr Characteristics in Clusters (STACC) Hectochelle
2009A-SAO-11 Huang, Fazio, Yan, Ashby, Willner, Noeske A Deep Survey for Ly-a Emitters at z 6.5 in the Extended Groth Strip Megacam
2009A-SAO-12 Allen, Wolk, Furesz, Winston, Briceno, Megeath, Calvet, Hartmann, Hernandez The All Orion Spectroscopic Survey: Masses, Ages and Disk Frequencies Hectospec
2009A-SAO-13 Kilic, Brown, Liebert, Agueros Extremely Low Mass White Dwarfs Blue Channel
2009A-SAO-14 Hickox, Murray, Jones, Forman AGN Spectroscopy in the XBootes Deep Survey Hectospec
2009A-SAO-15 Nulsen, Owers, Couch Abell 2142: Dynamics of the Archetypal Cold Front Cluster Hectospec
2009A-SAO-16 Drake, Wright, Steeghs Hectospec Exploitation of IPHAS: A Powerful New Test of the Galactic Rotation Law Hectospec
2009A-SAO-17 Allen, Furesz, Szentgyorgi, Briceno, Megeath, Muzerolle, Calvet, Hartmann, Hernandez The All Orion Spectroscopic Survey: Kinematics and Accretion Rates Hectochelle
2009A-SAO-18 Hickox, Murray, Jones, Forman AGN Environments and Clustering in DEEP2 Field 2 Hectospec
2009A-SAO-19 Posselt, Neuhaeuser, Haberl Search for Substellar Companions to Young Nearby Neutron Stars
2009A-SAO-20 Meibom, Covey, Lada, Muench, Szentgyorgi A Doppler Survey for Close Binaries in IC348 Hectochelle
2009A-SAO-21 Seth, Kallivayalil, Ashby, Schechter, West Proper Motions of Sgr Stream Members Using SDSS and Megacam Megacam
2009A-SAO-22 Allen, Tobin, Hartmann, Furesz, Hernandez Independent Constraints on Cluster Membership: Spectral Types and Lithium in the Orion Nebular Cluster (ONC) Hectospec
2009A-SAO-23 Seth, Blum, Caldwell Stellar Populations of Nearby Nuclear Star Clusters Blue Channel
2009A-SAO-24 Soderberg, Chevalier, Fransson, Smith, Chandra, Chugai, Fox, Pooley Revealing Dust Formation in Naked Supernovae with MMT Hectospec
2009A-SAO-25 Kirshner, Challis, Foley, Rest, Wood-Vasey, Narayan Supernova Spectroscopy Blue Channel
2009A-SAO-26 Meibom, Barnes, Mathieu, Hartman, Holman The Connection Between Binarity, Circumstellar Disks, and Stellar Rotation Hectochelle
2009A-SAO-27 Furesz, Hartmann, Tobin Toward Constraints on the Pre-Main Sequence Binary Fraction in Young Clusters Hectochelle
2009A-SAO-28 Meibom, Barnes, Furesz, Latham, Szentgyorgi Calibrating Stellar Rotation as an Astronomical Clock Hectochelle
2009A-SAO-29 Sand, Zaritsky, Graham, Pritchet, Hoekstra A Systematic Search for Supernovae in Galaxy Clusters Hectospec
2009A-UAO-E24 Hart, Milton, Powell, Stalcup, Kulesa, McCarthy Final Characterization of GLAO at the MMT and Demonstration of Tomography LGS/PISCES
2009A-UAO-G25 Woodward, Kelley, Harker, Hinz, Hoffman, Kenworthy Mid-IR AO Imaging of Comet C/2007 N3 (Lulin) BLINC/MIRAC
2009A-UAO-G47 Carlin, Majewski, Grillmair Kinematics of Newly-Discovered Milky Way Tidal Streams and Dwarf Galaxies Hectospec
2009A-UAO-S1 Stock, Hinz, Rieke, Su, Trilling Characterizing Debris Disks with BLINC, Spitzer and KIN BLINC/MIRAC
2009A-UAO-S2 Eisner, Meyer, Teske, Najita, Doppmann, Kulesa, McCarthy "Imaging" Gas in Sub-AU-Sized Regions of Protoplanetary Disks with Spectro-Astrometric Observations from ARIES BLINC/MIRAC
2009A-UAO-S4 Marble, Engelbracht, van Zee Low-Luminosity Galaxies in the Local Volume Blue Channel
2009A-UAO-S6 Skemer, Close, Hinz, Hoffmann, Greene, Beck Resolved Silicate Emission in T Tauri Binaries: Determining the Parameters that lead to Grain-Growth and Planet Formation BLINC/MIRAC Hectochelle
2009A-UAO-S7 Skemer, Close, Hinz, Hoffmann, Greene, Kenworthy The First Resolution of an Asteroid Belt Analog in Emission BLINC/MIRAC
2009A-UAO-S8 Finkelstein, Rhoads, Malhotra, Papovich, Cohen Direct Measurements of Metallicity, Dust Extinction and Out-flow Velocities of Lyman Alpha Galaxies at z ~ 0.3 Hectospec
2009A-UAO-S9 Kim, Jansen, Windhorst Properties of Satellites Galaxies in Nearby Voids Blue Channel
2009A-UAO-S10 Malhotra, McLinden, Rhoads, Finkelstein Spectroscopic Confirmations of Bright Lyman alpha Galaxies at z=3.1 Hectospec

2009A-UAO-S12 Zaritsky, Sand, Sivanandam, Herbert-Fort, Just, Graham, Pritchet, Hoekstra A Systematic Search for Supernovae in Galaxy Clusters Blue Channel
2009A-UAO-S14 Olszewski, Mateo, Walker Detailed Kinematics of the Remarkable Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies UMi and Dra
2009A-UAO-S15 Bian, Fan A Group of Luminous Quasars at z 3: Tracing the Largest Structure at the Peak of Quasar Epoch Hectospec
2009A-UAO-S16 Olszewski, Mateo, Walker Spectroscopic Confirmation and Followup of New Dwarf Spheroidal Candidates
2009A-UAO-S17 Yang, Zabludoff New Constraints on the Evolution of Ly-a-Emitting Galaxies Hectospec
2009A-UAO-S18 Olszewski, Pryor, Piatek Search for QSOs Behind Newly Discovered Dwarf Spheroidals; the Zero-Proper-Motion Reference Frame of Choice Blue Channel
2009A-UAO-S19 Weiner, Coil, Cooper, Tremonti Gas Around Galaxies and what drives it there: a Survey for Mg II Absorption Associated with DEEP2 Galaxies Blue Channel
2009A-UAO-S20 Egami, Smith, Haines, Moran, Hamilton-Morris, Takada, Umetsu, Okabe, Kneib, Finoguenov, Zhang LoCuSS: Joint Hectospec/GALEX/HST/Subaru/Spitzer/Herschel Study of Star-Formation & Assembly Histories of Clusters Hectospec
2009A-UAO-S21 Kenworthy, Hinz Detecting Giant Planets in to the Ice Line Using AO Coronagraphy CLIO