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Harvard Observatory Plate Stacks
MA Series Characteristics


Plate Size Plate Scale Telescope Focal Length
8x10, 10x12, 4x5 97"/mm 12-inch Metcalf Doublet 84 inches


Plate nos.LocationDates
1- 1797Taunton, MA1905-10-06 - 1913-08-02
1798- 2086Taunton, MA????
2101- 7310Cambridge1923-04-05 - 1938-06-29
7311-11737 Oak Ridge1938-09-01 - 1983-03-06

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(6154 plates)

in Stacks

Plate SizeLocationNumbers
8x12first floor1397-2096, except 1403
restfirst floorrest

Card Catalog:

complete; there is also an Approach database.

Record Books:

(10) 1-1591, 2101-11093

Record Sheets:

1-1797, 7323-11737


Plates 1798-2086 apparently were given to Harvard Observatory on Rev. Metcalf's death, but there seem to be no records for them. Also, nothing but plate number is recorded on the plate jackets.