MMT Observing Programs
May-August 2005

PA-05A-0494Gies, Hillwig, WiitaThe Donor Star Spectrum in SS 433
SAO-1Fabricant, Caldwell, RollHectospec Engineering
SAO-2Geller, Fabricant, Kurtz, DellAntonio, RamellaMapping the Mass Distribution in the Universe
SAO-3Brown, Geller, Kenyon, KurtzHyper-Velocity Stars
SAO-4Brown, Bullock, Geller, Hernquist, Johnston, Kenyon, KurtzStar Streams in the Milky Way Halo
SAO-5Korzennik, SzentgyorgyiPRV for Exo-Planet Detection using Iodine Cell
SAO-6Holman, GravThe Size Distribution of Kuiper Belt Objects
SAO-7Murray, P. Green, Kenter, Vikhlinin, Jones, Forman, Fazio, Pahre, Huchra, Falco, CaldwellThe AGN and Galaxy Evolution Survey (AGES)
SAO-8Patten, Luhman, Megeath, Marengo, HoraSWIRC Imaging of IRAC Low-Mass Companion Search Fields
SAO-9Steeghs, Sokoloski, Drake, DrewHectospec Follow-up of Halpha Sources from the IPHAS Survey
SAO-10Kirshner, Modjaz, Challis, HickenSupernova Spectroscopy
SAO-11van den BergLooking for Optical Counterparts to Chandra Sources in NGC6791
SAO-12Latham, Szentgyorgyi, Torres, Furesz, Morse, MeibomDoppler Survey for Planets in the Kepler Target Region
SAO-13Allen, Chavarria, Hora, MegeathDeep Near-IR Imaging of Massive Star Forming Regions
SAO-14Furesz, SzaboKinematical Study of M3 Looking for Mass Segregation at the Core
SAO-15Megeath, Winston, Allen, Wolk, Gutermuth, Muzerolle, Pipher, MyersDisk Evolution in the First 3 Million Years
SAO-16Dupree, Boyer, GehrzRed Giants in M15
SAO-17Chavarria, Hora, AllenOptical Imaging of High-Mass Star Forming Regions
UAO-E26Kenworthy, Hinz, Miller, Brusa, VaitheeswaranCharacterization and Refinement of the MMT AO System
UAO-E65Bechtold, Dean, Reed, WarnerMAESTRO Engineering
UAO-E66Lloyd-Hart, Angel, Stalcup, Baranec, Snyder, Putnam, MiltonTomographic Wavefront Sensing with Multiple Laser Guide Stars
UAO-E67HinzAchieving Deeper, More Stable Nulls with a NIR Phase Sensor
UAO-G3Majewski, Muñoz, Sohn, SiegelTidal Disruption and Dark Matter in dSphs
UAO-G5Sarazin, Reiprich, Vikhlinin, Schneider, Erben, HudsonStudying the Nature of Dark Energy with Galaxy Clusters
UAO-G9Frinchaboy, Peterson, Johnson, MajewskiCalibrating the Metal Rich End: Detail Abundances of NGC 6791
UAO-L6Fan, Strauss, Jiang A Survey of Luminous Quasars at z ~ 6 in theNorthern Galactic Cap
UAO-S14Biller, Close, McCarthy, Nielsen, Miller, Brusa, Hinz, Lloyd-Hart, KenworthyDirect Detection of Young Extrasolar Planets with Simultaneous Differential Imaging and the MMT AO System
UAO-S16Papovich, Barton, Dickinson, GiavaliscoSpectroscopy of Bright, Candidate Lensed Lyman Break Galaxies
UAO-S24Papovich, Le Floch, Perez-Gonzalez, Gordon, Egami, M. Rieke, G. RiekeThe UV/Far-Infrared Connection in Star-Forming Galaxies at z ~ 1-3
UAO-S28Apai, Pascucci, Meyer, Kim, Hinz, Silverstone, SchlingmanSearch for Asteroid Belts around Sun-Like Stars with FEPS-Identified Kuiper-Belts
UAO-S31Eriksen, Cool, Young, Raymond, Szentgyorgyi, ArnettProbing Shock Physics with Hectochelle: A Precise Distance to the Cygnus Loop
UAO-S34Williams, Momcheva, Zabludoff, KeetonThe Importance of Lens Galaxy Environments
UAO-S54Eisenstein, Cool, Egami, Fan, Le Floch, Moustakas, Papovich, Perez-Gonzalez, M. RiekeThe AGN and Galaxy Evolution Survey (AGES): A Spectroscopic Survey of the NOAO Deep/Wide Boötes Field
UAO-S57Liu, Hinz, HoffmannAn Adaptive Optics Nulling Interferometric Survey for Exozodiacal Dust
UAO-S58Marble, Impey, MillerEight Rare QSO Pairs