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RB Series Characteristics


Plate Size Plate Scale Telescope Focal Length
8x10 390"/mm 3-inch Ross Fecker 21 inches


Plate nos.LocationDates
1-17030Bloemfontein, South Africa1928-10-31 - 1952-01-17


Plate SizeLocationNumbers
8x10first floor, Patrol Series 1all

Record Books:

(11) 1-16312
Online: [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07] [08] [09] [10] [11]
(Record sheets for 1-17030)


RB 6070-6509 taken with 3-in Ross Lundin. Note that the scale of the RB and RH is nearly the same as the Smithsonian Atlas.

Photographs for four programs:
I. Patrol, exposure about 60 min.
II. "T Program" - 3 exposures, 2 on field and 1 on standard, extrafocal, exposu re 5 min, later 8 min. Limiting magnitude 8.0-9.0 on different fields. Covers the whole southern sky.
III. "Bok Program" - 3 exposures, distributed between field and standard, expos ure 15 min. Four plates on each of the Selected Areas south of and including th e equator, standardized by means of the Harvard Standard Regions. Limiting magn itude about 11.
IV "Bok Program" - single exposures, 45 min in length, on the southern Selected Areas.