MMT Observing Programs
January - April 2008

2008A-PA-07B-0046Reiprich, Israel, Erben, Schneider, Vikhlinin, Rines, SarazinWeak Lensing Mass Reconstruction of a Complete Sample of Distant X-Ray Selected Galaxy ClustersMegacam
2008A-PA-07B-0538Kulkarni, York, KhareThe Nature of Dusty Damped Lyman-Alpha Absorption SystemsBlue Channel
2008A-PA-08A-0391Ly, Malkan, Nagao, Kashikawa, ShimasakuFollow-Up Spectroscopy for z ? 1.2 Emission-Line Galaxies in the Subaru Deep FieldHectospec
2008A-PA-08A-0432Brink, MateoThe Kinematics of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy StreamHectospec
2008A-SAO-1McLeod, ConroyMegacam EngineeringMegacam
2008A-SAO-2Brown, Geller, Kenyon, KurtzHypervelocity StarsBlue Channel
2008A-SAO-3Rines, VikhlininThe Most Massive Clusters at z = 0.2: Cosmology and Scaling RelationsHectospec
2008A-SAO-4Allen, Furesz, Szentgyorgyi, Briceqo, Megeath, Thomas, Muzerolle, Calvet, Hartmann, HernandezThe All Orion Spectroscopic Survey: Masses, Ages, and Disk FrequenciesHectospec
2008A-SAO-5Dupree, Strader, McCarthySearch for Fast Wind with ARIES at J Band
2008A-SAO-6McLeod, Mandelbaum, Bernstein, NakajimaLensing Survey of Dark Matter in Supermassive Galaxy ClustersMegacam
2008A-SAO-7Maughan, Dahle, Joy, MurrayA Weak Lensing/X-Ray/SZE Calibration of Galaxy Cluster Mass EstimatorsMegacam
2008A-SAO-8Willman, Seth, Zaritsky, Sand, HarrisNature versus Nurture in the Formation of the Lowest Mass GalaxiesMegacam
2008A-SAO-9Koenig, AllenSequential Star Formation and the IMF in W5Hectospec
2008A-SAO-10Kirshner, Blondin, Hicken, ChallisSupernova SpectroscopyBlue Channel
2008A-SAO-11Mamajek, Hinz, Kenworthy, Heinze, MeyerMMTAO/CLIO Survey for Super-Jupiters Around Nearby A-Type StarsCLIO
2008A-SAO-12Meibom, Barnes, Mathieu, Hartman, HolmanThe Connection Between Binarity, Circumstellar Disks, and Stellar RotationHectochelle
2008A-SAO-13Kirshner, FesenThe Ultraluminous Oxygen-Rich Supernova Remnant in NGC 4449Blue Channel
2008A-SAO-14Falco, Mediavilla, MottaMicrolensing Probes of the Dark Halos of Galaxies and the Structure of AGNsBlue Channel
2008A-SAO-15Willman, WalshPursuit of the Least Luminous GalaxiesMegacam
2008A-SAO-16Meibom, Covey, Lada, Muench, SzentgyorgyiA Doppler Survey for Close Binaries in IC348Hectochelle
2008A-SAO-17Liu, Di StefanoA Luminous Supersoft X-Ray Source in M81: A Near-Chandrasekhar Mass White DwarfMegacam
2008A-SAO-18Constantin, ShieldsTowards an Accurate Census of the Local Growing Supermassive Black HolesBlue Channel
2008A-SAO-19Ge, Peng, ZhouToward Understanding the Quasar 2175-? AbsorbersBlue Channel
2008A-SAO-20Mamajek, Hinz, Kenworthy, MeyerImaging the Nearest Extrasolar Planet with MMT/AO with CLIOCLIO
2008A-SAO-22Meyer, Kenyon, Hinz, SkemerResolving the IR Dust Disk in the Extrasolar Planetary System HD 69830BLINC/MIRAC
2008A-SAO-24Sozzetti, Latham, Torres, Teixeira, Hinz, Heinze, SivanandamSearch for Sub-Stellar Companions to Stars Hosting Planets and Brown DwarfsCLIO
2008A-SAO-25Currie, Kenyon, EvansAccretion Signatures and Cluster Membership in h and chi Persei and NGC 1960Hectospec
2008A-SAO-26Dupree, MeibomStellar Ages with HectochelleHectochelle
2008A-SAO-27Covey, Muench, Meibom, LadaHectochelle H? Observations of IC 348: Angular Momentum Evolution at the Lowest MassesHectochelle
2008A-SAO-28Allen, Furesz, Szentgyorgyi, Briceqo, Megeath, Muzerolle, Calvet, Hartmann, HernandezThe All Orion Spectroscopic Survey: Kinematics and Accretion RatesHectochelle
2008A-SAO-29Keremedjiev, Eikenberry, Gonzalez, RainesHigh Resolution CaT Velocity Dispersions in the Virgo ClusterHectochelle
2008A-UAO-E32Lloyd-Hart, Milton, Powell, Stalcup, Kulesa, McCarthyGround-Layer Adaptive Optics with Laser Guide Stars at the MMTLGS
2008A-UAO-E33Sivanandam, M. Rieke, Papovich, G. Rieke, Horner, RyderLAIRS Imaging of High-z Lensed Galaxies and Galactic ShocksLAIRS
2008A-UAO-E34McCarthy, KulesaContinued Commissioning of ARIES at the MMTARIES
2008A-UAO-G65Sarazin, Reiprich, Israel, Vikhlinin, Rines, Erben, SchneiderStudying the Nature of Dark Energy with Galaxy ClustersMegacam
2008A-UAO-G66Thuan, IzotovA Search for Extremely Low-Metallicity Dwarf Emission-Line Galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky SurveyBlue Channel
2008A-UAO-L29Kenworthy, HinzDetecting Giant Planets in to the Ice Line using AO CoronagraphyCLIO
2008A-UAO-L30Stock, HinzCharacterizing Debris disks with BLINC, Spitzer and KINBLINC/MIRAC
2008A-UAO-S1Papovich, M. Rieke, Willmer, Egami, Kulesa, McCarthy, Rudnick, RigbyThe Spectroscopic Properties of Lensed Galaxies at z > 2ARIES
2008A-UAO-S2Muzerolle, Balog, FlahertyConnecting Accretion and Mid-Infrared Variability in Protoplanetary DisksHectochelle
2008A-UAO-S5Greissl, Meyer, McCarthy, KulesaProbing the IMF Beyond the Milky Way: Spectroscopy of Young Star Clusters in M33 and NGC 2903ARIES
2008A-UAO-S7Tremonti, Diamond-Stanic, Moustakas, BechtoldQuantifying the Impact of Starburst and AGN Feedback: A High Resolution Study of Extreme Outflows in Post-Starburst GalaxiesMAESTRO
2008A-UAO-S9Bechtold, ThompsonDo Fundamental Physical Constants Change with Time?MAESTRO
2008A-UAO-S10Dufour, LiebertMass Determinations of the Newly-Discovered White Dwarfs with Nearly Pure-Carbon AtmospheresBlue Channel
2008A-UAO-S11Prescott, Dey, JannuziSpectroscopic Confirmation of Large Ly? Nebulae CandidatesBlue Channel
2008A-UAO-S13Bai, G. Rieke, TylerSpectroscopic Follow-Ups of the MIPS Observations of X-Ray Underluminous ClustersHectospec
2008A-UAO-S14Sand, Zaritsky, Sivanandam, Herbert-Fort, Just, Pritchet, Hoekstra, GrahamA Systematic Search for Supernovae in Galaxy ClustersBlue Channel
2008A-UAO-S15Just, Zaritsky, SandRevisiting the Rapid Evolution of S0 GalaxiesHectospec
2008A-UAO-S18Ryan, Cohen, Windhorst, KeetonSWIRC Observations of the Dark Gravitational Lens, FIRST J121853.7+295325SWIRC
2008A-UAO-S20Willmer, Papovich, Coil, Weiner, Marcillac, Le Floch, CooperEvolution of the Infrared Luminosity Function using MIPS-Selected GalaxiesHectospec
2008A-UAO-S21Weiner, Coil, Cooper, Willmer, PapovichThe Clustering and Environment of IRLuminous GalaxiesHectospec
2008A-UAO-S22Olszewski, Pryor, PiatekSearch for QSOs Behind Newly Discovered Dwarf Spheroidals; the Zero-Proper-Motion Reference Frame of ChoiceBlue Channel
2008A-UAO-23Zaritsky, Harris, Sand, Seth, WillmanNature vs Nurture in the Formation of the Lowest Mass GalaxiesMegacam
2008A-UAO-S25Fan, Jiang, Dong, Wang, Zhou, YuanIMBH AGNs with Low Eddington RatiosBlue Channel
2008A-UAO-S26Yang, Zabludoff, TremontiA Timeline for the Evolution of Early-Type GalaxiesBlue Channel
2008A-UAO-S27Trilling, Holman, C. Fuentes, Volk, MalhotraThe Deep MMT Kuiper Belt SurveyMegacam
2008A-UAO-S28Coil, Nandra, Georgakakis, IvisonTracking AGN Evolution Through ClusteringHectospec
2008A-UAO-S40Impey, Trump, Gabor, P. McCarthy, Elvis, Civano, Salvato, Huchra, Brusa, Hasinger, Schinnerer, Smoli, Lilly, ScovilleCOSMOS: The Evolution of High Redshift Galaxies and Supermassive Black HolesHectospec
2008A-UAO-S41Olszewski, Mateo, Walker, Lee, HwangInternal Kinematics of Low-Luminosity Local Group GalaxiessHectochelle