SVDFIT History

The SVDFIT package was developed by Doug Mink and Mike Kurtz at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

SVDFIT 1.9.3 February 5, 2009, Doug Mink, SAO
SVDRES: Fix bug so that continuum removal can be turned off without
crashing the program

SVDFIT 1.9.2 July 9, 2008, Doug Mink, SAO
SVDRES: Fix bug which failed to create coefficient file name on single
spectrum run CL scripts were moved to a new Scripts/ subdirectory

SVDFIT 1.9.1 May 14, 2008, Doug Mink, SAO
SVDPREP: Replace addspec.x with modified version of latest RVSAO SUMSPEC version
SVDRES: Fix Util/vhead.x to deal with >999 apertures in file
SVDRES: Write out coefficients as they are computed instead of buffering them

SVDFIT 1.9.0 March 24, 2008, Doug Mink, SAO
SVDVEC: Finally include all iolib and fitslib library source code
and add compilation of the libraries to svdfit$Svdvec/Makefile

SVDFIT 1.8.1 October 15, 2007, Doug Mink, SAO
writetemp.x, putspec.x: Change (debug == YES) to (debug)

SVDFIT 1.8, June 13, 2007, Doug Mink, SAO
getimage.x: Do not set header parameters from APIDn if info not there
writetemp.x: Add number of bands to ms_open()

SVDFIT 1.7, May 29, 2007, Doug Mink, SAO
SVDRES: If continuum is added back after sky subtraction, add chopped
        lines as well.

SVDFIT 1.6, November 20, 2006, Doug Mink, SAO
SVDRES: Add fitmax to set a maximum spectrum to single eigenvector flux
        ratio above which no fit is done and 1.0 is the scaling factor
        Make dimensions of output multispec files n x 1 x 3
getimage.c, getspec.c, Update to match RVSAO

SVDFIT 1.5, June 30, 2006, Doug Mink, SAO
SVDRES: Add eigentrack to match eigenvector to spectrum
        This is a way to remove fits to individual specrtra from themselves.

SVDFIT 1.4, May 2, 2006, Doug Mink, SAO
SVDRES: Fix multispec output so raw and sky images match input

SVDFIT 1.3, March 17, 2006, Doug Mink, SAO
SVDRES: Add options to remove continuum from "eigenvectors"
as well as from object and to add back removed continuum before writing
out a spectrum.  This was done to try fitting an entire sky spectrum
to an object+sky spectrum to remove it.  Keywords were changed to all
start with "SVD".  Fix Multispec output mode (object, object+sky, sky).