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Program Name Accretion Signatures and Cluster Membership
in h & chi Persei                    
Thayne Currie  [email]  [web]  
Co-Investigators Scott Kenyon, Nancy Evans


We propose to take observations of pre-main sequence stars in h and chi Persei complete to V=19-21. Our coverage will be approximately 0.5 square degrees on the sky, encompassing most of the h and chi Persei star-forming region. From this program we will better constrain the initial mass function and cluster membership down to solar masses. We will also search for evidence of gas accretion from the H alpha line widths. We shall use such data to better constrain the timescale for gas accretion onto protostars as well as investigate any dependence that the gas accretion timescale might have on the stellar environment and properties of the central star.
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data was taken
2006c, 2007c
Papers none

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