MMT Observing Programs
May - August 2007

2007B-PA-07A-0566 Stern, Kochanek, Brodwin, J. I. Brown, Cool, Dey, Eisenhardt A Complete Sample of Mid-IR Selected AGNHectospec
2007B-SAO-1 Brown, Geller, Kenyon, Kurtz Hypervelocity StarsBlue Channel
2007B-SAO-2 Mamajek, Hinz, Kenworthy, Heinze, Meyer MMTAO/CLIO Survey for Super-Jupiters Around Nearby A-Type StarsCLIO
2007B-SAO-3 Ashby, Hora, H. A. Smith, Willner, Fazio Visible-Wavelength Spectroscopy of Four Unique IR-Variable GalaxiesBlue Channel
2007B-SAO-4 Rines, Vikhlinin, Reiprich, Ebeling, Quintana, Burenin, Hornstrup Evolution of the Cluster Mass Function: Comparing X-Ray and Virial ConstraintHectospec
2007B-SAO-5 Lai, Fazio, Huang, Marengo, Ashby Near-IR Observations of a z = 6.96 Lyman-Alpha EmitterSWIRC
2007B-SAO-6 Ashby, Huang, Wilner, Fazio, Yun, Wilson, Webb SWIRC JH Imaging of Newly-Identified Submillimeter GalaxiesSWIRC
2007B-SAO-8 Caldwell, Brown, Geller, Kenyon, Morrison, Harding Search for Hypervelocity Stars in M31SWIRC
2007B-SAO-9 Ashby, McLeod, Huang, Barmby, Willner, Zhao, Fazio A Search for High-Redshift Galaxies in the Extended Groth StripMegacam
2007B-SAO-10 Sozzetti, Latham, Torres, Teixeira, Hinz, Heinze, Sivanandam Search for Sub-Stellar Companions to Stars Hosting Planets and Brown DwarfsCLIO
2007B-SAO-11 Allen, Gutermuth, Chavarria, Bourke Deep Near-IR Imaging of New Young Cluster
2007B-SAO-12 Seth, Caldwell, Huchra, Olsen, Puzia, Larsen, Beasley Tracing the History of Spiral Galaxies with Globular Clusters, IHectospec
2007B-SAO-13 Steeghs, Hopewell, Drake, Drew Hectospec Follow-up of Halpha Sources from the IPHAS SurveyHectospec
2007B-SAO-14 Murray, Hickox, Green, Kenter, Vikhlinin, Jones, Forman, Fazio, Pahre, Willner, Caldwell, Stern Using X-Ray and IR Selected Sources to Map Cosmic StructureHectospec
2007B-SAO-15 Bianco, McLeod, Lehner, Holman, Alcock Probing the Small End of the KBO Size Spectrum with MMT/MegacamMegacam
2007B-SAO-16 Maughan, Dahle, Joy, Murray A Weak Lensing/X-Ray/SZE Calibration of Galaxy Cluster Mass EstimatorsMegacam
2007B-SAO-17 Willman, Seth, Zaritsky, Sand Nature Versus Nurture in the Formation of the Lowest Mass GalaxiesMegacam
2007B-SAO-19 Willner, Ashby, Brown, Fazio, Haas, Smith, Wilkes Y Photometry of 3CR Sources at z>1SWIRC
2007B-SAO-20 Latham, Szentgyorgyi, Torres, Furesz, Meibom, Sozzetti, Carney, Laird, Morse Spectroscopic Classification of Kepler TargetsHectochelle
2007B-UAO-E20 Bechtold, Dean, Fookson, Lesser, Reed, Rill, Warner First Light for MAESTROMAESTRO
2007B-UAO-E21 McCarthy, Kulesa Continued Commissioning of ARIES at the MMTARIES
2007B-UAO-E22 Hinz, Stock Nulling and Mid-IR Improvement and Characterization with MIRAC4-BLINCMIRAC/BLINC
2007B-UAO-E23 Lloyd-Hart, Baranec, Milton, Stalcup, McCarthy, Ground-Layer and Tomographic Adaptive Optics with Laser Guide Stars at the MMTLGS
2007B-UAO- G19 Humphreys, Larsen, Cabanela Mapping the Asymmetric Thick Disk ? The KinematicsHectospec
2007B-UAO-L17 Eisenstein, Lee, Finn, Kulesa, McCarthy Searching for the Most Luminous Halpha Emitters at z = 0.8Hectosepc
2007B-UAO-L18 G. Williams, Rhoads, Fuentes, Milne Probing the High-z Universe Using GRB Afterglows: An MMT Red Channel Target-of-Opportunity ProposalRed Channel
2007B-UAO-S1 Hergenrother, Abell, Beshore, Chodas, Gray, Swindle 6R10DB9: Visible Spectroscopy and Photometry of Earth's "Second Natural Moon"Red Channel
2007B-UAO-S2 Ballester, Sing, Howell, Holberg, Herbert, Yelle, Lecavelier Detecting Exoplanet Escaping Atmospheres from the GroundMegacam
2007B-UAO-S6 Ryan, Windhorst, Cohen, Keeton Spectroscopic Observations of a Dark Gravitational LensBlue Channel
2007B-UAO-S9 Prescott, Dey, Jannuzi Spectroscopic Confirmation of Large Lyman Alpha Nebulae CandidatesBlue Channel
2007B-UAO-S10 Willmer, Papovich, Weiner, Marcillac, Le Floc?h Evolution of the Infrared Luminosity Function using MIPS-Selected GalaxiesHectospec
2007B-UAO-S11 Papovich, G. Rieke, Willmer, Weiner, Lotz Probing the Evolution of Luminous Red Galaxies at z ~ 1Red Channel>
2007B-UAO-S12 Stock, Hinz, Liu Resolving 10 Micron Debris Disk Emission around Fomalhaut and 61 Cygni with BLINCMIRAC,Blink
2007B-UAO-S13 Coil, Barmby, Nandra, Georgakakis, Ivison Tracking AGN Evolution Through ClusteringHectospec
2007B-UAO-S14 Zaritsky, Sand, Willman, Seth Nature Versus Nurture in the Formation of the Lowest Mass GalaxiesMegacam
2007B-UAO-S15 Tremonti, Diamond-Stanic, Moustakas A Census of Galactic Winds in Post-Starburst Galaxies: New Benchmarks for AGN Feedback ModelsBlue Channel