MMT Observing Programs
September - December 2008

2008C-PA-08B-0056 Moran, Heckman, Catinella, Schiminovich, Kauffmann, Prada, Montero-Dorta Tracing Galaxy Transformation by Relating Resolved Star Formation Histories and Dynamics to HI Content Blue Channel
2008C-PA-08B-0083 Stanghellini, Magrini, Galli, Goncalves, Villaver Snapshots at Two Epochs of the Metallicity Gradient in the Spiral Galaxy M81: PNe and HII Regions Hectospec
2008C-PA-08B-0127 Im, Papovich, Lee, Matsuhara, AKARI-NEP Survey Team Deep Spectroscopy of IR Sources in the AKARI North Ecliptic Pole Wide Survey Field Hectospec
2008C-PA-08B-0209 Cieza, Baliber, Fabricant Testing the Disk Regulation Paradigm with Spitzer: Spectral Typing of Low-Mass Stars MAESTRO
2008C-PA-08B-0282 Myers, Richards, Schlegel, Eisenstein Where's the Peak? The z ~ 2.5 Quasar Luminosity Function Hectospec
2008C-PA-08B-0448 Carlin, Casetti-Dinescu, Majewski, Law A New Method to Determine the Local Standard of Rest Velocity Using Sagittarius Tidal Debris Hectospec
2008C-PA-08B-0456 Maderak, Deliyannis, Szentgyorgyi Oxygen Abundances at the Extremes of the Open Cluster Metallicity Range: NGC 2420, 2506, and 6791 Hectochelle
2008C-SAO-1 Cramer, Dupree, Furesz, Korzennik, Szentgyorgyi Test and Characterization of Tunable Lasers for the Calibration of Multiobject Hectochelle
2008C-SAO-2 Brown, Geller, Kenyon Hypervelocity Stars Blue Channel
2008C-SAO-3 Kirshner, Challis, Garnavich, Gallagher Social Insecurity: What Influences Stellar Death in Old Populations? Blue Channel
2008C-SAO-4 Knutson, Charbonneau, Meyer, Hinz, Kenworthy A Search for a Debris Disk Around V 391 Peg CLIO
2008C-SAO-5 Mamajek, Hinz, Kenworthy, Meyer MMT/AO Imaging of the Closest Exoplanet CLIO
2008C-SAO-6 Allen, Megeath, Poteet, Tobin, Calvet, Hartmann The Evolution of Protostellar Envelopes in Orion SWIRC
2008C-SAO-7 McLeod, Mandelbaum, Bernstein, Nakajima Lensing Survey of Dark Matter in Supermassive Galaxy Clusters Megacam
2008C-SAO-8 Gellar, Fabricant, Kurtz, Rines The Low Lx Constraint on the Cluster M-Lx Relation Hectospec
2008C-SAO-9 Kilic, Brown, Liebert, Agueros Extremely Low Mass White Dwarfs Blue Channel
2008C-SAO-10 Soderberg, Foley, Chevalier, Fransson, Smith, Chandra, Chugai, Fox Revealing Dust Formation in Naked Supernovae with MMT Hectospec
2008C-SAO-11 Dupree, Meszaros, Szentgyorgyi Stellar Characteristics in Clusters (STACC) Hectochelle
2008C-SAO-12 Strader, Caldwell Analysis of M31 Globular Clusters using Hectochelle Observations Hectochelle
2008C-SAO-13 Johnson, Jones, Forman, Wegner, Hickox A Dynamical Analysis of the Merging Cluster Abell 115 Hectospec
2008C-SAO-14 Seth, Kallivayalil, Schechter, Ashby The Proper Motion of NGC 2420: A Pilot for Determining Sgr Stream PMs Megacam
2008C-SAO-15 Ashby, Huang, Willner, Fazio The ULIRG/LBG Connection at High Redshift Megacam
2008C-SAO-16 Berger, Thone Gamma-Ray Bursts: From Progenitors to Probes Hectospec
2008C-SAO-17 Drake, Wright, Steeghs, IPHAS Collaboration Hectospec Exploitation of IPHAS: A Powerful New Test of the Galactic Rotation Hectospec
2008C-SAO-18 Berger, Foly, Soderberg, Grindlay The Diversity of GRB Supernovae Hectospec
2008C-SAO-19 Allen, Furesz, Szentgyorgi, Briceno, Megeath, Muzerolle, Calvet, Hartmann, Hernandez The All Orion Spectroscopic Survey: Masses, Ages and Disk Frequencies Hectospec
2008C-SAO-20 Marengo, Schuster, Humphreys, Jones, Hora, Fazio, Hinz, Hoffman MMT/AO MIRAC Mid-IR Imaging of Cool Hypergiants MIRAC
2008C-SAO-21 Kirshner, Chandra ACIS Survey of M33 Team Optical Identifications of Point-like X-ray Sources in M33 Hectospec
2008C-SAO-22 Meibom, Covey, Lada, Muench, Szentgyorgyi A Doppler Survey for Close Binaries in IC348 Hectochelle
2008C-SAO-23 Meibom, Barnes, Furesz, Latham, Szentgyorgyi Calibrating Stellar Rotation as an Astronomical Clock Hectochelle
2008C-SAO-24 Kirshner, Blondin, Hicken, Challis, Foley Supernova Spectroscopy Blue Channel
2008C-SAO-25 Currie, Kenyon Cluster Membership in NGC 1960 and NGC 2232: Constrains on the Evolution of Debris Emission from Planet Formation Hectochelle/Hectospec
2008C-SAO-26 Meibom, Barnes, Mathieu, Hartman, Holman The Connection Between Binarity, Circumstellar Disks, and Stellar Rotation Hectochelle
2008C-SAO-27 Allen, Furesz, Szentgyorgi, Briceno, Megeath, Muzerolle, Calvet, Hartmann, Hernandez The All Orion Spectroscopic Survey: Kinematics and Accretion Rates Hectochelle
2008C-SAO-28 Furesz, Hartmann, Tobin, Miller, Szentgyorgi Kinematics and Binary Properties of Young Unrelaxed Clusters Hectochelle
2008C-SAO-30 Koenig, Allen Constraining Triggered Star Formation and Disk Evolution in W5 Hectospec
2008C-SAO-31 Rest, Becker, Bergmann, Blondin, Challis, Clocchiatti, Cook, Damke, Garg, Huber, Matheson, Minniti, Oaster, Olsen, Prieto, Smith, Suntzeff, Welch, Wood-Vase The Distance to Tycho and Cas A Supernovae Remnants Megacam
2008C-SAO-32 Constantin, Shields Towards an Accurate Census of the Local Growing Supermassive Black Holes Hectospec/Blue Channel
2008C-SAO-33 Winston, Wolk, Megeath, Gutermuth, Allen, Muzerolle, Myers The Effects of Clustered Star-Formation on Disk Evolution in IRAS20050 Hectospec
2008C-UAO-E31 Bechtold, Hastie, Pickering, G. Williams, Lesser MAESTRO Engineering MAESTRO
2008C-UAO-E32 McCarthy, Kulesa Commissioning the Tip/Tilt Correction Subsystem of ARIES ARIES
2008C-UAO-E33 Lloyd-Hart, Milton, Powell, Stalcup, Kulesa, McCarthy Commissioning of the MMT's GLAO System and Tests of Tomography LGS+PISCES
2008C-UAO-G34 Humphreys, Jones, Schuster, Marengo, Hora, Fazio, Hinz, Hoffmann MMT/AO MIRAC Mid-IR Imaging of Cool Hypergiants BLINC/MIRAC
2008C-UAO-G35 Humphreys, Larsen, Cabanela Mapping the Asymmetric Thick Disk - Star Counts and Kinematics Hectospec
2008C-UAO-G36 Skillman Metallicity Dependence of PAH Emission Spirals: NGC 628 Blue Channel
2008C-UAO-S6 Hergenrother, Lauretta, Rizk Identifying Carbonaceous Comets and Asteroids for Future Spacecraft Missions Red Channel
2008C-UAO-S8 Liebert, Kilic Extremely Low Mass White Dwarfs Blue Channel
2008C-UAO-S9 Fan, Eisenstein, Richards, Myers Enabling the Era of Mid-z Quasar Surveys: Quasar Clustering and the Faint QLF at z ~ 3 Hectospec
2008C-UAO-S10 Jiang, Fan, Bian A Spectroscopic Survey of Faint Quasars at z~6 in the SDSS Deep Stripe Red Channel
2008C-UAO-S11 Green, Kalirai On the Nature of Extreme Horizontal Branch Stars in Open Clusters Blue Channel
2008C-UAO-S12 Green, Charpinet, Fontaine, Brassard Temperatures, Gravities and Radial Velocities for Subdwarf B Stars Blue Channel
2008C-UAO-S13 Tegler, Grundy, Cornelison, Vilas, Romanishin Digging Into the Surface of the Icy Dwarf Planet Eris Red Channel
2008C-UAO-S14 Dufour, Liebert High S/N Ratio Spectra for the Newly-Discovered Carbon Atmosphere WD, Including One to be Observed with HST/COS Blue Channel
2008C-UAO-S15 Eisner, Kenworthy, Hinz, Meyer MMT Imaging of Transition Disks: Searching for Planets in Formation Around 10 Myr Old Stars CLIO
2008C-UAO-S16 Sand, Zaritsky, Sivanandam, Herbert-Fort, Just, Graham, Pritchet, Hoekstra A Systematic Search for Supernovae in Galaxy Clusters Blue Channel

2008C-UAO-S18 Sand, Newman, Ellis, Treu The Dark Matter Distribution in Lensing Clusters: Testing the CDM Paradigm Blue Channel
2008C-UAO-S19 Stock, Hinz, Rieke, Su, Trilling Characterizing Debris Disks with BLINC, Spitzer and KIN BLINC/MIRAC
2008C-UAO-S20 Greissl, Meyer, McCarthy, Kulesa Probing the IMF Beyond the Milky Way: Spectroscopy of Young Star Clusters in M33 and IC 342 ARIES
2008C-UAO-S21 Skemer, Close, Hinz, Hoffmann, Greene, Beck Resolved Silicate Emission in T Tauri Binaries: Determining the Parameters that lead to Grain-Growth and Planet Formation BLINC/MIRAC
2008C-UAO-S22 Kenworthy Detecting Giant Planets in to the Ice Line using AO Coronagraphy CLIO
2008C-UAO-S23 Kim, Meyer, Sherry, Jose MMT/Hectospec Observations of Young Stars in the W3/W4 Star Forming Regions Hectospec

Blue Channel
2008C-UAO-S25 Meyer, Flaherty, Skinner, Sokal, Hinz, Kenworthy, Guedel, Audard Thermal IR Imaging of NGC 2071 with CLIO on the MMT: Resolving the Heart of a Forming Protostellar Cluster CLIO
2008C-UAO-S26 Bechtold, Jannuzi, Crighton, Morris Comparing the Distribution of the IGM and Galaxies Using Three Closely-Spaced Background QSOs Megacam
2008C-UAO-S27 Egami, Smith, Haines, Moran, Hamilton-Morris, Takada, Umetsu, Okabe, Kneib, Finoguenov, Zhang LoCuSS: Joint Hectospec/GALEX/HST/Subaru/Spitzer/Herschel Study of Star-Formation & Assembly Histories of Clusters Hectospec
2008C-UAO-S28 Kulesa, McCarthy Direct Measurement of Cold H2 in Translucent Molecular Clouds ARIES
2008C-UAO-S30 Frinchaboy, Eisenstein, Majewski, Schiavon, McCarthy, Kulesa, Smith, Cunha, Shetrone, Holtzman, Allende-Prieto Calibration of Near-IR Abundances for SDSSIII/APOGEE: Giant Star Abundance Variations in Star Clusters ARIES