MMT Observing Programs
September - December 2005

2005C-PA-05B-0245Chandar, Goudfrooij, PuziaAncient Clusters in M33? Clues to Galaxy Formation
2005C-PA-05B-0441Mathieu, Platais, Latham, Torres, Szentgyorgyi, A. GellerThe WIYN Open Cluster Study: New Astrophysics from Old Open Clusters
2005C-PA-05B-0517Majewski, Patterson, Ostheimer, Guhathakurta, RichExploring the Newly Discovered Halo of M31
2005C-SAO-1Brown, M. Geller, Kenyon, KurtzHyper-Velocity Stars
2005C-SAO-2McLeod, ConroyMegacam Engineering
2005C-SAO-3M. Geller, Fabricant, Kurtz, Dell?Antonio, RamellaMapping the Matter Distribution in the Universe (SHELS)
2005C-SAO-4Caldwell, Morrison, Harding, Rose, SchiavonM31?s Surprising Populations
2005C-SAO-5Latham, Szentgyorgyi, Torres, Furesz, Meibom, SozzettiDoppler Survey for Planets in the Kepler Target Region
2005C-SAO-6Brown, McLeod, Fazio, Geary, PahreSWIRC Engineering
2005C-SAO-7Korzennik, SzentgyorgyiPRV for Exo-Planet Detection using Iodine Cell
2005C-SAO-8Kirshner, Modjaz, Hicken, ChallisSupernova Spectroscopy
2005C-SAO-9Steeghs, Sokoloski, Drake, Drew, IPHAS TeamHectospec Follow-Up of Galactic H? Sources from the IPHAS Survey
2005C-SAO-10Calvet, Allen, Briceņo, Megeath, HartmannDisk Accretion in the Lowest Mass Orion OB1 Stars
2005C-SAO-11Vikhlinin, Reiprich, Murray, Jones, Schneider, Sarazin, Quintana, Erben, KravtsovWeak Lensing Studies of Distant Galaxy Clusters from 400d Survey
2005C-SAO-12Furesz, Allen, Calvet, Hartmann, Megeath, SzentgyorgyiThe Orion Nebula Region: Kinematics of a Key Young Cluster
2005C-SAO-13Allen, Calvet, Briceņo, Megeath, Muzerolle, Hartmann, Hernandez, SzentgyorgyiThe All Orion Spectroscopic Survey: Kinematics and Accretion Rates
2005C-SAO-14Patten, Marengo, Hora, LuhmanSWIRC Imaging of IRAC Low-Mass Companion Search Fields
2005C-SAO-15Bolton, Burles, MoustakasEnvironmental Calibration of Strong Galaxy-Galaxy Lenses
2005C-SAO-16Gaudi, Holman, Hartman, Stanek, Torres, McLeodA High-Precision Transit Survey for Hot Jupiters and Hot Neptunes
2005C-SAO-17Allen, Briceņo, Megeath, Calvet, Muzerolle, Furesz, Hartmann, Hernandez, SzentgyorgyiThe All Orion Spectroscopic Survey
2005C-SAO-18Winston, Megeath, Allen, Wolk, Muzerolle, MyersDisk Evolution in the First 3 Million Years
2005C-SAO-19Chavarria, Allen, HoraDetermining Spectral Types in Massive Star Forming Regions Imaged with SPITZER
2005C-SAO-20Marengo, Karovska, Hinz, Hoffmann, Fazio, MillerThe Dusty Envelope of the Mira AB Interacting System
2005C-UAO-E1Kenworthy, Hinz, Miller, Brusa, VaitheeswaranCharacterization and Refinement of the Natural Guide Star MMT AO System
2005C-UAO-E2Lloyd-Hart, Angel, Hinz, Stalcup, Baranec, Snyder, MiltonClosed-Loop Tomographic Wavefront Correction with Multiple Laser Guide Stars at the MMT
2005C-UAO-G65Humphreys, WagnerSpectroscopy of Evolved Massive Stars in M33 Observed with Spitzer
2005C-UAO-S3Andersen, Meyer, Greissl, Kenworthy, McCarthySearching for Variations in the IMF: Extreme Star Formation in W51
2005C-UAO-S4Nielsen, Close, McCarthy, Biller, Miller, Brusa, Hinz, Lloyd-Hart, KenworthyDirect Detection of Young Extrasolar Planets with Simultaneous Differential Imaging and the MMT AO System
2005C-UAO-S5Sivanandam, Hinz, MeyerL?, and M-Band MMTAO Direct Imaging of White Dwarf Planets with CLIO
2005C-UAO-S7Olszewski, Harding, Morrison, Mateo, HelmiMapping the Galactic Halo: When the Disk gets in the Way
2005C-UAO-S10Olszewski, Dolphin, SahaBreaking the Age-Metallicity Degeneracy in the "Deepest Ever" HST M31 Halo Field
2005C-UAO-S11Rhoads, Finkelstein, MalhotraThe Nature of High Equivalent Width Lyman-? Galaxies
2005C-UAO-S14Kulesa, McCarthyDirect Measurement of Proplyd Lifetimes in the Orion Nebula
2005C-UAO-S15Jiang, Fan, StraussFaint z ~ 6 Quasars in the SDSS Deep Stripe: J-Band Photometry of i-dropout Candidates
2005C-UAO-S17Loll, HesterSpectroscopy of Filaments in the Crab Nebula
2005C-UAO-S18Fan, Cool, Eisenstein, Jiang, ZehaviA Spectroscopic Survey of Faint Quasars and Early-Type Galaxies in the SDSS Deep Stripe
2005C-UAO-S19Apai, Meyer, Pascucci, Moor, Hinz, SchlingmanResolving the Debris of Recent Exoplanetary Collision with MIRAC
2005C-UAO-S20Trilling, Stansberry, Grundy, SpencerPhysical Studies of Kuiper Belt Objects in Support of Spitzer Thermal Observations
2005C-UAO-S21Tegler, RomanishinMelt Water Inside Large Kuiper Belt Objects
2005C-UAO-S22Zaritsky, CloweTracking Early-Type Galaxies Throughout the Cosmic Web
2005C-UAO-S23Massey, Eastwood, LevesqueThe Physical Properties and Excess Reddening of Red Supergiants in M31: When Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
2005C-UAO-S25Marble, Impey, MillerRare QSO Pairs
2005C-UAO-S26Burstein, Li, DolanFrom Whence do Old Stellar Populations Come?
2005C-UAO-S28Heinze, Hinz, Meyer, MMTAO TeamA Survey of Nearby Stars for Giant Planets
2005C-UAO-S29Meyer, Apai, Masciardi, Henning, Bouwmann, Hines, Mamajek, Moro-Martin, Pascucci, Rodmann, Silverstone, Wolf, Kim, Biller, Close, Kulesa, McCarthy, Kenworthy, HinzPlacing our Solar System in Context: Searching for Gas Giant Planets in the Disks of Young Solar Analogues
2005C-UAO-S30Garnett, J.D. Smith, Kennicutt, SkillmanMetallicity Dependence of PAH Emission in Spirals: NGC 628
2005C-UAO-S38Hinz, Kenworthy, Miller, Heinze, SivinandamAre Giant Planets the Cause of Debris Disk Structure for Vega and Fomalhaut?