Rings of Uranus Occulting SAO 158687
March 10, 1977 - March 10, 2022

SAO Telescope Data Center
(March 11, 1977)
IAU Circular 3047
discovery announcement from KAO
(March 14, 1977)
IAU Circular 3048
after measuring the chart
(March 21, 1977)
IAU Circular 3051
names and radii after fitting data
(April 6, 1977)
IAU Circular 3058
other occultation observations
(April 19, 1977)
IAU Circular 3061
Indian observations
ApJ Article (March 1980)
This Astrophysical Journal article
gives scientific results
of the 1977 occultation
AJ Article (March, 1981)
This Astronomical Journal article
defines the orbits of
the nine Uranian Rings
(March 12, 1977)
One of the earliest newspaper reports
Western Australian

(March 31, 1977)
One of the first diagrams of the discovery
Cornell Chronicle

(April 11, 1977)
A nice picture of the rings
Time Magazine

(April 28, 1977)
gave the chronology of the discovery
Cornell Daily Sun

Photos of the KAO Expedition Doug Mink, Ted Dunham, Tom Matheson, Jim Elliot

James Elliot (1943-2011)
Boston Globe
New York Times
Los Angeles Times
Sky & Telescope
Pictures from the 2010 "Jimboree"
Doug Mink, Ted Dunham, Tom Matheson, Jim Elliot

Forty Years Later
Jessica Reminisces for the BBC
I commissioned these two necklaces
from Lauren Beacham, who makes and sells
great astronomical jewelery.

HST 2000-12-14

Compiled by Jessica Mink,
who was there, (but different)

Doug 1977

Jessica 2022