MMT Observing Programs
September - December 2004

2004C-PA-04B-0085Bowen, Tripp, Heckman, YorkMg II QSO Absorption Systems: Galaxy Halos or Metal Enriched IGM?
2004C-PA-04B-0159Zakamska, Strauss, Schmidt, Krolick, HallSpectropolarimetry of Type II Quasar Candidates from the SDSS
2004C-PA-04B-0183Turnshek, Vanden Berk, Rao, Thilker, WalterbosProbing the Outer Regions of M31 with Quasar Absorption Lines
2004C-PA-04B-0280Massey, DeGioia-EastwoodThe Evolution and Physical Parameters of Massive Stars at High Metallicity: O Stars in the Andromeda Galaxy
2004C-PA-04B-0432Gizis, MaduraA Search for Hyades Brown Dwarfs
2004C-SAO-1Szentgyorgyi, Caldwell, Furesz, Korzennik, G. WilliamsContinued Commissioning of the Hectochelle
2004C-SAO-2Fabricant, Roll, CaldwellHectospec Engineering
2004C-SAO-3W. Brown, McLeod, Fazio, Geary, Hora, Megeath, Pahre, WillnerSWIRC Commissioning
2004C-SAO-4McLeod, ConroyMegacam Engineering
2004C-SAO-5Geller, Fabricant, Kurtz, Woods, Dell'Antonio, RinesMapping the Mass Distribution in the Universe
2004C-SAO-6Korzennik, SzentgyorgyiPRV for Exo-Planet Detection using Iodine Cell
2004C-SAO-7Holman, Stanek, Grav, Gaudi, HartmanThe Size Distribution of Kuiper Belt Objects
2004C-SAO-8Kirshner, Matheson, Challis, HickenESSENCE: Spectroscopy of High-Redshift Type Ia Supernovae
2004C-SAO-9Caldwell, Morrison, Harding, Rose, SchiavonKinematics and Ages of M31 Globular Clusters: Not the Milky Way's Twin
2004C-SAO-10Huchra, Barmby, Brodie, Beasley, StraderA Spectroscopic Survey of M31 Globular Clusters
2004C-SAO-11W. Brown, Bullock, Geller, Hernquist, Johnston, Kenyon, KurtzStar Streams in the Milky Way Halo
2004C-SAO-12Steeghs, Sokoloski, Drake, Drew, IPHAS teamHectospec Follow-up of Galactic H1 Sources from the IPHAS Survey
2004C-SAO-13Furesz, Hartmann, Sicilia-Aguilar, Calvet, SzentgyorgyiThe Orion Nebula Region: Cluster in Formation
2004C-SAO-14Furesz, Hartmann, Szentgyorgyi, Ridge, Rebull, StaufferNGC 2264: Kinematics of a Key Young Cluster
2004C-SAO-15Westover, Huchra, HernquistThree-Dimensional Structure of the Lyman Alpha Forest
2004C-SAO-16Kirshner, Matheson, Challis, HickenCluster and Lensed Supernova Survey
2004C-SAO-17Hartmann, Stauffer, SzentgyorgyiThe Pleiades: From Testing to Science
2004C-SAO-18LuhmanDo Young Stars and Brown Dwarfs Have the Same Spatial Distributions?
2004C-SAO-19Calvet, Briceqo, Hartmann, VivasThe Star Formation History of Orion and its Environs
2004C-SAO-20Bonanos, Stanek Accurate Parameters of Massive Stars in M31 and M33
2004C-SAO-21Sicilia-Aguilar, Hartmann, Muzerolle, BriceqoDisk Evolution at the Ages of Planet Formation in CepOB2
2004C-SAO-22Metcalfe, Liebert, K. Williams, Munn, Harris, Dahn, von Hippel, WingetImproved Luminosity Function of Cool White Dwarfs from the SDSS
2004C-SAO-23P. Zhao, Grindlay, Laycock, Koenig, Hong, van den Berg, Schlegel, Cohn, Lugger, RogelChaMPlane Survey: Spectroscopic Follow-Up
2004C-SAO-24Mohanty, Hartmann Radial Velocities in Taurus
2004C-SAO-26Barkhouse, P. Green, Silverman, Cameron, Wilkes, ChaMP TeamUnveiling the Space Density of X-Ray Selected AGN
2004C-UAO-E56Lloyd-Hart, Angel, Stalcup, Baranec, Snyder, PutnamTomographic Wavefront Sensing with Multiple Laser Guide Stars
2004C-UAO-E57Angel, Lloyd-Hart, Stalcup, Baranec, Snyder, PutnamA Robust System for Projecting and Sensing the Wavefronts of a Constellation of Laser Beacons at the MMT
2004C-UAO-G20Sarazin, Reiprich, Vikhlinin, Schneider, Erben Studying the Nature of Dark Energy with Galaxy Clusters
2004C-UAO-G61Humphreys, Wagner, WoodwardSpectroscopy of Evolved Massive Stars in M33 Observed with Spitzer
2004C-UAO-S2Marble, Impey, MillerWide-Separation Gravitationally Lensed QSOs
2004C-UAO-S3Schmidt, Vanlandingham, P. SmithVery Low-m Magnetic Accretion Binaries from the SDSS
2004C-UAO-S4Liebert, K. Williams, Metcalfe, Munn, Harris, Dahn, Kilic, von Hippel, WingetAn Improved Luminosity Function of Cool White Dwarfs from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
2004C-UAO-S5K. Williams, BolteWhite Dwarfs in Intermediate-Age Open Clusters: The Initial-Final Mass Relation
2004C-UAO-S19Fan, Diamond-Stanic, VestergaardA Group of Luminous Quasars at z ~ 4: Tracing the Largest Structure in the Early Universe
2004C-UAO-S23Tegler, RomanishinTesting a Possible Primordial Origin for Kuiper Belt Object Colors
2004C-UAO-S27Fan, Cool, Eisenstein, Jiang, ZehaviA Spectroscopic Survey of Faint Quasars and Early-Type Galaxies in the SDSS Deep Stripe
2004C-UAO-S30Tremonti, Moustakas, KennicuttThe Interstellar Medium of Post-Starburst Galaxies
2004C-UAO-S38Zabludoff, Momcheva, K. Williams, KeetonThe Importance of Lens Galaxy Environments
2004C-UAO-S42Zaritsky, CloweTracking Early-Type Galaxies Throughout the Cosmic Web
2004C-UAO-S51Muzerolle, E. Young, Siebert, Gorlova, G. Rieke, SieglerMMT Spectroscopy for a Spitzer Survey of Young Stellar Clusters
2004C-UAO-S63Weigelt, Hofmann, Lachaume, Preibisch, Schertl, Men'shchikovVisible and Near-Infrared Bispectrum Speckle Interferometry of the Disks, Jets, and Outflows of YSOs
2004C-UAO-S64Beckert, Hofmann, Schertl, WeigeltVisible and Infrared Bispectrum Speckle Interferometry of Bright Nearby AGN