MMT Observing Programs
September - December 2007

2007C-PA-07B-0114 Jacobson, Pilachowski, Friel, Szentgyorgyi Study of Open Clusters in the Apparent Abundance Transition Zone Rgc~10 kpcHectochelle
2007C-PA-07B-0248 Stassun, Aigrain, Irwin, Hodgkin, Hebb Dynamical Masses of New Young Low-Mass Eclipsing BinariesHectochelle
2007C-PA-07B-0322 Stanghellini, Magrini, Villaver Search for Metallicity Gradients in M33 through Hectospec Spectroscopy of Planetary NebulaeHectospec
2007C-PA-07B-0412 Majewski, Patterson, Guhathakurta, Frinchaboy, Kalirai, Beaton, Gilbert Exploring the Newly Discovered Halo of M31Hectospec
2007C-PA-07B-0538 Kulkarni, York, Khare The Nature of Dusty Damped Lyman-Alpha Absorption SystemsBlue Channel
2007C-SAO-1 Brown, Geller, Kenyon, Kurtz Hypervelocity StarsBlue Channel
2007C-SAO-2 Rines, Vikhlinin, Reiprich, Ebeling, Quintana, Burenin, Hornstrup Evolution of the Cluster Mass Function: Comparing X-ray and Virial ConstraintHectospec
2007C-SAO-3 Caldwell, Brown, Geller, Kenyon, Morrison, Harding Search for Hypervelocity Stars in M31Hectospec
2007C-SAO-4 Holman, Trilling, Fuentes, Volk, Malhotra The Deep MMT Kuiper Belt SurveyMegacam
2007C-SAO-5 Allen, Furesz, Szentgyorgyi, Briceqo, Megeath, Thomas, Muzerolle, Calvet, Hartmann, Hernandez The All Orion Spectroscopic Survey: Kinematics and Accretion RatesHectochelle
2007C-SAO-6 Allen, Furesz, Szentgyorgyi, Briceqo, Megeath, Thomas, Muzerolle, Calvet, Hartmann, Hernandez The All Orion Spectroscopic Survey: Masses, Ages, and Disk FrequenciesHectospec
2007C-SAO-7 Furesz, Hartmann, Tobin, Szentgyorgyi, Allen Radial Velocity Monitoring of the Youngest ClustersHectochelle
2007C-SAO-8 Mamajek, Hinz, Kenworthy, Heinze, Meyer MMTAO/CLIO Survey for Super-Jupiters Around Nearby A-Type StarsCLIO
2007C-SAO-9 Currie, Kenyon, Evans Deep SWIRC Photometry of h and chi PerseiSWIRC
2007C-SAO-10 Koenig, Allen Disk Lifetimes of A Stars in W5Hectospec
2007C-SAO-11 Currie, Kenyon, Evans Accretion Signatures and Cluster Membership in h and chi PerseiHectospec
2007C-SAO-12 Meibom, Covey, Lada, Muench, Szentgyorgyi A Doppler Survey for Close Binaries in IC348Hectochelle
2007C-SAO-13 Ashby, Huang, Barmby, Willner, Fazio, McLeod A Search for High-Redshift Galaxies in the SSA22 Survey FieldMegacam
2007C-SAO-14 Brown, Kilic, Allende-Prieto Extremely Low Mass White DwarfsBlue Channel
2007C-SAO-15 Kirshner, Blondin, Challis, Modjaz, Hicken ESSENCE: Spectroscopy of High-Redshift Type Ia SupernovaeBlue Channel
2007C-SAO-16 Rines Deep Imaging of a Spectacular Major Galaxy MergerMegacam
2007C-SAO-17 Nantais, Huchra Globular Cluster Spectroscopy in M81Hectospec
2007C-SAO-18 Kirshner, Blondin, Modjaz, Hicken, Challis Supernova SpectroscopyBlue Channel
2007C-SAO-19 Willner, Ashby, Barmby H Image of M33SWIRC
2007C-SAO-20 O?Sullivan, Raychaudhury, Romanowsky, Forbes Tracing Lenticular Evolution with Globular Cluster KinematicsHectospec
2007C-SAO-21 Kirshner, Chandra ACIS Survey Team Optical Identification of Extended X-ray Sources in M33Blue Channel
2007C-SAO-22 Falco, Mediavilla, Motta Spectroscopic Search for Microlensing in Lensed QSOsBlue Channel
2007C-SAO-23 Meszaros, Dupree Red Giant Stars in M15Hectochelle
2007C-SAO-24 Foster, Pineda, Covey, Arce, Goodman Optical Properties and Distribution of Dust in Perseus: PhotometryMegacam
2007C-SAO-25 Latham, Szentgyorgyi, Torres, Furesz, Meibom, Sozzetti, Carney, Laird, Morse Spectroscopic Classification of Kepler TargetsHectochelle
2007C-UAO-E21 Lloyd-Hart, Milton, Powell, Stalcup, Kulesa, McCarthy Ground-Layer and Tomographic Adaptive Optics with Laser Guide Stars at the MMTLGS+PISCES
2007C-UAO-E22 McCarthy, Kulesa Continued Commissioning of ARIES at the MMTARIES
2007C-UAO-E23 Sivanandam, M. Rieke, G. Rieke, Horner, Ryder First H? Observations of a z = 1.45 Galaxy ClusterLAIRS
2007C-UAO-E24 Bechtold, Dean, Hastie, Lesser, Reed, Rill, Warner MAESTRO EngineeringMAESTRO
2007C-UAO- G25 Humphreys, Larsen, Cabanela Mapping the Asymmetric Thick Disk ? Star Counts and KinematicsHectospec
2007C-UAO-L20 G. Williams, Rhoads, Fuentes, Milne Probing the High-z Universe Using GRB Afterglows: An MMT Red Channel Target-of-Opportunity ProposalRed Channel
2007C-UAO-S2 Tegler, Grundy, Cornelison, Romanishin, Buie Measuring CH4/N2 in Ice Strata on the Icy Dwarf Planet ErisRed Channel
2007C-UAO-S3 Apai, Meyer, Hinz, Kenworthy, Miller, Andersen, Heinze, Sivanandam Imaging Planets around the Closest Cool Stars: Revealing the Different Origins of Planetary-Mass CompanionsCLIO
2007C-UAO-S4 Muzerolle, Balog, Flaherty Connecting Accretion and Mid-Infrared Variability in Protoplanetary DisksHectochelle
2007C-UAO-S5 Massey Massive Stars in M31: Filling in the Yellow VoidHectospec
2007C-UAO-S6 Liebert, Dufour Mass Determinations of the Newly-Discovered White Dwarfs with Nearly Pure-Carbon AtmospheresBlue Channel
2007C-UAO-S7 Greissl, Meyer, Cushing, McCarthy, Kulesa Probing the IMF Beyond the Milky Way: Spectroscopy of Young Star Clusters in IC 10 and M 33ARIES
2007C-UAO-S8 Jiang, Fan A Spectroscopic Survey of Faint Quasars at z ~ 6 in the SDSS Deep StripeRed Channel
2007C-UAO-S9 Sand, Zaristsky Revisiting the Rapid Evolution of S0 GalaxiesHectospec
2007C-UAO-S10 Willmer, Papovich, Coil, Weiner, Ashby, Huang, M. J. I. Brown, Lin The Space Density of Red Galaxies at z ~ 1Megacam
2007C-UAO-S12 Bai, G. Rieke, Tyler Spectroscopic Follow-Ups of the MIPS Observations of X-Ray Underluminous ClustersHectospec
2007C-UAO-S13 Stock, Hinz, Breuninger Resolving 10 Micron Debris Disk Emission around Nearby Bright Stars with BLINCBLINC/MIRAC
2007C-UAO-S14 Kulesa, McCarthy Direct Measurement of Cold H2 in Translucent Molecular CloudsARIES
2007C-UAO-S15 Yang, Zabludoff A Timeline for the Evolution of Early-Type GalaxiesBlue Channel
2007C-UAO-S16 Tremonti, Diamond-Stanic, Moustakas A Census of Galactic Winds in Post-Starburst GalaxiesBlue Channel
2007C-UAO-S17 Kenworthy, Hinz, Heinze Detecting Giant Planets into the Ice Line using AO CoronagraphyARIES+CLIO
2007C-UAO-S18 Skemer, Close, Hinz, Hoffmann, McCarthy, Kulesa Are Disks around Young, Tight, Binary Stars Aligned or Random?MIRAC
2007C-UAO-S19 Trilling, Holman, Fuentes, Volk, Malhotra The Deep MMT Kuiper Belt Survey:1Megacam