MMT Observing Programs
January - April 2004

2004A-PA-03B-0089Bowen, Tripp, Heckman, YorkG II QSO Absorption Systems: Galaxy Halos or Metal Enriched IGM?
2004A-PA-03B-0370Kulkarni, York, Lauroesch, Khare, Crotts, NakamuraThe Evolution of Metals and Dust in Damped Lyman-Alpha Quasar Absorbers
2004A-PA-04A-0299Forrest, Hoffman, Furlan, Watson, UchidaMid-Infrared Observations of Protostellar and Protoplanetary Disks in Taurus
2004A-SAO-1Szentgyorgyi, Caldwell, Furesz, G. WilliamsContinued Commissioning of the Hectochelle
2004A-SAO-2Fabricant, Caldwell, McLeodBringing Hectospec to Full Performance
2004A-SAO-3McLeod, ConroyMegaCam Engineering
2004A-SAO-4Noyes, Szentgyorgyi, Latham, Nisenson, Korzennik, G. WilliamsEngineering Test of Hectochelle Precise Radial Velocity Capabilities
2004A-SAO-5Geller, Fabricant, Kurtz, Freedman, Dell'Antonio, Wittman, WilsonMapping the Matter Distribution in the Universe
2004A-SAO-7Kirshner, Matheson, Challis, HickenLate-Time Supernova Light Curves
2004A-SAO-8Spahr, Holman, OsipPhysical Characterization of Small Solar System Objects
2004A-SAO-9Holman, GravThe Size Distribution of Kuiper Belt Bodies
2004A-SAO-10Hartmann, Stauffer, SzentgyorgyiThe Pleiades: from Testing to Science
2004A-SAO-11Vikhlinin, Quintana, Hornstrup, Burenin400 Square Degrees Distant Cluster Survey
2004A-SAO-12Murray, Jones, Forman, Green, Kenter, Vikhlinin, Fazio, Pahre, Huchra, Ashby, Falco, Caldwell, Kochanek, Eisenstein, Fan, Impey, Papovich, M. Rieke, Dey, Jannuzi, Najita, Shields, McNamara, EisenhardtThe AGN and Galaxy Evolution Survey (AGES)
2004A-SAO-14Hartmann, Stauffer, Rebull, SzentgyorgyiNGC 2264: Kinematics and Membership of a Key Young Cluster
2004A-SAO-15van den Berg, Verbunt, Tagliaferri, Belloni, HomanLooking for Compact Accreting Binaries among the Chandra Sources of the Old Open Cluster M67
2004A-SAO-18Hartmann, Calvet, Briceqo, Stauffer, Rebull, SzentgyorgyiThe Orion Nebula Region: Cluster in Formation
2004A-SAO-19Metcalfe, Liebert, K. Williams, Munn, Harris, Dahn, von Hippel, WingetImproved Luminosity Function of Cool White Dwarfs from the SDSS
2004A-SAO-20Green, Marble, EriksenVerifying a Unique Lens Candidate: A Radio Loud BALQSO at z = 1.71
2004A-SAO-23Marsden, Sykes, Lebofsky, Hinz, Close, Hoffmann, Kenworthy, Brusa, MillerThermal AO Mapping of the Surface of Ceres
2004A-SAO-29Wang, Willner, Smith, Ashby, Surace<./td>Near Infrared Imaging of Star Forming Interacting Galaxies
2004A-SAO-30Latham, Torres, Szentgyorgyi, Morse, T. BrownKepler Target Selection
2004A-SAO-31Mallen-Ornelas, Kewley, EllisonAre QSO Absorption Line Systems Good Indicators of Cosmic Metal Abundance?
2004A-SAO-32Latham, Torres, Mathieu Open Cluster Studies
2004A-UAO-L25Fan, Strauss, JiangA Survey of Luminous Quasars at z ~ 6 in the Northern Galactic Cap
2004A-UAO-L55Bechtold, Jannuzi, MorrisThe IGM and the Distribution of Galaxies at z ~ 1
2004A-UAO-L58Eisenstein, Cool, Fan, Impey, Papovich, M. Rieke, Zaritsky, ZehaviA Spectroscopic Survey of the NOAO Deep/Wide Bootes Field
2004A-UAO-S16Liebert, EisensteinA Search for Ultra-Low Mass White Dwarfs
2004A-UAO-S18Skillman, Hewett, IrwinChemical Abundances in the Newly Discovered Nearby PN Hewett-1
2004A-UAO-S19SkillmanPhysical Conditions in I Zw 18
2004A-UAO-S23Fan, Strauss, VestergaardSpectroscopy of New z ~ 5 Quasars: Evolution of the High-Redshift Quasar Population
2004A-UAO-S28Fan, Eisenstein, McCarthyExploratory AO Imaging of Quasars with Natural Guide Stars
2004A-UAO-S29Impey, PrescottQuasars in the COSMOS/HST Treasury Field
2004A-UAO-S31K. Williams, BolteThe White Dwarf Cooling Sequence in Old Open Clusters
2004A-UAO-S32Olszewski, Mateo, WalkerA New Era of Mapping Dark Matter in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies
2004A-UAO-S34Oppenheimer, Bieging, Close, Hinz, Kenworthy, Hoffmann, Lloyd-HartMid-IR AO Imaging of Proto-Planetary Nebulae
2004A-UAO-S37McCarthyARIES Engineering
2004A-UAO-S49Wagner, Starrfield, BondProbing the Circumstellar Environment of the Luminous Variable Star V838 Mon
2004A-UAO-S51Biller, Close, Bieging, Hinz, Hoffmann, Miller, Brusa, Lloyd-Hart, KenworthyHigh Strehl, Mid-IR AO Imaging of AGB and Post-AGB Stars with Molecular Reservoirs: Direct Imaging of the Disks around the Red Rectangle, BM Gem, RV Boo, X Her
2004A-UAO-S52Biller, Close, McCarthy, Nielsen, Miller, Brusa, Hinz, Lloyd-Hart, Mamajek, KenworthyDirect Detection of Young Extrasolar Planets with Simultaneous Differential Imaging and the MMT AO System
2004A-UAO-S56Cui, Bechtold, FanThe Influence of Quasars and Galaxies on the Intergalactic Medium
2004A-UAO-S59Liu, Hinz, Hoffmann, SilverstoneAn Exozodiacal Dust Survey with Nulling Interferometry
2004A-UAO-S65Potter, Brusa, Close, Fisher, Hinz, Kenworthy, Lloyd-Hart, McCarthy, MillerDynamical Mass Determination of the Binary Brown Dwarf System HD130948bc through Astrometry with the MMT/AO System
2004A-UAO-S73Egami, G. Rieke, Papovich, Rigby, DoleDeep Near-IR Imaging of the SIRTF Lensing Cluster Survey Sample
2004A-UAO-S74Thuan, IzotovCosmological Studies with Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies
2004A-UAO-S75Papovich, Dickinson, Barton, GiavaliscoSpectroscopy of Candidate Lensed Lyman Break Galaxies
2004A-UAO-S77Hinz, Miller, Brusa, Lloyd-Hart, Close KenworthyRefinement and Characterization of the MMT AO System