FAST Templates

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A1star8402006-09-172019-09-3026793500-53522.3 Instrumental A1 star (blue)
Combined FAST spectra
A4star23612006-09-152019-09-3026793500-54232.3 Instrumental A4 star (blue)
combined FAST spectra
A7star2412006-09-172019-09-2926833500-54232.3 Instrumental A7 star (blue)
combined FAST spectra
B3star4422002-04-032019-09-2926793500-54272.3 Instrumental B3 star (blue)
combined FAST spectra
B7star6152006-09-152019-09-2926793500-54182.3 Instrumental B7 star (blue)
combined FAST spectra
B9star>10582006-09-152019-09-3026823500-54192.3 Instrumental B9 star (blue)
combined FAST spectra
F2star992006-09-162019-06-0526793500-54232.3 Instrumental F2 star (blue)
combined FAST spectra
F4star3822008-04-152019-07-0226793500-54202.3 Instrumental F4 star (blue)
combined FAST spectra
F6star/sup>882010-04-102019-03-1426793500-54192.3 Instrumental F6 star (blue)
combined FAST spectra
F8star442010-05-082019-07-0226793500-54232.3 Instrumental F8 star (blue)
combined FAST spectra
F9star232010-05-092019-06-0426793500-54182.3 Instrumental F9 star (blue)
combined FAST spectra
G2star332010-05-092019-06-0526843500-54192.3 Instrumental G2 star (blue)
combined FAST spectra
G6star172006-09-282019-09-3026793500-54192.3 Instrumental G6 star (blue)
combined FAST spectra
G9star632010-09-092019-09-3026793500-54262.3 Instrumental G9 star (blue)
combined FAST spectra
K1star262010-12-012019-09-2926793500-54182.3 Instrumental K1 star (blue)
combined FAST spectra
K4star802006-12-212019-09-2926793500-54182.3 Instrumental K4 star (blue)
combined FAST spectra
eatempfast11061994-06-052019-11-2245052979-70006.0 Instrumental subtracted
Constant added
Elliptical galaxy + A stars
F2.mar2005_new_9_4201 Hectospec 2005-03-17
eltempfast9471994-06-142019-11-2245052979-73316.0 Instrumental Elliptical galaxy
F2.mar2006_3_2294 Hectospec 2006-03-26
emtemp75591994-01-112019-12-2240963500-75006.0 None Galaxy emission lines (Z-Machine)
Made with rvsao.linespec
f86btemp28891994-07-031995-07-3118503690-64027.2 Instrumental NGC 4486b galaxy
5 FAST spectra combined
with rvsao.sumspec 1994-07-14
fabtemp97fast266381994-06-052019-12-2120003800-67007.2 Instrumental divided out
Constant added
Galaxy with absorption lines
Made with rvsao.sumspec 1997-08-04
femtemp6451994-06-052019-12-22200013000-80008.0 None Galaxy emission lines
Made with rvsao.linespec 1997-05-27
femtemp97fast390541994-06-052019-12-22100013000-80006.0 None 11 typical Galaxy emission lines
Made with rvsao.linespec 1997-08-01
fglotempfast199201994-01-112019-12-2240963700-75007.2 Instrumental Globular cluster 225-280 in M31
15 FAST spectra taken over 14 nights combined using rvsao.sumspec 1995-07-21
fm32tempfast64201994-01-112019-12-2140963700-75007.2 Instrumental Stars from M32 cluster
14 FAST spectra taken on 12 nights combined using rvsao.sumspec 1995-07-21
fn4486btemp2911994-02-021996-01-2340963700-75007.2 Instrumental NGC 4486b
23 FAST spectra combined using rvsao.sumspec 1995-07-21
fn5548temp1161994-02-021996-01-2340963700-73007.2 Instrumental Active galaxy NGC 5548
39 FAST spectra from 37 nights combined using rvsao.sumspec 1995-10-05
fn7331tempfast67231994-01-112019-12-2240963700-75007.2 Instrumental NGC 7331 galaxy
16 FAST spectra taken over 15 nights in 1994
combined using rvsao.sumspec 1995-07-21
fs2tempfast144861994-01-112019-12-2140963700-75007.2 Instrumental Star
53 AGK2p43928 FAST spectra from 16 nights in 1995 combined using rvsao.sumspec 1995-07-27
fztemp97261997-07-301997-08-0320003800-67007.2 Instrumental Divided out Composite galaxy template
1,979 FAST spectra with only absorption combined using rvsao.sumspec 1997-07-22
m31_a_tempfast70211994-06-052019-12-2240003700-70006.0 Instrumental SVD 1st eigenvector
continuum divided
Stellar A-type template
39 Hectospec A star spectra combined using svdfit 2005-09-14
m31_f_tempfast14211994-06-092019-11-2240003700-70006.0 Instrumental SVD 1st eigenvector
continuum divided
Stellar F-type template
72 Hectospec F star spectra combined using svdfit 2005-09-14
m31_k_tempfast13621994-06-052019-12-2140003700-70006.0 Instrumental SVD 1st eigenvector
continuum divided
Stellar K-type template
69 Hectospec K star spectra combined using svdfit 2005-09-14
skytemp181998-11-162014-04-3060024000-70006.0 None Night sky emission
Synthesized using 10 night sky emission lines using rvsao.linespec 2018-10-29
sptempfast20101994-06-052019-11-2345052984-73796.0 Instrumental Spiral galaxy
F2_Apr17_1.108 Hectospec spectrum taken 2004-04-20
stemp12311994-07-031995-07-3120484500-65004.8 Instrumental divided out
1 subtracted
Star template
Z-Machine composite spectrum made 1990-05-16
ztempfast106021994-01-112019-12-2220484500-65004.8 Instrumental divided out
1 subtracted
Galaxy template
Z-Machine composite spectrum made 1990-05-16
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fastTemplate spectrum files currently used for most spectra(13) [Download Compressed Tar File]
eatemp.fits eltemp.fits fabtemp97.fits femtemp97.fits fglotemp.fits fm32temp.fits fn7331temp.fits
fs2temp.fits m31_a_temp.fits m31_f_temp.fits m31_k_temp.fits sptemp.fits ztemp.fits

starTemplate spectrum files used for blue star spectra(16) [Download Compressed Tar File]
A1.fits A4.fits A7.fits B3.fits B7.fits B9.fits F2.fits F4.fits
F6.fits F8.fits F9.fits G2.fits G6.fits G9.fits K1.fits K4.fits

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