MMT Observing Programs
May - July 2008

2008B-PA-08A-0418Lacy, Ridgway, Sajina, Harrison, Armus, Farrah, PetricThe Luminosity Function of Dust Obscured Quasars Hectospec
2008B-PA-08A-0539Marzke, Hornschemeier, R. Smith, Miller, Hudson, Ferguson, BridgesThe Faint End of the Red Sequence in the Coma Cluster: A Comprehensive Spectroscopic Survey from the Core to the Virial RadiusHectospec
2008B-PA-08A-0542 Kulkarni, Meiring, Som Absorption Line Spectroscopy of Gravitationally Lensed Quasars and Binary Quasars: Probing the Structure of Interstellar Matter within Distant Galaxies Blue Channel
2008B-SAO-2 Szentgyorgyi, Cramer, Latham, Li, Phillips, Sasselov, Walsworth An Engineering Test of an Ultrastable Comb Laser for Wavelength Calibration Hectochelle
2008B-SAO-3 Brown, Geller, Kenyon Hypervelocity Stars Blue Channel
2008B-SAO-4 Willman, Strader, Walsh Kinematics of Localized Overdensities in the nearby Galactic Halo Hectospec
2008B-SAO-5 Bakos, Noyes, Bianco, McLeod, Jordan Ultra-Precise Photometry of Primary and Secondary Transits of the Very Hot Jupiter Megacam
2008B-SAO-6 Dupree, Meszaros, Meibom STellAr Characteristics in Clusters (STACC) Hectochelle
2008B-SAO-7 Mamajek, Hinz, Kenworthy, Meyer Imaging Super-Jupiters around the Nearest A-Stars with MMT/AO with CLIO CLIO
2008B-SAO-8 Meibom, Barnes, Furesz, Latham, Szentgyorgyi Calibrating Stellar Rotation as an Astronomical Clock Hectochelle
2008B-SAO-10 Willman, Seth, Zaritsky, Sand Nature versus Nurture in the Formation of the Lowest Mass Galaxies Megacam
2008B-SAO-11 Murray, Jones, Forman, Hickox, Willner XDEEP2: Environment and Evolution of AGN Hectospec
2008B-SAO-12 Rines, Geller, Vikhlinin The Most Massive Clusters at z = 0.2: Cosmology and Scaling Relations Hectospec
2008B-SAO-13 Drake, Wright, Steeghs, IPHAS Collaboration Hectospec/IPHAS Study of the Stellar Content and Dynamics of Cyg OB2 Hectospec
2008B-SAO-14 Ashby, McLeod, Huang, Willner, Noeske, Fazio A Search for High-Redshift Galaxies in the Extended Groth Strip Megacam
2008B-SAO-15 Bianco, Alcock, McLeod, Holman, Lehner High Precision High Speed Photometry with MMT/Megacam to Probe the Kuiper Belt Megacam
2008B-SAO-17 Kirshner, Blondin, Hicken, Challis, Foley Supernova Spectroscopy Blue Channel
2008B-SAO-18 Ashby, Hora, H. A. Smith, Willner, Fazio, Surace, Krick, Egami Visible-Wavelength Spectroscopy of Four Unique IR-Variable Galaxies Red Channel
2008B-SAO-19 Wang, Bush, Minchin, Cox Star Formation in the XUV Disk of Virgo Galaxy NGC 4254 Megacam
2008B-SAO-20 McLeod, Mandelbaum, Bernstein, Nakajima Lensing Survey of Dark Matter in Supermassive Galaxy Clusters Megacam
2008B-SAO-21 Currie, Kenyon, Evans Accretion Signatures and Cluster Membership in NGC 6871 and NGC 1960 Hectospec
2008B-SAO-22 Covey, McCarthy, Kulesa, Lada, Muench, Gutermuth, Allen, Peterson, Roman Measuring Molecular Core Lifetimes with ARIES Spectroscopy ARIES
2008B-UAO-E22 Lloyd-Hart, Milton, Powell, Stalcup, Kulesa, McCarthy Commissioning of the MMT's GLAO System and Tests of Tomography LGS+PISCES
2008B-UAO-E23 Bechtold, Reed, Hastie, Pickering, G. Williams, Callahan, Di Miceli MAESTRO Engineering MAESTRO
2008B-UAO-G20 Humphreys, Jones, Schuster, Marengo, Hora, Fazio, Hinz, Hoffmann MMT/AO MIRAC Mid-IR Imaging of Cool Hypergiants MIRAC/BLINC
2008B-UAO-G21 Humphreys, Larsen, Cabanela Mapping the Asymmetric Thick Disk - Star Counts and Kinematics Hectospec
2008B-UAO-S2 Olszewski, Mateo, Walker Do all Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies have the Same Mass Profile? Hectochelle
2008B-UAO-S3 Bian, Fan, Jiang A Group of Luminous Quasars at z ~ 3: Tracing the largest Structure at the Peak of Quasar Epoch Hectospec
2008B-UAO-S4 Fan, Bian, Cool, Eisenstein, Liebert, Jiang, Yang, Weiner, Zabludoff, R. Green, Kuhn, D. Thompson, Kurk, Jester, Rix, Walter, Fiore, Fontana, Maiolino, Pentericci, Jannuzi, Dey A Survey of Quasars at the Reionization Epoch: Spectroscopic Identifications Red Channel
2008B-UAO-S5 Kenworthy, Hinz Detecting Giant Planets in to the Ice Line using AO Coronagraphy CLIO
2008B-UAO-S7 Zaritsky, Harris, Sand, Seth, Willman Nature vs Nurture in the Formation of the Lowest Mass Galaxies Megacam
2008B-UAO-S8 Sand, Zaritsky, Sivanandam, Herbert-Fort, Just, Graham, Pritchet, Hoekstra A Systematic Search for Supernovae in Galaxy Clusters Blue Channel
2008B-UAO-S9 Massey, Caldwell, Przybilla Probing the F-G Supergiant Content of Nearby Galaxies using the OI 7774 Triplet: A First Reconnaissance Hectospec
2008B-UAO-S10 Stock, Hinz Characterizing Debris Disks with BLINC, Spitzer and KIN MIRAC/BLINC
2008B-UAO-S12 Prescott, Dey, Jannuzi Spectroscopic Confirmation of Large Lya Nebulae Candidates Blue Channel
2008B-UAO-S13 Papovich, Im, Willmer, Weiner, Lee, Matsuhara, Ohyama Hectospec Survey of AKARI IR Sources in the North Ecliptic Pole Hectospec
2008B-UAO-S14 Papovich, M. Rieke, Willmer, Egami, Kulesa, McCarthy, Sivanandam, Rudnick, Rigby The Spectroscopic Properties of Lensed Galaxies at z > 2 ARIES
2008B-UAO-S15 Bai, G. Rieke, Tyler Are X-Ray Underluminous Clusters Nascent Systems? Hectospec
2008B-UAO-S16 Yang, Zabludoff, Davi, Eisenstein Galaxy Formation in Action: Spectroscopy of Newly Discovered Lyman a Blobs in the NOAO Bootes and CDFS Field Blue Channel
2008B-UAO-S17 Weiner, Coil, Cooper, Willmer, Papovich The Clustering and Environment of IRLuminous Galaxies Hectospec
2008B-UAO-S18 Willmer, Lagache, Dole, Papovich, Maracillac, Weiner, Le Floch Exploring the Optical/Infrared Properties of Luminous Infrared Galaxies Red Channel
2008B-UAO-S19 Dufour, Liebert Atmospheric Parameters Determination for the Newly-Discovered Class of Pulsators: the Carbon Atmosphere WD Blue Channel