The DDA/AAS Brouwer Award

Each year since 1976 the DDA has honored the achievements of a major contributor to the field of dynamical astronomy, recognizing the awardee with an honorarium, a certificate, and presentation of an award lecture. Recent recipients include Victor Brumberg, Tim de Zeeuw, Andrea Milani, Lia Athanassoula, and Jerry Sellwood.

The Brouwer Award was established to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of Dynamical Astronomy, including celestial mechanics, astrometry, geophysics, stellar systems, galactic and extra galactic dynamics. The Selection Committee seeks a wide range of award candidates differing in age, gender, nationality, occupation, field of interest, and scientific and technical contributions. The main criteria, which are not necessarily weighted equally, are (a) excellence in scientific research; (b) impact and influence in the field; (c) excellence in teaching and training of students; (d) outstanding advancement and other support of the field through administration, public service or engineering achievement.

The 2013 Winner-
Joseph Burns