MMT Observing Programs
January - April 2006

2006A-PA-05B-0076 Cooke, Wolfe, Gawiser One-Degree Deep Survey: Mass of Systems at 2.5 < z < 5
2006A-PA-06A-0063 Carney, Laird, Szentgyorgyi, Latham, Chaboyer Radial and Rotational Velocities for SIM/PlanetQuest Target Selections
2006A-PA-06A-0162 Mathieu, Platais, Latham, Torres, Szentgyorgyi, A. Geller, Braden The WIYN Open Cluster Study: New Astrophysics from Old Open Clusters
2006A-PA-06A-0326 de Jong, Ferguson, Bell, Dalcanton, Seth, Bullock, Courteau Resolved Stellar Populations of Massive Galaxies
2006A-PA-06A-0547 Hennawi, Strauss, Schneider, Clocchiatti MMT Spectroscopy of High Redshift Quasar Pairs: Measuring Small Scale Quasar Clustering at z < 3
2006A-SAO-1 Fabricant, Caldwell, Roll Hectospec Engineering
2006A-SAO-2 Szentgyorgyi, Furesz, Latham, Meibom Hectochelle Engineering: Characterization (Throughput, Radial Velocity Precision)
2006A-SAO-3 Gaudi, Holman, Hartman, Stanek, Torres, McLeod A High-Precision Transit Survey for Hot Jupiters and Hot Neptunes
2006A-SAO-4 M. Geller, Fabricant, Dell?Antonio, Kurtz, Ramella SHELS: Mapping the Matter Distribution in the Universe
2006A-SAO-5 Barmby, Ashby, Hora, Huang, Willner, Fazio Deep Near-IR Imaging of High-Redshift Galaxies
2006A-SAO-6 Brown, M. Geller, Kenyon, Kurtz Hyper-Velocity Stars I
2006A-SAO-7 Allen, Calvet, Briceqo, Megeath, Muzerolle, Hartmann, Hernandez, Szentgyorgyi The All Orion Spectroscopic Survey: Kinematics and Mass Accretion Rates
2006A-SAO-8 Furesz, Hartmann, Szentgyorgyi, Szabo Interaction Between Open Clusters ? A Kinematical Study of NGC1907 and NGC1912
2006A-SAO-9 Allen, Briceqo, Megeath, Calvet, Muzerolle, Furesz, Hartmann, Hernandez, Szentgyorgyi The All Orion Spectroscopic Survey: Ages and Masses of the Pre-Main Sequence Populations
2006A-SAO-10 Ashby, Hora, Huang, Barmby, Willner, Fazio A Search for High-Redshift Galaxies in the Extended Groth Strip
2006A-SAO-11 Szentgyorgyi, Brodie, Freeman A Definitive Test for Dark Matter in Globular Clusters
2006A-SAO-12 O'Sullivan, Romanowsky, Raychaudhury, Forbes, Ponman, R. Johnson Globular Clusters as Mass Tracers in Elliptical Galaxy Haloes
2006A-SAO-13 Dupree, Meszaros Mass Loss and Winds in M13
2006A-SAO-14 Latham, Szentgyorgyi, Torres, Furesz, Meibom, Sozzetti Doppler Survey for Planets in the Kepler Target Region
2006A-SAO-15 Winston, Megeath, Allen, Wolk, Muzerolle, Myers Disk Evolution in the First 2 Million Years
2006A-SAO-16 Murray, Hickox, Green, Kenter, Vikhlinin, Jones-Forman, Forman, Fazio, Pahre, Huchra, Falco, Caldwell, AGES Team Using-X-Ray Selected Sources to Map Cosmic Structure
2006A-SAO-17 Allen, Koenig, Chavarria, Hora Deep Near-IR Imaging of W5
2006A-SAO-18 Wolk, Micela, Harnden, Sciortino, Stauffer The Initial Mass Function in the Outer Galaxy: The Star Forming Region NGC 1893 (Infrared Portion)
2006A-SAO-19 Bolton, Burles, Moustakas Environmental Calibration of Strong Galaxy-Galaxy Lenses
2006A-SAO-20 Nantais, Huchra, Barmby Star Clusters and HII Regions in M81
2006A-SAO-21 Korzennik, Szentgyorgyi, Furesz PRV for Exo-Planet Detection using Iodine Cell
2006A-SAO-22 Kirshner, Modjaz, Blondin, Hicken, Challis Supernova Spectroscopy
2006A-SAO-23 Rosenberg, Salzer Searching for Young Galaxies in the Local Universe
2006A-UAO-E33 McCarthy, Kulesa Commissioning the ARIES Spectrometer
2006A-UAO-E34 Lloyd-Hart, Angel, Stalcup, Baranec, Snyder, Milton Multiple Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Program Development at the MMT
2006A-UAO-E56 Kenworthy, Hinz, Miller, Brusa, Vaitheeswaran Characterization and Refinement of the Natural Guide Star MMT AO System
2006A-UAO-G36 Skillman, Hewett, Irwin Chemical Abundances in the Newly Discovered Nearby PN Hewett-1
2006A-UAO-G37 Skillman, Garnett, J. D. Smith, Kennicutt HII Region Abundances in NGC 2403
2006A-UAO-G87 D. Peterson, Gutermuth, Megeath Spectroscopy of Pre-Main Sequence Star and Brown Dwarf Candidates in 3 Young, Embedded Clusters
2006A-UAO-L31 Fan, Strauss, Jiang A Complete Survey of Luminous Quasars at z ~ 6 in the Northern Galactic Cap
2006A-UAO-S1 Papovich, Le Floc?h, Barton, Dickinson, Giavalisco Spectroscopy of Candidate Lensed Lyman Break Galaxies
2006A-UAO-S2 Liebert, Cushing, Burgasser Is the T Dwarf 2MASS J123739.2+652615 the First Hydrogen, Accreting Double Degenerate System?
2006A-UAO-S3 Tremonti, Moustakas, Diamond-Stanic Post-Starburst Galaxies at z = 0.5 ? 1: Clues to the Formation of the Red Sequence
2006A-UAO-S4 Silverstone, Schneider, Close, McCarthy MMT/AO Imaging of the Newly-Discovered, Spatially-Resolved, Scattered-Light Debris Disk Around HD 32297
2006A-UAO-S5 Rhoads, Finkelstein, Malhotra, Pirzkal The Nature of High Equivalent Width Lyman-? Galaxies
2006A-UAO-S9 Hinz, Kenworthy, Miller, Heinze, Sivinandam Is a Giant Planet the Cause of Structure in Vega?s Debris Disk?
2006A-UAO-S11 Liebert, Steeghs, Marsh, Roelofs, Nelemans AM CVn Stars: The Sloan Sample
2006A-UAO-S13 Potter, Brusa, Hinz, Kenworthy, Lloyd-Hart, McCarthy, Miller Dynamical Mass Determination of the Binary Brown Dwarf System HD130948bc through Astrometry with the MMT/AO System
2006A-UAO-S14 Biller, Close, McCarthy, Nielsen, Miller, Brusa, Hinz, Kenworthy A Survey to Directly Detect Young Extrasolar Planets with Simultaneous Differential Imaging and the MMT AO System
2006A-UAO-S16 Liu, Hinz, Hoffmann Characterizing Habitable Zone Debris around Nearby Stars with Nulling Interferometry and Adaptive Optics
2006A-UAO-S17 Heinze, Hinz, Meyer, MMTAO Team An M-Band Survey for Giant Planets Around Young Stars Within 25 pc
2006A-UAO-S18 Meyer, Apai, Masciardi, Henning, Bouwmann, Hines, Mamajek, Moro-Martin, Pascucci, Rodmann, Silverstone, Wolf, Kim, Biller, Close, Kulesa, McCarthy, Kenworthy, Hinz Placing our Solar System in Context: Searching for Gas Giant Planets in the Disks of Young Solar Analogues
2006A-UAO-S19 Papovich, Bell The Frequency and Effects of Galaxy Mergers at 0.4 < z < 1.1
2006A-UAO-S22 Eisenstein, Cool, Le Floc?h, Papovich, Kochanek, Jones-Forman, Brand, Dey, Jannuzi, Eisenhardt, Stern, Brown A Deep, Wide Area Survey for Mid/Far-Infrared Selected Quasars
2006A-UAO-S24 Garnett, J. D. Smith, Kennicutt, Skillman Metallicity Dependence of PAH Emission in Spirals: NGC 2403
2006A-UAO-S25 Tegler, Romanishin First Optical Spectra of New Solar System Planets
2006A-UAO-S26 Loll, Hester Mapping the Crab Nebula Ejecta
2006A-UAO-S27 Trilling, Stansberry, Grundy, Spencer Physical Studies of Kuiper Belt Objects in Support of Spitzer Thermal Observations
2006A-UAO-S30 Apai, Meyer, Hinz, Kenworthy, Miller, Heinze, Sivanandam Imaging Planets around the Closest Stars: Revealing the Different Origins of Planetary-Mass Companions
2006A-UAO-S39 Sand, Zaritsky, Herbert-Fort, Sivanandam, Clowe A Systematic Search for Supernovae in Galaxy Clusters
2006A-UAO-S64 Finn, Zaritsky, Homeier, Postman, McCarthy Halpha Narrow-Band Imaging of z ~ 0.75 Galaxy Clusters
2006A-UAO-S67 Momcheva, K. Williams, Zabludoff, Keeton Lens Environments as Laboratories for Galaxy Evolution
2006A-UAO-S69 Olszewski, Mateo, Walker A New Era in Mapping Dark Matter in Dwarf Spheroidals