MMT Observing Programs
May - August 2006

2006B-SAO-1 Fabricant, Caldwell, RollHectospec EngineeringHectospec
2006B-SAO-2 Brown Hyper-Velocity Stars IBlue Channel
2006B-SAO-3 Mamajek CLIO/MMTAO 5 micron Imaging of Super-Jupiters Around Nearby A-Type StarsCLIO
2006B-SAO-4 BrownSpectroscopic Confirmation of Two New Local Group DwarfsHectochelle
2006B-SAO-5 SteeghsHectospec Follow-Up of Halpha Sources from the IPHAS SurveyHectospec
2006B-SAO-6 BarmbyDeep Near-IR Imaging of High-Redshift Galaxies SWIRC
2006B-SAO-7 ModjazTarget of Opportunity: Spectroscopy of SNe Connected with GRBs Blue Channel
2006B-SAO-8 LathamDoppler Survey for Planets in the Kepler Target Region Hectochelle
2006B-SAO-9 AshbyA Search for High-Redshift Galaxies in the Extended Groth Strip Megacam
2006B-SAO-10 MeszarosStellar Winds in M15 and M92 Hectochelle
2006B-SAO-11 MarengoMMT/AO Imaging of AGB Circumstellar Envelopes MIRAC/BLINC
2006B-SAO-12 NulsenOptical signatures of mergers in cold front clusters, RXJ1720.1+2638 and A2034Hectospec
2006B-SAO-14 KirshnerSupernova Spectroscopy Blue Channel
2006B-SAO-15 CerrigoneInspecting Infrared Properties of Proto- and Young Planetary Nebulae MIRAC/BLINC
2006B-SAO-16 RosenbergSearching for Young Galaxies in the Local Universe Blue Channel
2006B-SAO-17 BarmbyX-Ray and Infrared-Selected AGN in the Extended Groth Strip Hectospec
2006B-SAO-18 LandtA Large Sample of X-Shaped Radio Galaxies Blue Channel
2006B-SAO-19 NantaisStar Clusters of M81 Hectospec
2006B-SAO-20 SchusterMMT Adaptive Optics Imaging of the M Supergiant NML Cyg with CLIO CLIO
2006B-SAO-21 SozettiLow-Mass Companions to Metal-Poor Stars CLIO
2006B-SAO-22 Markevitch Megacam
2006B-SAO-23 SchusterMMT Adaptive Optics Imaging of the M Supergiant NML Cyg with MIRAC/BLINC MIRAC/BLINC
2006B-UAO-E19 Bechtold MAESTRO
2006B-UAO-E20 KenworthyMoving the MMT AO Natural Guide Star System to its Final Configuration CLIO
2006B-UAO-G18 SarazinStudying the Nature of Dark Energy with Galaxy Clusters Megacam
2006B-UAO-L17 FanA Complete Survey of Luminous Quasars at z ~ 6 in the Northern Galactic Cap Red Channel
2006B-UAO-S1 GreenExtreme Horizontal Branch Stars in NGC 6791 and Composite Colors of Old Metal-Ri ch Systems Blue Channel
2006B-UAO-S3 LiuCharacterizing Habitable Zone Debris around Nearby Stars with Nulling Interferometry and Adaptive Optics MIRAC/BLINC
2006B-UAO-S4 KrauseThe Optical Spectrum of the Cas A Supernova Explosion Revealed from Scattered Light Echoes Near the Remnant
2006B-UAO-S5 HienzeAn M-Band AO Imaging Survey for Planets Orbiting the Nearest Young FGK Stars: Installment 2 CLIO
2006B-UAO-S6 WillmerSpectroscopy of MIPS 24 m Sources in the Extended Groth Strip Hectospec
2006B-UAO-S7 ApaiImaging Planets around the Closest Stars: Revealing the Different Origins of Pla netary-Mass Companions CLIO
2006B-UAO-S8 SivanandamL' and M-Band MMTAO Direct Imaging of White Dwarf Planets with CLIOCLIO
2006B-UAO-S10 CloseMMTAO Super-Resolution Imaging of AGB Circumstellar Envelopes MIRAC/BLINC
2006B-UAO-S11 FinkelsteinDust Extinction in Lyman Alpha Galaxies SWIRC
2006B-UAO-S12 BursteinInternal Kinematics and Stellar Populations of Compact Elliptical Galaxies Discovered in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey BC+Echellete
2006B-UAO-S13 CushingProbing Enhanced Collision-Induced H2 Absorption in the Atmospheres of Ultracool Subdwarfs CLIO
2006B-UAO-S14 TremontiPost-Starburst Galaxies at z = 0.5 - 1: Clues to the Formation of the Red Sequence Blue Channel
2006B-UAO-S16 BalogEvaporating Disks86